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File Version Date Access
WinOLS demo version 3.85 4.5.2017 free
Manual WinOLS 3.76 16.10.2013 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
NewPercent/delta can now be activated for axes separately (click in axis, then click on delta/percent icon)3.9724.11.2017
NewImproved: Intel-Hex: Compatibility3.9724.11.2017
NewUpdatePrj: Several detail improvements3.9724.11.2017
FixedCrash when pasting after copy-map-properties3.9724.11.2017
FixedAutosave: SaveAll sometimes didn't save all3.9724.11.2017
FixedResource leak in Drag+Drop from Outlook3.9724.11.2017
FixedPassword input for encrypted zip files did not work for some files3.9724.11.2017
FixedConnect: Could if from element size was invalid (too large)3.9724.11.2017
FixedConnect: Crash when changing the reference version if you previously closed a project3.9724.11.2017
FixedPrjOpen: Unnecessary rescan when several PCs looked at the same folder3.9724.11.2017
FixedPrjOpen: For InplaceEdit during Project>SimilarProjects the changed row was not displayed any more until the next time it was opened.3.9724.11.2017
FixedIntel-Hex: Problem in Russian version3.9724.11.2017
NewHelp file improved3.9620.11.2017
NewContext menu: New: Copy map3.9620.11.2017
NewContext menu: Rename: 'Copy map advanced' is now 'Copy map properties'.3.9620.11.2017
FixedCrash on task switch3.9620.11.2017
FixedCrash on new project3.9620.11.2017
FixedAfter XML import the KF didnt appear in the scrollbar overview.3.9620.11.2017
NewLua: New command DeleteProjectVersion3.9516.11.2017
NewText-Map: Longer unit texts are now displayed correctly3.9516.11.2017
Fixed%-Copy/Paste could cause rounding errors with 0% changes3.9516.11.2017
FixedCrash during import of certain projects3.9516.11.2017
FixedWith Free text in Y-axis, cursor was displayed at the wrong position3.9516.11.2017
FixedCopyMapProperties sometimes didnt work3.9516.11.2017
FixedConnecting: Map transfer: Automatic axis correction was wrong with different elements3.9516.11.2017
FixedPrjProperties User5 could no longer be displayed in the project list3.9516.11.2017
FixedCtrl+C without selection to copy the map-under-cursor didnt always work3.9516.11.2017
FixedOpenPrj: Wrong context submenu for copy/move3.9516.11.2017
FixedItalian translation did not work3.9516.11.2017
FixedMap properties: Input problems with the axis data3.9516.11.2017
Important!New free DLL OLS550 just for the similarity search3.9413.11.2017
Important!Search in OpenProject and map list: New keyword 'or' (or just a comma). Example:BMW or VW3.9413.11.2017
Important!F12>Reseller: Advanced Security Server to store projects on a secured secondary server3.9413.11.2017
Important!New: Edit-menu: Round values or limit to Min/Max3.9413.11.2017
Important!New: Map list > EditMultipleMaps: Remove flagsm Round values or limit to Min/Max3.9413.11.2017
New3d: Ctrl+Alt+Mouse wheel: rotate3.9413.11.2017
NewCSV import: new/changed maps are selected afterwards3.9413.11.2017
NewCtrl+Shift+ClickDrag => Scroll mode3.9413.11.2017
NewEditAsText: Search field is new standard field3.9413.11.2017
NewGoTo: Show comments as a list3.9413.11.2017
NewHotkeys for transfer selected maps revised3.9413.11.2017
NewImportWiz: Checksum search now comes a little later3.9413.11.2017
NewImportWiz: File info can now be selected/copied3.9413.11.2017
NewImportWiz: Plugin info is copied to project comment3.9413.11.2017
NewContext menu axis: Menu item Copy address.3.9413.11.2017
NewConnectBar: Button +/-: Shift=*5, CtrlShift=Line, Win=ImmediateRepeat3.9413.11.2017
NewConnectBar: Menu Reference version: now also other open versions of the connecting project3.9413.11.2017
NewLua: Exporting EcuX3.9413.11.2017
NewNew hotkey: ESC = close map window3.9413.11.2017
NewPrjProperties: Gearbox selection more convenient3.9413.11.2017
NewOpenPrj: Context menu: Advanced > Open Explorer3.9413.11.2017
NewOpenPrj: Context menu: Advanced > Reset directory index3.9413.11.2017
