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Part-No. CS points
OLS-CKS20 20
OLS-CKS50 50

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Version Use Details CS points Access
Import / Export:
 OLS10011.028Vadis VBF Import/Export
Details2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS10021.017Caterpillar FLS/FL2 Import/Export (FL2-Export: see details)
.fls, .fl2
Details6Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS10031.002NewGenius ConnectorDetails3Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS10041.007CMD Slave Files ImportDetails3Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS10051.010EK1 Export
1Nur Onlinekunden
.odx, .odx-f, .frf, .sgo, .sgm, .pdx
Details4Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS10071.00SimulatorsDetails3Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS10081.05CFF Import/Export
.cff (only unecrypted binary; not: xml)
Details2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS10091.09Importer BMW Original Files
.bin+.xml, .bsw, .0pa, .0da
Details3Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS10101.00CRE Import/Export
2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS5214.078Updated!DAMOS/A2L - Import Filter
.a2l, .asap2, .dam, .damos
Details4Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS5231.019Cummins ecfg Importer
.e2m, .ecfg
Details4Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS5241.012Mitsubishi Xml Importer
.xml (not *any* xml - see details)
Details4Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS5261.005TunerPro Xdf-Import
Details2Nur Onlinekunden
Special stuff:
 OLS5303.002LUA for WinOLSDetails6Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS5401.10Machine translation de->enDetails2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS5501.08Data Areas0n/a
Checksum correction:
 OLS2203.00Bosch TDI V2.0, V3.x, V4.x, CR1, CR22Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2223.00Siemens MS4x BMW, Mini2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2232.05Bosch ME7 BMW1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2242.04Bosch TDI Common Rail 1.0 -> OLS220 V3.01n/a
 OLS2252.06Bosch ME7 Volvo1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2262.03Bosch ME2.0 MB1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2282.04Bosch TDI CR2 BMW -> OLS220 V3.01n/a
 OLS2292.02Bosch TDI PD 1.0 VAG -> OLS220 V3.01n/a
 OLS2302.03Bosch-VDO MSA HFM1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2313.00Bosch M2.x/M5.x BMW + Porsche2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2322.07Bosch ME7 VAG2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2332.07Bosch TDI V4.1 VAG -> OLS220 V3.01n/a
 OLS2342.02Bosch TDI V3.1 Volvo -> OLS220 V3.01n/a
 OLS2352.09Bosch TDI CR 2.0 -> OLS220 V3.01n/a
 OLS2362.04Bosch M5.2.1 BMW1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2372.10Siemens MSS50 - 54 BMW2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2383.00Bosch/Siemens/Delco Opel2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2392.03Bosch TDI CR 2.0 Audi V8 -> OLS220 V3.01n/a
 OLS2402.01Bosch TDI CR 2.0 Nissan -> OLS220 V3.01n/a
 OLS2412.06Bosch ME2.7/2.8 MB1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2422.09Siemens SIM4LE MB1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2432.04Bosch Smart 0051Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2442.24Bosch/Siemens VAG1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2452.03Bosch ME7 Porsche 996 / Boxster2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2462.02Bosch Volvo V70R1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2483.01Siemens Renault / Volvo1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2492.20Bosch ME7 Asia1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2502.58Bosch ME7 Renault/Peugeot/Citroen, MP7.22Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2512.05Bosch BMS BMW 4-Zyl.2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2522.01Temic V51/51 MB S/G 400CDI2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2532.05Siemens HDI2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2542.02Bosch Volvo CDI -> OLS220 V3.02n/a
 OLS2552.17Bosch MS 6.x Iveco, Scania2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2562.04Bosch Motronic + M5.x Porsche -> OLS231 V3.002n/a
 OLS2582.16Saab Trionic T5, T72Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2592.68Marelli VW, Skoda, Alfa, Fiat, Maserati2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2602.09Bosch ME7.3 Fiat2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2612.01Bosch Smart CDI2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2622.10Bosch ME7-2002 VAG3Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2632.11KEFICO1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2642.02Bosch TDI V4.1-2002 -> OLS220 V3.02n/a
 OLS2662.09Bosch ME9 BMW2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2672.19Delphi DCI2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2682.01Bosch TDI V2.0 -> OLS220 V3.02n/a
 OLS2692.26Ford2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2702.18Bosch DME / DDE0Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2712.19Siemens SMG2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2722.01Bosch Kia1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2732.03Bosch Smart 0062Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2742.33Phoenix - John Deere2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2752.14Lucas - Volvo LKW2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2762.33TEMIC Mercedes Actros, Atego, Axor2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2772.07Siemens MS45 BMW2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2782.08Scania HPI2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2792.15Bosch PSG162Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2802.44Siemens SID803, SID2012Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2812.01Bosch AS41 - Citroen Saxo 1.5D1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2822.01Bosch ME2.1 - Alfa 156 2.5V61Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2832.32Sagem 2000 / 30001Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2842.14Delphi - Ford2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2852.76Bosch EDC163Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2862.31Bosch ME9 - Volvo2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2872.10Motorola MEMS3 - MG, Rover, Land Rover1Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2882.50Bosch MED9 - VAG3Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2892.49CASE, CLAAS, Cummins, Deutz2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2902.84Bosch EDC72Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2912.13Bosch ME9 - Mercedes2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2922.21Bosch BMS-K Motorrad R1200GS2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2932.20Denso2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2942.52Marelli MPC2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2952.36Bosch ME7-RSA Porsche 9973Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2962.19Visteon MPC2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2972.14Siemens MSS653Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2982.15Siemens Simos 6, SIM266, Theta Pi2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS2992.12Siemens PPD2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8002.06Siemens MSV70 / MSS702Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8012.28Bosch ME9 Opel2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8022.33Bosch ME7-2006 VAG3Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8034.02Updated!Denso322Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8042.12Trionic T82Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8052.24TRW Volvo Truck2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8062.03Siemens MSV80 now part of OLS8182n/a
 OLS8072.91Bosch MED174Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8082.17EFI Lotus2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8092.81Delphi DCM32Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8102.24Delphi Truck2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8112.22Visteon ST102Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8122.43Hitachi2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8132.06Bosch Smart 20072Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8152.14Siemens Porsche now part of OLS8182n/a
 OLS8162.06Bosch EGS2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8172.32DSGs2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8182.90Siemens Tricore3Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8192.37Mitsubishi2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8202.26Delphi MTxx2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8212.42Opel 20102Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8222.08Asia 20112Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8232.21Japan Bikes2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8242.29TEMIC Truck Tricore3Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8252.03Campi2Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8262.09Truck Div3Nur Onlinekunden
 OLS8302.12Bosch MDG13Nur Onlinekunden