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With WinOLS solutions you can apply ready-made solutions to your current project and thus save a lot of effort. Solutions can add maps or modify hexdump data depending on the task and thus serve a variety of purposes. The solutions are provided by the resellers.

Unlike reseller projects, you don't need to worry about integration into your project. Solutions are tailor-made and applied directly to your project.

To apply a solution, open the 'Search > Solutions' dialog or press F7. You do not need a separate activation for solutions. As soon as you are a customer of a reseller who also offers solutions, solutions are available for you.

Classic solutions

These are currently only offered by B&C and are applied locally at your site.

Online Solutions

This new variant is already supported by several resellers and is executed on the reseller's server. The hexdump is uploaded to it (as soon as you have authorized this).

The following resellers currently offer online solutions:
Metadiag Bilisim Teknoloji