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File Version Date Access
WinOLS demo version 3.68 6.9.2016 free
Manual WinOLS 3.76 16.10.2013 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.3 13.03.2015 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
NewFaster: Drawing the map sidebar3.8117.03.2017
NewImportWiz: ImportSimilar: Open and import as version now uses better version name3.8117.03.2017
NewCopyMapProperties: DataOrg can now be copied3.8117.03.2017
NewMapSidebar: Search function also for map description3.8117.03.2017
NewMapProperties: Organization and values renamed3.8117.03.2017
Fixed2d: No connection lines when 0 columns3.8117.03.2017
FixedChanging bit width was very slow when connection projects3.8117.03.2017
FixedF11 didnt work for float properly3.8117.03.2017
Fixed2d: Wrong bit width for original data display possible3.8117.03.2017
FixedConnect-Offset-Search didnt work after a large selection was made3.8117.03.2017
FixedSometimes the first block operation after loading the project didnt change the first cell3.8117.03.2017
FixedOpenPrj: Searching for umlauts didnt work any more3.8117.03.2017
NewBSL-PCR: EEPROM unlock only when data element is written3.8013.03.2017
NewBSL-PCR: New options; x Unlock beforehand x lock afterwards3.8013.03.2017
NewFaster: Calculating the differences for overview scrollbar during cross-endian comparison3.8013.03.2017
NewFaster: Copying/pasting large numbers of maps3.8013.03.2017
NewReworked fadetipp3.8013.03.2017
NewMap list: Reworked filter-button size3.8013.03.2017
NewContext menu: Undo now also for address as X-axis for next map3.8013.03.2017
NewContext menu: Rightclick on axis data in hexdump: Now also for previous map3.8013.03.2017
NewLUA: windowSetMapProperties now supports data type UserdefNumber3.8013.03.2017
NewOpenPrj: Progress display for search index creation now without popup dialog3.8013.03.2017
NewOpenPrj: lockinfo files left over from a previous crash are automatically removed3.8013.03.2017
NewOpenPrj: Statistic: & was displayed wrong3.8013.03.2017
NewOpenPrj: Statistic: Sorting wasnt case-insensitive3.8013.03.2017
NewOpenPrj: Statistic: Tooltip wider3.8013.03.2017
NewOpenPrj: Search faster3.8013.03.2017
NewShift+Strg+F12: Open mail window with logfile3.8013.03.2017
NewCreateScript: Dialog size can be changed3.8013.03.2017
NewCreateScript: Sorting table-header3.8013.03.2017
NewPreventing start errors from double-clicking the WinOLS icon3.8013.03.2017
NewMap axis profiles: Map properties: Field Id is now editable for the axes3.8013.03.2017
NewSearch function: Long hex-strings without spaces are automatically cut into values3.8013.03.2017
NewDrivers updated3.8013.03.2017
NewImproved: Swapping detection improved3.8013.03.2017
Newzip component updated3.8013.03.2017
FixedProject property detection didnt apply some of the rules3.8013.03.2017
FixedFloat axis before map wasnt automatically detected3.8013.03.2017
FixedZipped A2L files were not imported correctly3.8013.03.2017
FixedImportWiz didnt show any files when choosing the file type MotorolaHex3.8013.03.2017
FixedImportWiz: Cutting off FF-areas at CMD projects => Element size wasnt adjusted3.8013.03.2017
FixedMap sidebar: Addresses were shown with wrong offset if map was within virtual sub-element3.8013.03.2017
FixedConnect: New cross-endian comparison didnt work for init over dialog3.8013.03.2017
FixedSearch for float values with up/down tolerance brought to many results3.8013.03.2017
FixedOpenPrj: Ctrl+A..Ctrl+Z activeted the wrong tab in reseller view3.8013.03.2017
FixedAcceptChanges was very slow for many non-matched areas with WORD changes3.8013.03.2017
NewFor ini files 4 additional fields import / export3.7913.02.2017
NewMap detection: Additional Denso2d format3.7913.02.2017
NewConnect bar: Copy marker3.7913.02.2017
