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File Version Date Access
WinOLS demo version 3.85 4.5.2017 free
Manual WinOLS 3.76 16.10.2013 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
New*** Import via Drag Drop: Mouse cursor tip to indicate whether new project or new Verion4.0122.02.2018
New*** OpenPrj: Icon left bottom left to limit search to column4.0122.02.2018
New*** Map list: Change project position using Drag Drop 4.0122.02.2018
New*** Map list: New filter button: Content4.0122.02.2018
NewProject>DoublePrjSearch: New button: Move4.0122.02.2018
NewProject properties: Extended suggestion DB4.0122.02.2018
NewFactorOffsetAssi: now also for 3 basic values (reciprocal formula)4.0122.02.2018
NewFactorOffsetAssi: Live update formula in the property dialog4.0122.02.2018
NewFactorOffsetAssi: Free formula evaluation4.0122.02.2018
NewFactorOffsetAssi: New Reciprocal Option4.0122.02.2018
NewImportSimilar: Automatically optimize column width of % column4.0122.02.2018
NewMap list: Hide empty folders if filter is active (can be disabled in the menu next to the search buttons)4.0122.02.2018
Newkp-Import/Export: Copy folder hierarchy4.0122.02.2018
NewMassImport: Recognition of version name improved4.0122.02.2018
NewMassImport: Project properties have flashed up again and again4.0122.02.2018
NewMassImport: faster4.0122.02.2018
NewEdit several projects simultaneously via PrjProperties => progress bar4.0122.02.2018
NewPrjProperties: Gearbox selection revised4.0122.02.2018
NewOpenPrj: New hotkeys for all resellers/all clients (Ctrl+Win+R / Ctrl+Win+A)4.0122.02.2018
NewOpenPrj: Project comment can now also be queried for reseller files in the file properties4.0122.02.2018
NewOpenPrj: Ctrl+C/V/X to copy/cut/paste projects4.0122.02.2018
NewHexdump search: Function to be able to copy search range a) from selection, b) to be able to reset (triangle button behind edit box)4.0122.02.2018
NewHexdump-Search: Tolerance not only absolute, but can also be entered as a percentage (triangle button behind Edit-Box)4.0122.02.2018
NewImproved: Error info if ols-file is locked from other PC4.0122.02.2018
NewImproved: Swap detection4.0122.02.2018
NewChangeRelative: %-view: Third mode to be able to change the %-value in percent4.0122.02.2018
FixedAbout-Dialog displayed wrong version number during update4.0122.02.2018
FixedCS-Recursion did not lead to abort but to an endless loop4.0122.02.2018
FixedInsertion in sampling points with factor/offset does not work4.0122.02.2018
FixedInserting selections in grid points does not work4.0122.02.2018
Fixedfor 1x1 KF axes could be suggested4.0122.02.2018
FixedThe border was too narrow in tabbed mode4.0122.02.2018
FixedImportWiz > Similar: Crash when clicking on Detail button4.0122.02.2018
FixedPaste KF at cursor position didn't work if the KF list had the focus4.0122.02.2018
FixedKf with neg. values; % view, then +/- => false values4.0122.02.2018
FixedKF transfer didn't work correctly if 2KF with different factor/offset/names but identical addresses were on the source page.4.0122.02.2018
FixedKF list: With Drag+Drop, the cursor hint was not always readable4.0122.02.2018
FixedConnect: Select reference version from other (open) versions of the link project, was not processed correctly.4.0122.02.2018
Fixednext/last difference has ignored the last byte of the project4.0122.02.2018
Fixedolsx-Export did not work sometimes4.0122.02.2018
FixedPrjProperties Button.... Move/copy to UserPath did not work4.0122.02.2018
FixedOpenPrj > Import directory => dialog was not modal4.0122.02.2018
FixedOpenPrj: Multiple projects > Properties => Project status could not be edited4.0122.02.2018
FixedReseller shutdown warning: Second button did not work4.0122.02.2018
FixedReseller thread could display MsgBox on files from other customers4.0122.02.2018
FixedSelectVersion: Crash/Filelock with drag+drop of the version4.0122.02.2018
FixedDrag and drop selection to 1x1, create KF => KF was one dim4.0122.02.2018
FixedCtrl+A did not work correctly in 2d mode with inverse maps4.0122.02.2018
