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The Company

Like many tuning companies we have our office based in an industrial park. As electronic and computer company we do not depend on it, but we have the possibility to access dynometers etc.

The location in the neighbourhood of the Ruhrgebiet offers us short ways to a great number of tuning companies but also enough space for test drives.

In our air-conditioned offices we have a modern computer network with a dedicated line to the internet. Currently four servers are working under Windows Server 2019/2022. In general we use only HP computers, of which only our servers have 15TB hard disc capacity.

Our Exchange 2019 email server receives and sends emails within seconds. We can send and receive email with a maximum size of 100 MB.

An emergency power supply and a data backup in the minute clock are of course included.

Also our webserver, which host this website, runs under Windows Server 2012R2 and is working only for us.