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Product: WinOLS

   Area: General
   Q1000 I have bought WinOLS at Ebay or I have bought it used. Now I need a registration code.
   Q1001 What does the error message 'Integrity check failed for ...' mean?
   Q1002 How do I solve the driver problem "ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND" / "EvcDriver:main: Fail to initialize USB driver"?
   Q1003 What does '*ELEVATED*' or 'Elevated rights' mean?
   Q1004 How do I make a backup of my WinOLS configuration / transfer it to another PC?
   Q1005 Why does WinOLS limit the number of versions per project?
   Q1006 Why is WinOLS slow?
   Q1007 How do I update data areas?
   Q1008 Where does WinOLS store data?

   Area: Projects
   Q1100 I want to manage my existing tuning files with WinOLS. What is the fastest way to get them into WinOLS ?

   Area: Scripting
   Q1101 I would like to use both absolute and relative (or percentual) replacements in a script. But WinOLS always executes only one type.

   Area: Maps
   Q1200 The automatic map recognition does not find Bosch maps even though there are some in the file.
   Q1201 How can I input own values for the map's sampling points ?
   Q1202 How do I find the offset for my Damos/A2L file?
   Q1203 How do I translate maps with OLS540?

   Area: Checksum modules
   Q1300 Although I have installed OLS270, the checksum of old TDIs is not recognized.
   Q1301 I have modified a file with another program and try to correct the checksum with WinOLS, but no correction is done.
   Q1302 What is CAdrCnv ?
   Q1303 What is the compatibility test checksum ?
   Q1304 What means "Change RSA key" ?
   Q1305 What means "Synchronise control block" ?
   Q1306 What can I do against the error message OLS-06c-1?
   Q1307 What is "Fix compatibility test checksum" ?
   Q1308 What is a "Patch-Tag-Block" ?
   Q1309 Why can't checksum DLLs be loaded (ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND) ?

   Area: Scripting
   Q1400 I would like to search and replace a map, but it is not recognized reliably. If I increase the tolerance, wrong maps are found. If I decrease the tolerance, the map is not found at all in some ECUs.
   Q1401 I would like to use both absolute and relative (or percentual) replacements in a script. But WinOLS always executes only one type.

   Area: Internet-Functions
   Q1500 The WinOLS-Features "Search for updates", "Search checksums online", "Search online" and "Store online" don't work. What can I do?
   Q1501 If I try to update my WinOLS I get the message: "Couldn't establish a secure connection" or error code 12057. What can I do?
   Q1502 There is a crash or error when I want to send projects by e-mail.
   Q1503 Access to the Reseller Server (ASS) fails. Other Internet features work.

   Area: Typical tasks
   Q1600 How can I create a new project?
   Q1601 How can I automatically find maps?
   Q1602 How can I manually find maps (Text mode)?
   Q1603 How can I manually find maps (2d mode)?
   Q1604 How do I use the Preview?
   Q1605 How do change maps?
   Q1606 How can I correct checksums?
   Q1607 How can I import data from older projects?
   Q1608 A BDM project doesn't have an EEprom element / WinOLS message 'Virtual EEprom found'

   Area: OLS300
   Q1700 How do I solve OLS300 driver problems?

   Area: BSL
   Q1800 How do I handle ECU passwords?

   Area: UCM
   Q1900 How can I import the ObdVisualizer files into WinOLS
   Q1901 How can I connect a map to the PIDs ?
   Q1902 I want to import other logfiles into WinOLS-ObdVisualizer
   Q1903 Can I make my own PIDs for it?
   Q1904 How many PIDs can be read ?
   Q1905 Which devices can be connected?

Product: Other

   Area: Eprom
   Q2000 I have / I'm searching for an eprom with the description Bxxxxx. What is this?

Product: BDM

   Area: Driver
   Q4000 BDM100 driver cannot be installed correctly under Vista, Win7 or Win6
   Q4001 BDM100 driver was not installed correctly under unter Win8-64

   Area: Supported ECUs
   Q4010 Does BDM100 support xxxx Eproms in yyyy ECUs ?

Product: BslToGo

   Area: BSL
   Q5000 How do I handle ECU passwords?