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File Version Date Access
WinOLS for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.59  16.4.2021  registered customers only
WinOLS (previous version) for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit)  4.58  12.4.2021  registered customers only
WinOLS demo version 4.47 26.10.2020 free
Manual WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
NewPrjOpen: More natural sorting for version column4.5916.04.2021
NewAccelerated: SQL update after many files have been modified, e.g. by UpdateProjects4.5916.04.2021
NewCopyMapProperties now also transfers folders4.5916.04.2021
FixedPreview dialog could get scroll buttons if it was small4.5916.04.2021
FixedEditAsText was not callable for "Read only" projects4.5916.04.2021
FixedIn SQL mode, projects with default price were listed as free for resellers, which caused the downlond to fail4.5916.04.2021
FixedInterpolate in axes could consider axis value checkbox although it was disabled4.5916.04.2021
FixedMap sidebar tooltip did not always work4.5916.04.2021
FixedApply changes: Undo did not work for Kennfolder4.5916.04.2021
NewAccelerated: Couple, select and transfer very many map in hexdump.4.5812.04.2021
FixedCrash with Float64 if numbers became accidentally very extremely large4.5812.04.2021
FixedSearch CS via ImportWiz => was searched again when opening a map for the first time4.5812.04.2021
FixedImportWizSimilar: sort headers did not work anymore4.5812.04.2021
FixedPrjOpen: In SQL mode search "only in visible columns" did not work correctly4.5812.04.2021
FixedSQL: Newly inserted projects were partly deleted directly from the DB. Therefore the double insertion was in the code.4.5812.04.2021
FixedWhen maximizing a map in a coupled project, the restore icon was missing4.5812.04.2021
FixedSimilarProjects: In SQL mode the display of the element name did not work correctly4.5812.04.2021
FixedPolish: map properties: Frame window became narrower again when going to the comment page4.5812.04.2021
NewImproved: Reseller error message in case of download problems4.5706.04.2021
NewMass export: Better handling of broken source files4.5706.04.2021
FixedDialogs that had to be widened because of translations were centered on wrong display4.5706.04.2021
FixedProblems with some checksum DLLs4.5706.04.2021
FixedIcons are missing in linkable in dark mode with DPI>100%4.5706.04.2021
FixedIn SQL mode (if you had no clients) possibly opened projects were not marked red4.5706.04.2021
FixedMass export with %Variables% didn't work, if this resulted in 3 backslashes in a row4.5706.04.2021
FixedSearch dialog was displayed in the wrong monitor4.5706.04.2021
Important!WinOLS5 is here The update must be installed manually.4.5601.04.2021
Important!Here all infos about WinOLS5:
NewHelp file improved4.5601.04.2021
NewMapDB: Create from list/selection improved4.5601.04.2021
NewCtrl+K: Focus in map list4.5601.04.2021
FixedMap list: Quasi-crash when right-clicking a map and searching for name if name was very long/complex4.5601.04.2021
FixedCrash when importing an ols file with non-valid element4.5601.04.2021
FixedWhen exporting as ols with all versions, the internal CS version info was not saved and so the checksum was searched for again when reimporting4.5601.04.2021
FixedPrjOpen showed the correct project during version selection, but later opened another one when projects were added in the meantime4.5601.04.2021
FixedCrash at service function for checksums at 64-Bit4.5601.04.2021
FixedColor transfer from WinOLS4 could be completely black4.5601.04.2021
Important!WinOLS5 comes 1. of April. The update must be installed manually.4.5523.03.2021
Important!Here all infos about WinOLS5:
NewKF axis search function: center position in hexdump in background4.5523.03.2021
NewNew read hardware added: Femto OBD, BitBox OBD4.5523.03.2021
NewCorrupt files" folder per client4.5523.03.2021
NewReseller upload a bit more performant4.5523.03.2021
NewImproved: Debug info for scripts4.5523.03.2021
NewImproved: Swap detection4.5523.03.2021
NewAdditive axis with reciprocal were calculated incorrectly4.5523.03.2021
NewWrong error message at inplace edit for axis with additive/subtractive at 2d inverse4.5523.03.2021
