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File Version Date Access
WinOLS for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.11  12.6.2018  registered customers only
WinOLS (previous version) for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit)  4.10  29.5.2018  registered customers only
WinOLS demo version 4.04 9.4.2018 free
Manual WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
New2d: Tags and delta markers in different lines4.1112.06.2018
NewAccelerated: Similar Import4.1112.06.2018
NewAccelerated: Adopt changes4.1112.06.2018
NewProperties KF axis: Button ... can now also fill normal axes4.1112.06.2018
NewCopyMapProperties: Relative/Percent for contents4.1112.06.2018
NewCopyMapProperties: Choose type/size separately4.1112.06.2018
NewDouble-click in the left corner of the project window title bar to close the window4.1112.06.2018
NewMap Properties / Folder Properties window: User-defined name list (indent lines through - at the beginning of the line) 4.1112.06.2018
NewMap window context menu also for the new design4.1112.06.2018
NewSimilarProjects: True 100% are now sorted before 100% data area4.1112.06.2018
NewSimilarProjects: Text change to"(100% data area)"4.1112.06.2018
FixedAllow version comments longer than 32000 characters4.1112.06.2018
FixedBdmToGo file with NOREAD directly during import didn't work anymore4.1112.06.2018
FixedCopyMapProperties didn't work correctly with mixed inverse types4.1112.06.2018
FixedSelectChangedCells didn't work with 2d inverse4.1112.06.2018
FixedImport: First byte was sometimes omitted4.1112.06.2018
FixedImportSimilar+Data area did not put imported KF into folders4.1112.06.2018
FixedImportWiz: CS: HyperLinks did not work4.1112.06.2018
FixedInterpolate could not be used in the axes4.1112.06.2018
FixedMap-Paste did not cause changes in the hexdump (no version is offered when saving)4.1112.06.2018
FixedCtrl+C no longer worked in search dialog in input line4.1112.06.2018
NewNew text module for export file name: WinOLS version4.1029.05.2018
NewChange the sequence of marker profiles4.1029.05.2018
NewAccelerated: map list4.1029.05.2018
NewAccelerated: Reseller thread shutdown4.1029.05.2018
FixedCrash when calling Factor/Offset-Assi from the Marker Profiles dialog4.1029.05.2018
FixedASS connection did not work4.1029.05.2018
FixedRadio buttons did not work correctly in English Factor/Offset-Assi4.1029.05.2018
FixedReseller error info row could not be scrolled horizontally4.1029.05.2018
FixedExport button was disabled by mistake4.1029.05.2018
FixedKF marking in scrollbar did not always work4.1029.05.2018
NewMap list: 2x Ctrl+A => Select all maps & folders4.0917.05.2018
NewDisplay map names in hexdumps also for normal maps (F12 > Hexdump > Border with names)4.0917.05.2018
NewConnecting: 2 hex dumps from the same project can be linked together4.0917.05.2018
NewCorrections of Polish translation4.0917.05.2018
NewMenu item for XDF import (plugin required)4.0917.05.2018
NewPrjProperties: Enlargeable by PrjComment (button next to speech bubble icon)4.0917.05.2018
FixedNo search results in maps if internal data is not up-to-date4.0917.05.2018
FixedLeak when *only* working in 2d mode and pot. maps on the screen4.0917.05.2018
FixedPossible crash if you delete many maps with the "Del" hotkey4.0917.05.2018
FixedEnter the version description directly when saving: Could be only limited long4.0917.05.2018
FixedIf you delete many maps, the overview information was not updated4.0917.05.2018
FixedAccept changes did not always find changes outside of maps for different project sizes4.0917.05.2018
NewAboutPlugins window: Remember size4.0814.05.2018
NewEditMultipleMaps: New: Insert4.0814.05.2018
NewEditMultipleMaps: New: Offset4.0814.05.2018
NewSelect complete file and right click => Accelerated4.0814.05.2018
NewParallel groups: show as 1/4 (also in window title)4.0814.05.2018
FixedKP import with values => Changes were not displayed in KF list4.0814.05.2018
