BSL100 - the next generation: Infineon Tricore

You cannot see BSL100 as a direct successor of BDM100, but it takes direct access on processor and EPROM memory of the ECU over a dedicated port like the BDM system.

Commonly named as bootmode this port is the Infineon pendent to the Motorola/Freescale BDM port. In contrast to the BDM port, whose pins only have this purpose, the bootmode is done over one of the CAN busses of the processor.

Because new assembled ECUs are programmed over this port, Bosch has put it on a 14 pin pad array. It looks like the BDM port but works completely different.

To put the processor into the bootmode a modification on the printed circuit board is necessary. This modification depends on the type of the processor and so the type of the ECU. In the most simple case one pin of the processor must be connected to ground. Therefore a contact needle with a wire and a tripod is attached to the system. The wire must be connected to the BSL130.L probe.

The power is also supplied over the probe, but is spite to the BDM system the voltage is not manually switchable but automatically controlled by the BSL100.

Currently implemented is an automatically recognition of the processors TC1766, TC1767, TC1796 and TC1797, as well as the external Eproms 29CD16, 29CD32, 58BW16BB and BT.

To connect the ECU  the positioning frame BDM140.P with the corresponding probe BSL130 or BSL131 will be needed.

List of ECUs, which are successfully tested at the BSL100.

List of cars, which are successfully tested at the BSL100.

Bootmode Password = TPROT Level

The ECU manufacturers have recognized quickly the bootmode read/programming as security hole. Depending on the car manufacturers and their directions this security hole was close by setting a bootmode password. That is the case at TPROT8-10.

Depending on the car manufacturer it is possible to read out the password with some tricks. This is the case at VAG and older BMW. At other car manufacturers like Volvo it is not possible.

With the new BSL-ADP also passwords can be read which could not be read with the BSL100 alone.

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Part-No. Description

USB Bootmode Interface, inclusive:

  • USB cable 1 meter USB311
  • Interface cable 14pin BSL110
  • power supply

USB Service Mode Interface, inclusive:

  • Mini USB cable 1 meter USB321
  • 3 connection wires with two test clips
  • Power supply

BSL-CAN-Bus-Driver for ECUs where a CAN-interface is unequipped. That is currently Opel EDC17CP44 and EDC17C59.

  • Two additional BSL-MPST are required

Connection module set for "Non-Bosch" ECUs, inclusive:

  • 3 connection wire with two aligator clamps and one test clip
  • 2 connection wires with receptacles
There are 4 BSL-MPST or BSL-BPST necessary


Probe set for all Bosch ECUs with lighting, which require one or more bootpins, replaces BSL130

There are 4 BSL-MPST or BSL-BPST necessary


Micro clamp probe with cable, suitable for contacting pin 6 of TC1793

Bootpin set fine, consisting of:
  • Test pin fine
  • Cable 0.5 meter
  • Tripod

Bootpin Set consisting of:
  • Testpin
  • Cable 0.5 meter
  • Tripod
BDM140.P New: Plastic Positioning Frame, lighter, less danger of short circuits
Spare parts:
Part-No. Description
Test pin fine
BSL110 Interface cable BSL100 <-> BSL130.L, 14pin - 14pin
BDM-Power Power Supply, Input 110-240 V, Output 3-12 V - 1500mA
BSL-TP Probe tip black
BSL-Tripod BSL- Tripod
BSL-WireBlack Connection cable for probe tip black
BSL-WireRed Connection cable for probe tip red
BSL-KrokoBlack Alligator clip black
BSL-KrokoRed Alligator clip red
BSL-KlepsBlack Test clips black
BSL-KlepsRed Test clips red
FKS1 Spring contact pin thin for BDM141, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 150, BSL130, 132
FKH1 Spring contact pin thin for BDM141, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 150, BSL130, 132
USB311 USB cable, length 1 meter
USB321 Mini USB cable, silver, length 1 meter