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File Version Date Access
WinOLS demo version 3.85 4.5.2017 free
Manual WinOLS 3.76 16.10.2013 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
FixedError message during AcceptChanges3.8826.06.2017
NewCopyMapAdvanced: Automatisches anwenden bei neuen 1x1 Kennfeldern jetzt optional3.8723.06.2017
NewF11 doesnt turn off Org button anymore3.8723.06.2017
NewSupport for password-protected zip files3.8723.06.2017
NewSolutions: Offer checksum calculation first3.8723.06.2017
NewUpdateProjects: New option: Delete all maps3.8723.06.2017
NewImproved: Mass export: Previewtext3.8723.06.2017
Newlua: New function: projectCountDifferentBytes()3.8723.06.2017
NewAcceptChanges: Several details improved3.8723.06.2017
FixedDifferences: Select the current lines could be wrong for connected projects3.8723.06.2017
FixedCrash on mass export as hex3.8723.06.2017
FixedWrong display map the map headline3.8723.06.2017
FixedImporting an identical file => Importer reported 1% differences3.8723.06.2017
FixedImportWiz direktly with Accept changes didnt work properly3.8723.06.2017
FixedMassenexport used .ols suffix for binary files when no name template was provided3.8723.06.2017
FixedMouse when worked rougher3.8723.06.2017
FixedMath signs in factor/offset wizard were partly obscured3.8723.06.2017
FixedRedraw-problems for horizontal scrolling in text mode3.8723.06.2017
NewNew: Hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Alt+2 to connect with compare with original values3.8607.06.2017
NewConnectBar buttons +/- are strong when Shift/Shift+Ctrl is pressed3.8607.06.2017
NewLUA: new parameter for projectGetProperty3.8607.06.2017
NewLUA: binaryand, binaryxor3.8607.06.2017
NewMassimport of zipped ols files is now supported3.8607.06.2017
NewEditing: Not only individual cells, but ranges can now be delselected3.8607.06.2017
NewPrjProperties: Delphi detection improved3.8607.06.2017
NewRAR-Component updated3.8607.06.2017
NewImproved: Detection for IntelHexBin PHF files3.8607.06.2017
NewOverview data now updated after Damos/Ecfg import3.8607.06.2017
FixedCrash during mass export3.8607.06.2017
FixedHighDPI: in 2d mode the lower bar was scrolled wrong3.8607.06.2017
FixedWhen inserting %-values factor/offset of the arget map were ingored3.8607.06.2017
FixedExport-Dialog: Adress range was initialized wrong upon repeated export with elements3.8607.06.2017
FixedExport problems when import folder should be used by default3.8607.06.2017
FixedWrong offset calculation upon kp import3.8607.06.2017
FixedGraphic bugs in 2d with N and HighDPI3.8607.06.2017
FixedConnect window was moved when changing bit width3.8607.06.2017
FixedMouseWheel-Scrolling didnt work well with some touchpads3.8607.06.2017
FixedPrjProperties: Error with dropdowns with vertically stacked displays3.8607.06.2017
FixedProblem when connecting with changing the endian while a differnt endian was not allowed3.8607.06.2017
FixedProblem with axis detection before map3.8607.06.2017
FixedProblem with connect map and display scaling3.8607.06.2017
FixedScrolling text mode was very slow with large map consisting only of zeros3.8607.06.2017
FixedCtrl+Alt+Shift P (Toggle pot. map display) didnt work any more3.8607.06.2017
FixedCtrl+Shift+2 ignored connect-orignal-presed3.8607.06.2017
FixedLUA: projectSetAt didnt work for very large numbers3.8607.06.2017
NewScripts: sort column headers3.8504.05.2017
NewAutomatically detect axis before map for 1d3.8504.05.2017
NewSave the current cursor position after 1.5s on the stack for Alt+Left (= Back)3.8504.05.2017
NewEditAsText: Center the selected line in the hexdump3.8504.05.2017
NewFaster: Create map if many map are already open3.8504.05.2017
NewFaster: Sort in EditAsText3.8504.05.2017