FixedKP-Import: Offset did not work correctly4.0814.05.2018
FixedVersion Properties: Window resize error4.0814.05.2018
FixedCopying of (several) last cells of the Y-axis did not work if they overlapped with the X-axis by the Bosch2 data header4.0814.05.2018
FixedVersion properties and Bsl password were lost when saving to new version4.0814.05.2018
NewPrjProperties: Temic transmission list extended4.0707.05.2018
NewContext menu: Units increased from 40 to 50 slots4.0707.05.2018
NewHexdump context menu: Return to end of original menu item4.0707.05.2018
NewProjectOpen > Version selection: Display new fields only if data exists4.0707.05.2018
NewDelete selected folders: New: "All Yes"4.0707.05.2018
NewSend as Mail: Additional project fields can be switched off (and are off by default)4.0707.05.2018
NewMinimize with curly sidebar => sidebar became small4.0707.05.2018
NewRare crash on IntelHex import4.0707.05.2018
NewAllClients did not permanently save DB scans4.0707.05.2018
NewBsl export may have happened without password4.0707.05.2018
NewBsl Prog => version password was not processed correctly4.0707.05.2018
NewProject properties detection: Improved for DSG gearbox; gearbox and series set 4.0707.05.2018
NewImport BslToGo with old importer did not save password in version4.0707.05.2018
NewCopying to axes with delta did not work correctly 4.0707.05.2018
NewMax. length of version name was limited4.0707.05.2018
NewRename versions in the project-open-dialog rename disturbed folder structure4.0707.05.2018
NewVersion selection > Edit > Bsl-Link did not work4.0707.05.2018
NewImport version: Name field was no longer preselected4.0707.05.2018
NewDialog Versionname: The names of other open versions than ComboBox4.0620.04.2018
NewMap Properties => Change data type to/from float => Automatically adjust decimal point (Like toolbar icon)4.0620.04.2018
NewPolish translation updated4.0620.04.2018
NewOpenPrj: Status is not displayed below4.0620.04.2018
NewFurther emission standards to choose from4.0620.04.2018
FixedCrash with PrjOpen at % in file name4.0620.04.2018
FixedError with ImportSimilar => map address had shifted4.0620.04.2018
FixedImport bin+ini => ResellerCredits was not imported4.0620.04.2018
FixedPairing: Search function ignores decimal places for float4.0620.04.2018
FixedVersion properties directly from the dialog Version Selection dialog brought empty dialog4.0620.04.2018
FixedError with minimum similarity (import) is automatically corrected4.0620.04.2018
FixedNewcomer version: Remove row/column was not available4.0620.04.2018
Important!File format changed4.0516.04.2018
NewPrjOpen: New fields now selectable as columns4.0516.04.2018
NewVersionProperties: New data fields4.0516.04.2018
NewBxxToGo properties now per version4.0516.04.2018
FixedCrash when generating parallel maps from and starting the dialog via the map sidebar context menu4.0516.04.2018
FixedHexdump was no longer updated live when map properties changed4.0516.04.2018
NewPrjProperties: 10 Switchable user properties in ECU range4.0409.04.2018
NewInterpolate function in context menu4.0409.04.2018
NewNew hotkey Ctrl+Win+Alt+C to copy axes4.0409.04.2018
FixedDemo: Projects were always read-only4.0409.04.2018
FixedPossible crash in the project properties4.0409.04.2018
Fixed"AllResellers" was only available if clients had been set up.4.0409.04.2018
FixedWith 'Transfer selected map' the query could come several times despite "All" button4.0409.04.2018
FixedDuring sync, the path for the unit file (for the map properties) was synchronized even when paths were deactivated4.0409.04.2018
FixedParallelMap: Creating new map from data areas did not work correctly if the current map was a pot. map4.0409.04.2018
FixedTranslation of submenu titles was missing4.0409.04.2018
Important!*** ols File format updated; WinOLS 4.03 required4.0305.04.2018

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