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Checksum details for OLS550

UseData Areas
NotesFree helper plugin to recognize data areas. Important for the search of similar projects. 
Access n/a
Checksum points0
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
07.06.20241.28NewMEMS3 detection adjusted
02.02.20241.27NewSome updates and DCM7.xx
24.11.20231.26NewBosch M2.x/M5.x; Delphi MTxx
19.10.20231.25NewTEMIC/Conti MCM/ACM, TEMIC Truck XC2287, TRW Volvo Truck EMS + some adjustments
21.08.20231.24NewUpdate MDG1, TCU1 and Siemens M3D/M4D/M4C.
11.07.20231.23NewData areas for ITELMA/Mikas MD22/MT22/M240.
27.06.20231.22NewAdded identification of missing Delphi DCM3.7.
05.06.20231.21NewCM2xxx adjusted.
10.05.20231.19NewCummins CM3230/EDC17CP51 improved
28.04.20231.18NewCM2xxx DataAreas.Please update all CM2xxx projects!
20.12.20221.17NewFillbyte detection at SID9xx as ZENC import
22.08.20221.16NewPhoenix VP44/CR
20.08.20221.15NewPhoenix L14/L21/L33
05.08.20221.14FixedFixed bug that could lead to crash.
14.12.20211.13NewSiemens MD3/MD4
10.12.20211.12Added:- Metatron- Cumins CM2xxx- Cumins CM3230B / EDC17CV51- Campi- Bosch DCU-15/SRC- Wabco VCM- TEMIC Truck V1-5
28.10.20211.11NewNew:Bosch M3.x/M5.92 OLS244Siemens Volvo/Renault/Kia OLS248Bosch BMS46 + BMS OLS251Siemens ECM OLS253Bosch MAN/Scania/JD OLS255Delphi Truck OLS810
20.08.20211.10FixedError at WinOLS startup fixed
31.03.20211.09NewAdded more data areas
16.03.20191.07NewMED17 / EDC17: Block ID 80 is now also stored as data block
29.01.20191.06FixedError at TDI V4.1 fixed
10.12.20181.05FixedSIMOS18 detection improved
18.10.20181.04NewNow also Bosch MDG1
25.01.20181.03NewNow also Motorola MEMS
06.12.20171.02NewImproved: Denso32New: Delco E39, E78, E80, E83, E87, E98
26.11.20171.01NewError in Siemens Tricore fixed, new: Denso32
08.11.20171.00NewNew, free plugin to support the similar projects search