NewFile format dialog: Format list could contain senseless scrollbars4.5523.03.2021
NewIn the dialog "Similar Projects" the deletion of projects often did not work4.5523.03.2021
NewMap-List > Filter > Tick in front of active filter was missing4.5523.03.2021
NewSession button was not always updated in time4.5523.03.2021
NewSession button was updated too often4.5523.03.2021
NewWinOLS scripts did not work with high unsigned DWORD values4.5523.03.2021
Newfor axes with reciprocal and large factor the numbers were displayed too far to the right4.5523.03.2021
NewEditSlider deactivated the wrong fields of the 2d-inverse for 1*x or x*1 selections4.5523.03.2021
NewLUA: improved cooperation with import/export plugins4.5425.02.2021
FixedProblems with opening older files4.5425.02.2021
FixedSeveral detail errors in session names4.5425.02.2021
FixedDriver problems4.5322.02.2021
FixedConnecting: Transfering selected maps could fail if maps were smaller than bit width4.5322.02.2021
New%Variables% are now supported when renaming sessions.4.5219.02.2021
NewF12>Turned off revised4.5219.02.2021
NewUsername for project properties mow adjustable (F12>Automatic)4.5219.02.2021
NewGetriebeUser.txt and EcusUser.txt are now supported4.5219.02.2021
NewNew Lua command: RemoveNonFilenameCharacters4.5219.02.2021
NewReseller upload with improved compression4.5219.02.2021
NewSearchDialog: New option: For text search matches ? Only for alpha-numeric characters4.5219.02.2021
NewDifferences: Sort list can be4.5219.02.2021
NewUpdated: Modelle.txt4.5219.02.2021
FixedCrash at invalid addresses in comment4.5219.02.2021
FixedAxis correction at single KF transfer didn't respect button "All4.5219.02.2021
FixedAxis correction at KF transfer did not always work if map was wider than higher4.5219.02.2021
FixedAxis correction at KF transfer did not always pick out the best possibility4.5219.02.2021
FixedChecksum-Dialog::Ok was very slow with many SyncBlocks4.5219.02.2021
FixedCopyDataRanges: crash if no project was selected4.5219.02.2021
FixedPaste into axis with selection of same size inserts into KF4.5219.02.2021
FixedExtreme float values could make the info in the status bar almost unreadable4.5219.02.2021
FixedF11 did not work correctly in KF in 2 cases with coupled hexdump4.5219.02.2021
FixedF12>Export: Suffix: None did not work with translations4.5219.02.2021
FixedWrong query for signature repair when deleting versions4.5219.02.2021
FixedWrong values when interpolating maps with negative values in delta mode4.5219.02.2021
FixedInstaller problem under XP4.5219.02.2021
FixedConsecutive selection in 1d-KF were not classified as rectangular which caused problems with ChangeByEdit & Interpolate4.5219.02.2021
FixedOpen multiple projects at the same time with the option "select newest version" did not work anymore4.5219.02.2021
FixedPrjOpen: Edit multiple projects at the same time did not work for engine manufacturers4.5219.02.2021
FixedReseller thread uploaded autoorgver files without project properties filled in4.5219.02.2021
FixedScripts did not work if they contained ranges with long, identical numbers at the beginning.4.5219.02.2021
FixedScripts could not search for float without tolerance4.5219.02.2021
FixedWinOLS could be locked / not respond after versions deletion4.5219.02.2021
FixedCopyMapProperties does not work with text axis if it was just created4.5113.01.2021
FixedPaste used wrong cursor position if selection keep mode was active and selection still existed4.5113.01.2021
FixedWrong export as .ols file with all versions if source project was partially encrypted4.5113.01.2021
FixedFlag menu did not work anymore4.5113.01.2021
FixedImportWiz: At ImportAsVersion the wizard has the AlwaysOnTop status4.5113.01.2021
FixedCopy flag and paste at cursor position always works.4.5113.01.2021
FixedAfter Shift+I did not come the question if you want to save as new version4.5113.01.2021
NewEcuX: Ability to set up virtual elements as well4.5006.01.2021
NewEcuX: NonStandard_... Keep fields as shadow elements and re-export them4.5006.01.2021
NewModels.txt & Co. updated4.5006.01.2021
NewIntel/Motorola-Hex: Export closer to import4.5006.01.2021

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