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File Version Date Access
WinOLS for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.23  10.4.2019  registered customers only
WinOLS (previous version) for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit)  4.22  7.3.2019  registered customers only
WinOLS demo version 4.12 8.8.2018 free
Manual WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
Important!New: Supports scaling when pasting rectangular selections (F12 > Edit; New video: > Service > Videos)4.2310.04.2019
Important!New: KF properties: Axis search wizard (button next to Axis address)4.2310.04.2019
Important!KP-Import: From now on one offset positive, one offset negative4.2310.04.2019
NewAccelerated: Search similar projects4.2310.04.2019
NewRounding/limiting dialog: Select all/nothing4.2310.04.2019
NewRounding/limiting dialog: Hotkey Ctrl+Alt+R4.2310.04.2019
NewHide double map in hex dump popup menus (F12>Edit)4.2310.04.2019
NewCSV import/export: Support folder hierarchies4.2310.04.2019
NewFactorOffsetAssi: User-defined formula list supported4.2310.04.2019
NewImportWizSimilar: Change and save ColumnOrders4.2310.04.2019
NewInterpolate: Saves window position4.2310.04.2019
NewInterpolate: Now also works with delta/percent4.2310.04.2019
NewConnect: For search even in the original comparison can be4.2310.04.2019
NewMapList>EditMultipleMaps: Correct precision/endian4.2310.04.2019
Newkp-Import: Elements can be switched off4.2310.04.2019
NewLUA: windowGetMapProperties extended by more modes4.2310.04.2019
NewSupport point profiles: Show the name of the current profile in the menus4.2310.04.2019
NewSearch dialog: Search range from screen4.2310.04.2019
NewSearch dialog: map search with own columns4.2310.04.2019
NewSearch dialog: Combination of decimal search with wildcards and alternatives now possible4.2310.04.2019
NewSearch dialog: Monotony as condition (for axis search)4.2310.04.2019
NewImproved: Progress indicator for file operations4.2310.04.2019
NewImproved: Italian translation4.2310.04.2019
NewVisualizer: Watches area automatically expands to up to 10 entries4.2310.04.2019
NewVisualizer: Headlines4.2310.04.2019
NewWarning when many versions4.2310.04.2019
NewValue-dependent axis scaling optionally separated for Org/Ver (F12>3d)4.2310.04.2019
NewWindows10 style for dockable windows4.2310.04.2019
FixedCopyMapProperties has not transferred reciprocal value4.2310.04.2019
FixedReal-time search for "1??" did not update when question marks are entered4.2310.04.2019
FixedEditMultipleMaps>Offset had not updated MiniPicture (map list)4.2310.04.2019
FixedIncorrect values for InplaceEdit for axis, if other axis Backwards4.2310.04.2019
FixedIncorrect values for InplaceEdit for axis, if numbers are hexadecimal4.2310.04.2019
FixedHotkey m/w in map did not update mini image (map list)4.2310.04.2019
Fixedkp-Import addresses sometimes mapped incorrectly4.2310.04.2019
Fixedkp-Import could show wrong preview addresses4.2310.04.2019
FixedInterpolate: Hexdump was not marked as changed, so that it will be saved without confirmation.4.2310.04.2019
FixedInterpolate: Cubic interpolation sometimes wrongly calculated4.2310.04.2019
FixedInterpolate: 2dInv 14x16: It is offered top/bottom although you have selected up to the bottom edge.4.2310.04.2019
FixedSearch dialog: ComboBox sometimes completed input unintentionally4.2310.04.2019
FixedUndo did not work after ImportCsv4.2310.04.2019
NewNew wizard: Create map (appears if no meaningful KF can be created from selection)4.2207.03.2019
NewCopied single value can now be inserted in selected range (can be switched off: F12>Edit)4.2207.03.2019
NewAccelerating: Lists redraw4.2207.03.2019
NewAccelerated: Sort for similar project4.2207.03.2019
NewAccelerated: Ctrl+A in Project>Open4.2207.03.2019
NewDialog: CopyToReseller: New option: Change file name4.2207.03.2019
NewInterpolate dialog revised with respect to 2dInvers4.2207.03.2019
