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Why is WinOLS slow?

Situation Cause
2d/3d mode F12 > View > Anti-Alias
3d mode F12 > 3d > Height colors
Work during connect Connect-Bar > Search-Checkbox
Work during connect Connect > Different Endian on both sides
Working in hexdump (many maps) Very many maps visible in hex dump at the same time
Working in hexdump (many maps) Hexdump Properties > Dynamic Value Range
Creation of new projects F12 > Automatic > Filename must not occur in any client folder
Comments for a project or dialog F12 > Paths > Autodiscover-Path for linked files point to a huge folder tree
Some file operations.
(Don't stop WinOLS!)
Many versions in one project
Search for similar projects Similar projects > Low tolerance threshold in combo box top right
Work when map sidebar needs to be updated Very many maps in the project
Export and many other functions Very many non-maximized map windows open. (Much management for Windows.)