NewMass-Import: Improved progress info3.7913.02.2017
NewParallel maps can now also be searched in version data3.7913.02.2017
NewPrjOpen: Create search index: Slightly faster3.7913.02.2017
NewPrjOpen: Create search index: Progress display3.7913.02.2017
NewPrjOpen: For all non-reseller-folders the CS status is hidden3.7913.02.2017
NewPrjOpen: Search in all reseller folders at the same time3.7913.02.2017
NewUpdateProjects: Delete linked files3.7913.02.2017
NewReseller: Automatically create original-only projects (F12 > Reseller)3.7913.02.2017
NewImproved: Detection 8051, 80186, Tricore3.7913.02.2017
NewImproved: Modelle.txt3.7913.02.2017
NewWinolsscript: Create: Copy map selection from sidebar3.7913.02.2017
NewWinolsscript: Option: Matching using map ids (instead of map values)3.7913.02.2017
NewWinolsscript: Create: Dialog desizable3.7913.02.2017
FixedEpromOriVer is not displayed in the manufacturer dialog if Eprom size was not detected3.7913.02.2017
FixedFile-locked problems with fast switching between workspaces3.7913.02.2017
FixedImportWiz: Path went lost by export3.7913.02.2017
FixedEdit KF: Search range in SearchDlg is not adapted3.7913.02.2017
FixedDelete marker: Undo didnt work3.7913.02.2017
FixedPrjProperties: Directly after importing wrong tooltip for comment button3.7913.02.2017
FixedPrjProperties: Selecting a different ECU manufacturer as the one that was recognized, was overwritten3.7913.02.2017
FixedStatus line was not updated when working in map list in 2d mode3.7913.02.2017
Fixedm/w did not keep start position if not the first element was active3.7913.02.2017
FixedImportWiz: Navigating through the folder list with Enter did not work3.7913.02.2017
FixedAutomation problems with LUA and OpenProjectVersion3.7824.01.2017
FixedAt transfer map in Toyota vertikal map some changes in the Y-Axis were skipped3.7824.01.2017
FixedImport of PHF (IntelHexBin) didnt work with some headers3.7824.01.2017
FixedSearch function was very slow for projects with high display offset3.7824.01.2017
NewSelectCar: Context menĂ¼: Copy > New function for reseller3.7719.01.2017
NewConnect: New search button: by identical map id3.7719.01.2017
Fixed%ECU.Checksumstatus% was reported as csokay if no CS was present, but a PatchTagBlock3.7719.01.2017
FixedMap sidebar: Filter icons didnt work any more3.7719.01.2017
FixedStrange error message when a folder was dragged into WinOLS3.7719.01.2017
NewChecksum status is stored shoerter: NOCS, CS-, CS+, n/a3.7612.01.2017
NewLUA: Now Build can read read/set3.7612.01.2017
NewNext map: Not copying the column size for 1x1 maps3.7612.01.2017
NewDialog CreateVersion: Show project titel like the user configured it3.7612.01.2017
NewOpenPrj: Button previous reseller (can be turned off by right-click)3.7612.01.2017
NewMap sidebar: Search for folder names (New option: show content)3.7612.01.2017
NewMap sidebar: When deleting the search, keep the current selection3.7612.01.2017
NewMap sidebar: Off-button turns search off3.7612.01.2017
NewMap sidebar: Search now also for units3.7612.01.2017
NewConfig files more stable and with automatic fallback to previous version3.7612.01.2017
NewConnect/Reference version: For version name show name first, then the path3.7612.01.2017
NewPrjProperties: Detection improved3.7612.01.2017
FixedSearchBytes: Useless results when from-address didnt match current bit width3.7612.01.2017
FixedImportWiz: Smaller Element: Element name wasnt used3.7612.01.2017
FixedImportWiz: Smaller Element: Element name wasnt deduced from filename3.7612.01.2017
FixedVersion import could delete shadow data3.7612.01.2017
NewFaster: Loading of large project lists3.7502.01.2017
NewImportWiz: File page: Tooltip for bookmark-tooltip3.7502.01.2017
NewImportWiz: ImportSimilar: Reseller-Support3.7502.01.2017

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