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WinOLS Brand Protection

We inform you that the brand "WinOLS" is a protected trademark.
The use of the name "WinOLS" is reserved exclusively for those who are authorized by EVC electronic GmbH.
The use on web pages, documents or other is not allowed without explicit consent.

WinOLS Brand Protection.pdf
WinOLS Trademark Registration.pdf

Trademark WinOLS®

WinOLS® is a legally protected trademark in all countries of the world. The use of the trademark or simply the name WinOLS® in any form is prohibited to third parties without written permission from EVC electronic GmbH. If you want to use and publish the name WinOLS® for advertising or other purposes, please contact us.
Unauthorized use of the trademark may be sanctioned by EVC and may have legal consequences as well as lead to revocation of a WinOLS license granted by EVC and suspension of the account.

Courses WinOLS®

EVC offers its customers the opportunity to take a professional WinOLS® course in order to become better acquainted with the program and to be able to use it completely and correctly.
For this purpose, we have specially trained professionals who are officially listed on our website as "Certified Trainers". Only the mentioned "Certified Trainers" are authorized by EVC to give WinOLS® courses to third parties.
For WinOLS® courses offered by persons or companies that are not certified by EVC, we do not assume any warranty or responsibility for the content, form and execution of the course, the correctness of the information provided and the prices. Therefore we recommend all our customers who are interested in a WinOLS® course to contact our "Certified Trainers".
If you are interested in becoming a "Certified Trainer", please contact us.

Selling WinOLS®

The sale of WinOLS® is reserved for our distributors. Only they are authorized by EVC to resell the official version of our software program WinOLS® to third parties.
Requirements for becoming a distributor are:
  • Officially registered company in the respective country
  • Observance of and compliance with all EVC legal requirements
  • Several years of experience with WinOLS®
  • Completion of the "Certified Trainer" exam
Please note that all other offers you can find on the net do not correspond to the official WinOLS® version and are most likely illegal copies for which EVC takes no responsibility.