FixedCtrl+A did not work in 2d mode if KF was partly out of visible range4.0122.02.2018
FixedUndo after kp import didn't work4.0122.02.2018
FixedInvalid elements could crash plugins4.0122.02.2018
FixedBitmap scaling under Windows 7 with display zoom too high4.0122.02.2018
FixedIf negative numbers are displayed as 0 because of rounding settings, -0 could be displayed.4.0122.02.2018
FixedLocked-file warning for F12>reports4.0122.02.2018
FixedOpenPrj > Version: Problems with clicking on versions if there are many versions/idle boxes in the project4.0122.02.2018
NewAutomatic A2L search (F12 > Paths; Then Ctrl+D)4.0029.01.2018
NewAnti-Alias for Lines (F12 > View)4.0029.01.2018
NewAdjust line thickness (F12 > View)4.0029.01.2018
NewData range detection for similarity search4.0029.01.2018
NewText mode with colors for values (Color button in toolbar)4.0029.01.2018
NewWindows 10 subwindow style4.0029.01.2018
New2d: Horizontal auxiliary line (Hexdump properties in 2d mode)4.0029.01.2018
NewAccelerated: 3d with color shading4.0029.01.2018
NewDialog reference version: Now with search function4.0029.01.2018
NewCheckbox for Auto-Update-Check now at F12>Internet (old: update-dialog)4.0029.01.2018
NewLUA: With projectFindBytes support for nibble search4.0029.01.2018
NewNew Splash Screen4.0029.01.2018
NewProcessors renamed: Siemens C167CR=>Infineon C167CR; Tricore=>Infineon Tricore; PowerPC=>Freescale PowerPC4.0029.01.2018
NewImproved: Div. icons in High-DPI4.0029.01.2018
NewImproved: Recognition of test properties4.0029.01.2018
NewImproved: Search PrjProperties4.0029.01.2018
NewIf the file name says "swappedhilo", this starts the HiLo swapping during import.4.0029.01.2018
FixedAbout-Button/Dialog has announced unnecessary updates4.0029.01.2018
FixedCrash when opening AboutDialog immediately after starting the program4.0029.01.2018
FixedY-axis was not displayed in case of unfavourable color selection4.0029.01.2018
FixedException when importing a file with a 1969 timestamp4.0029.01.2018
FixedExport: If there was only 1 element, you could not use element addresses4.0029.01.2018
FixedYellow question mark icon no longer disappeared4.0029.01.2018
FixedImportSimilar always had the client column visible in the beginning, although it was not necessary at all.4.0029.01.2018
FixedConnect: Changing the reference version could also affect the other project if the link original was selected as reference version there.4.0029.01.2018
FixedSelect link project: Grouping of identical projects in the tree sometimes didn't work if there were other projects with the same name4.0029.01.2018
FixedSometimes crash on Inplace Edit when Preview is open4.0029.01.2018
FixedTestOpen: Possible hang by MessageBox which blocked the dialog and then went into the background4.0029.01.2018
FixedIf CS is not transferred, do not copy the element changes.4.0029.01.2018
Important!Lua: Changed behavior: projectFindBytes returned wrong addresses when using elements/offset3.9816.01.2018
NewAccelerated: 2d mode3.9816.01.2018
NewAccelerated: Hex dumps with extreme number of columns3.9816.01.2018
NewAccelerated: Moving lots of pot. maps to folder3.9816.01.2018
NewCSV import: Report after import3.9816.01.2018
NewFactorOffset-Wizard: Live Preview3.9816.01.2018
NewFactorOffset-Wizard: New option: Determine from corner values3.9816.01.2018
NewGoTo: Click in comment list immediately changes Hexudmp3.9816.01.2018
NewGearbox selection: Again with automatic / manual transmission3.9816.01.2018
NewHelp file: Sortable list of all hotkeys3.9816.01.2018
NewImporter: 7z files with wrong suffix can now be unpacked3.9816.01.2018
NewImportWiz: File: Remember sort column3.9816.01.2018
NewIntelHex: Files are now closer to the original during re-export3.9816.01.2018
NewMap properties: If the dialog is open and the cursor is in the address field, you can click into the hexdump. This is now also possible for the map itself. And you can now also click+drag. 3.9816.01.2018

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