NewCummins IntelHex files can be directly imported3.8504.05.2017
NewPrjOpen: Build popup now grouped3.8504.05.2017
NewMap sidebar: map description now also in the tooltip3.8504.05.2017
NewNew function: Selection > Selection from clipboard3.8504.05.2017
NewPS calculation in PrjProperties and in window menu3.8504.05.2017
NewImproved: recognition PrjProperties3.8504.05.2017
FixedCrash when viewing images in project comment3.8504.05.2017
FixedBosch8-KF was detected in 16-bit selection3.8504.05.2017
FixedEdit multiple maps => Original does not work with paired projects3.8504.05.2017
FixedHex search for 0xBB did not work3.8504.05.2017
FixedEnd connecting by closing window => Not all information has been reset3.8504.05.2017
FixedConnect by shift+icon did not adjust data organization3.8504.05.2017
FixedSometimes wrong cursor position with scaled monitor setting3.8504.05.2017
FixedPaste on last byte of the project did not work3.8504.05.2017
FixedProblems with PatchTag block in Polish / Russian version3.8504.05.2017
FixedShift+Insert does not work (Windows default alternative for Ctrl+V)3.8504.05.2017
FixedTitle of a map could be hidden on the left3.8504.05.2017
FixedUnsaved changes to the project properties were ignored when opening new versions3.8504.05.2017
FixedCopy values from HiLo to LoHi map did not work with negative values3.8504.05.2017
FixedBlk load did not work properly anymore3.8504.05.2017
FixedKp-Import: Crash3.8504.05.2017
FixedKp-Import: Addresses were partly incorrectly imported3.8504.05.2017
FixedChange of the PrjStatus has not updated the write protection for all open versions3.8504.05.2017
FixedImportWiz: Dialog could show 0% with version import if there were very few differences3.8504.05.2017
FixedImportWiz: Prj property search does not always trigger during import3.8504.05.2017
FixedOpenPrj: Viewing the project properties caused an error message for reseller folders3.8406.04.2017
FixedSome older ols-files could not be read any more3.8305.04.2017
FixedCustomer number was ignored when importing an ini file3.8305.04.2017
Important!ols file format changed. Old files are automatically converted when theyre saved3.8230.03.2017
NewSimilarProjects: Similar search now also for ECU.Prod.3.8230.03.2017
NewFor Hex the leading zeros can be turned off (F12 > Text)3.8230.03.2017
NewDataProtection-Dialog can be answered by double-click3.8230.03.2017
NewOpenPrj: Searching for VAG will shows results for all consolidated companies3.8230.03.2017
NewScripts: Also allow not-matched maps (begin_executable tolerate_not_found)3.8230.03.2017
NewScripts: Also select unchanged maps3.8230.03.2017
NewScripts: Also transfer unchanged cells in maps3.8230.03.2017
NewText-map-window: Headline not any more in Courier3.8230.03.2017
NewImproved: Detection of project properties3.8230.03.2017
NewImport folder: Source files can be moved3.8230.03.2017
Fixed2 crash causes when WinOLS is closed immediately after the start3.8230.03.2017
FixedExport as ols, all versions => Shadow data for VBF-reexport was lost3.8230.03.2017
FixedWrong 2d-org-display when the projects had different bit widths when they were connected3.8230.03.2017
FixedChooseConnect > Doubleclick in list => Init was incomplete3.8230.03.2017
FixedDifferences: Showing addresses after 0x80000000 (or higher) didnt work3.8230.03.2017
FixedIncomplete connect init directly during import when Endian was different3.8230.03.2017
FixedLine-breaks in 2d were sometimes displayed at the wrong location3.8230.03.2017
Fixedkp export/import didnt observe the element address3.8230.03.2017
FixedWrong cursor width in text map in Y axis3.8230.03.2017
NewFaster: Drawing the map sidebar3.8117.03.2017

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