NewTransfer map: Create not only a parent folder, but a complete parent structure if necessary.4.2207.03.2019
NewMap Properties: UserDef List for map ID4.2207.03.2019
NewDisplay map-ID in axis menus4.2207.03.2019
Newmap list: Accelerated: Right-click on extensive selection4.2207.03.2019
NewConnect: Click on "New" swaps projects4.2207.03.2019
NewConnect: Search for selection: limit increased to 200 to 500 and documented in tooltip+help file4.2207.03.2019
NewNew BSL drivers4.2207.03.2019
NewNew LUA commands: projectFindMap, windowGetMapProperties & lua_SetClient()4.2207.03.2019
NewNew hotkey Ctrl+9: Optimize window size4.2207.03.2019
NewPolish translation updated4.2207.03.2019
NewReseller start: entered PW was not saved4.2207.03.2019
NewAxis profiles: Sorting can now be applied permanently4.2207.03.2019
NewDifferences dialog: Set cursor during selection and scroll with it4.2207.03.2019
NewDifferences dialog: Better repaint strategy for hex dump windows4.2207.03.2019
NewDifferences dialog: Center cursor in Hexdump4.2207.03.2019
NewUpdateProjects: Option to delete a User Tag4.2207.03.2019
FixedProblems with sync with ASS server with certain configurations4.2207.03.2019
FixedCrash: map properties of 2d-map after calling Faktor/Offset-Assi4.2207.03.2019
FixedCopy axis => Paste did not work with 1d-map4.2207.03.2019
FixedAlt+Enter, ESC => Empty comment remains4.2207.03.2019
FixedInserting Excel into 2d-Invers map with more columns than rows resulted in truncated data4.2207.03.2019
FixedSelect range in Bit-map and create map led to graphic errors4.2207.03.2019
FixedImport A2L and 2xUndo => Undo error message due to pot. Map Folder4.2207.03.2019
FixedInterpolation works with axis values + 2dInvers not with row/column selection4.2207.03.2019
FixedMap transferred has not transferred changes correctly with 2d-Invers-map with line skip (Denso Vertical)4.2207.03.2019
Fixedmap window with vertical scrollbar: cursor keys sometimes led to vertical caret jumps4.2207.03.2019
Fixedmap window with vertical scrollbar: Click into the window to scroll up.4.2207.03.2019
Fixedmap list: Double-click to open map no longer always worked after internal optimization.4.2207.03.2019
Fixedmap list: Delete search line causes (in project specific searches and hidden empty folders) empty folders to become visible in other projects4.2207.03.2019
Fixedkp-Import: map display in scrollbar was not updated4.2207.03.2019
FixedLayout Error Help Link in BSL Dialogs4.2207.03.2019
FixedMinimized state was not saved correctly4.2207.03.2019
FixedPossible crash in the Project Rights dialog box4.2207.03.2019
FixedSimulator could not be used for SPI project => Now with error message4.2207.03.2019
FixedVertical axis was not displayed wide enough if more space was required due to a large factor4.2207.03.2019
NewOLS227, OLS247, OLS257 are deleted. They are now all included in OLS222.4.2111.02.2019
NewAccelerated: Load/Save4.2111.02.2019
NewFormula wizard more tolerant with own formulas4.2111.02.2019
NewMap Sidebar+Search: Search now also in the map comments4.2111.02.2019
NewMap Sidebar: Tooltip for single values: Value is now displayed, too4.2111.02.2019
NewComments are displayed with text tag (F12 > Hexdump)4.2111.02.2019
NewNew hotkey: Alt+. for connecting 2d line breaks with lines4.2111.02.2019
NewPrjOpen: Version sidebar: Show version details4.2111.02.2019
NewStandard view mode separately adjustable for 0d/1d/2d (F12 > Hexdump)4.2111.02.2019
NewSearch dialog: KF search: New column: Detail (Location)4.2111.02.2019
NewUpdated: Models.txt4.2111.02.2019
NewUpdated: Polish translation4.2111.02.2019
NewImproved: Lock toolbar4.2111.02.2019
NewImproved: Swap detection4.2111.02.2019
Fixeda2l+hex importing together sometimes did not correct the order automatically4.2111.02.2019
FixedCrash at FadeTip if parent window (e.g. linkable) has already been closed by now4.2111.02.2019
FixedReal-time search did not search again when adding decimal places4.2111.02.2019

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