NewOpenPrj: New icon in the upper right-hand corner: Evaluate and display LastMod-Dates3.9413.11.2017
NewPercent/delta now also has an effect on axis data3.9413.11.2017
NewReseller: Warning on shutdown if upload is still running3.9413.11.2017
NewReseller: If file could not be uploaded due to rights, this is show in the PrjOpen dialog status line3.9413.11.2017
NewSearch dialog: Now also for values in axes3.9413.11.2017
NewUpdateProjects: New option: Update indexing for similarity searches3.9413.11.2017
NewAcceptChanges: Data Ranges: New button All with 0 Offset.3.9413.11.2017
NewAcceptChanges: Non-importable maps can be marked3.9413.11.2017
Fixed2d: In a scrolllock-drag, the repaint only worked when you stop the movement3.9413.11.2017
Fixed2d: Ctrl+ClickDrag => Gaps remain if mouse moves too fast3.9413.11.2017
Fixed2d: Set values with Ctrl+Click does not work correctly with factor3.9413.11.2017
FixedCrash during import of Cummins Intel/Hex file without new import wizard3.9413.11.2017
FixedCrash if you manually change processor type during a running overview search3.9413.11.2017
FixedCrash when clicking only low file in Empty Window dialog3.9413.11.2017
FixedAddressCopyAsText only works if something else has been copied before3.9413.11.2017
FixedSelecting and copying axes in Excel misses the delimiters3.9413.11.2017
FixedSelect Bosch-KF (without pot. KF) and K => Axes should be recognized without further inquiry3.9413.11.2017
Fixedcsv import was able to change hex dump3.9413.11.2017
FixedDamos/Ecfg-Import: Files did not optimize the range of values by default3.9413.11.2017
FixedFile with offset 0x10000000 => Export ranges is not possible. Returns exception or 0byte file3.9413.11.2017
FixedDouble fade tip sometimes didnt go away by itself3.9413.11.2017
FixedException on copy map advanced3.9413.11.2017
FixedTaskcard title progress bar no longer works3.9413.11.2017
FixedYou cannot delete or save files inserted in the project commentary Files cannot be deleted or saved.3.9413.11.2017
FixedImport of map files did not consider elements3.9413.11.2017
FixedImportWiz: File name with AND character is displayed incorrectly in dialog3.9413.11.2017
FixedClick on reseller in status bar caused wrong config page3.9413.11.2017
FixedConnectBar: Slider was in the wrong position directly after the search3.9413.11.2017
FixedConnecting, n held down, only one window is refreshing live3.9413.11.2017
FixedMAP file import with elements did not yet work properly3.9413.11.2017
FixedMass import: max. 1 version imported3.9413.11.2017
FixedMass Import: Problems with search strings that are not only lowercase3.9413.11.2017
FixedAfter kp/csv import, KF were not entered in the scrollbar3.9413.11.2017
Fixedpot. map close and do not accept => entry in KF list remained bold for some time3.9413.11.2017
FixedOpenPrj: Manufacturer: Passenger cars were not companies that also produce trucks3.9413.11.2017
FixedOpenPrj: Error during sorting, ab was not always sorted to a3.9413.11.2017
FixedProblems with auto-move corrupt files3.9413.11.2017
FixedProblems with unrar from file with alternative NTFS stream3.9413.11.2017
FixedDefault column number from Cfg for new projects is ignored3.9413.11.2017
FixedDifferences list was not updated when you click on X, change the project and then tap U3.9413.11.2017
FixedMany invalid KF-addresses at the KF transmitted have also caused many error messages3.9413.11.2017
FixedDialog Reference version could hang3.9209.08.2017
FixedDialog Transfer data didnt update the differences dialog3.9209.08.2017
FixedDifferences dialog didnt initialize correctly in some cases3.9209.08.2017
NewDialog Transfer values: Better help3.9107.08.2017
NewEditMultipleMaps: Further problems solved3.9107.08.2017
NewDifferences dialog remained empty on first start3.9107.08.2017
NewImproved HiLo-Detection (odd/even)3.9003.08.2017

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