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File Version Date Access
WinOLS 5 for Win10 (64 bit) 5.17  3.12.2021  registered customers only
WinOLS 5 (previous version) for Win10 (64 bit)  5.16  28.10.2021  registered customers only
WinOLS 5 demo version 5.16 3.11.2021 free
WinOLS for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.72  3.12.2021  registered customers only
WinOLS (previous version) for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit)  4.71  28.10.2021  registered customers only
Manual WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
NewModels.txt updated4.7203.12.2021
NewWhen changing 2d-X scaling via toolbar keep text cursor position constant4.7203.12.2021
NewWhen exporting, be able to export csv+json directly as well4.7203.12.2021
NewDecimal separator can be configured (F12>Language)4.7203.12.2021
NewF12>Edit: New option: Do not open map after create4.7203.12.2021
NewSign hexdump: Search function for maps4.7203.12.2021
NewMassImport: Preview for file names4.7203.12.2021
NewMassImport: Default ignore list for suffixes4.7203.12.2021
NewReseller: Progress bar for SQL import4.7203.12.2021
NewImport: Support for .cab files4.7203.12.2021
NewDifferences dialog: New commands in context menu4.7203.12.2021
NewRemove rows/columns also for margin rows/columns4.7203.12.2021
Newcsv/json export also for mass export4.7203.12.2021
NewImproved: IntelHex import without elements4.7203.12.2021
NewChange path => Adjust active client path too (WinOLS4)4.7203.12.2021
FixedCrash when using winolsscript because of wrong address calculation4.7203.12.2021
FixedPropertyExpansion fields were ignored when rejecting a suggested entry.4.7203.12.2021
FixedData ranges were not created on saving in some projects4.7203.12.2021
FixedData range display did not work correctly in English element dialog4.7203.12.2021
FixedEnter key did not work in the wizard in some cases4.7203.12.2021
FixedEmpty error report boxes could appear4.7203.12.2021
FixedHelp window did not place windows correctly on multiple monitors4.7203.12.2021
FixedEntering numbers in float in % mode brought wrong results4.7203.12.2021
FixedImportWizSimilar: Reseller view: A checkbox remains visible and causes redraw errors4.7203.12.2021
FixedImportWizSimilar: Reseller view: text at the top does not show the reseller name4.7203.12.2021
FixedConnect: Duplicates could occur when transferring map in the selection4.7203.12.2021
FixedMassImport brought MessageBox at zip with >2 files4.7203.12.2021
FixedPossible crash at ImportKp/ImportKennfelder at OK (Index function had returned Id)4.7203.12.2021
FixedClose PrjOpen dialog could take a long time with resellers4.7203.12.2021
FixedTransfer selected map in % applied change multiple times if there was the same map multiple times4.7203.12.2021
FixedSimilarPrj: After Options+Ok the rating text could change4.7203.12.2021
FixedRemove column/row calculated negative values incorrectly4.7203.12.2021
FixedHandling double suffix in export name suggestion did not work properly.4.7203.12.2021
Fixedbdc import (larger) does not work properly, differences are not visible4.7203.12.2021
FixedApply CSV: Better behavior if map occurs multiple times in different folders and they have been renamed as well4.7203.12.2021
NewCopyMapProperties: Endian (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
NewFile format dialog: Be able to copy range from selection (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
NewEditMultipleMaps: Number format (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
NewEditMultipleMaps: Revised dialog (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
NewLUA: Fixed: projectFindBytes with ?? did not work correctly anymore (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
NewF12>Edit: Deactivate CapsLock=Skip (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
NewF12>Reseller: be able to exclude certain reseller project types for VirtualOrg (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
NewPrjProperties: Stg-Type: Dashboard (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
NewPrjProperties: Stg manufacturer: Keihin, Shindengen (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
NewImport changes: Be able to select icon when highlighting problem map. (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
NewMap search: New: Denso4d maps (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
FixedCrash when importing kp (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
FixedCrash when saving an axis to grid profiles (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
FixedCopyMapProperties did not create folders (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
FixedCursorSyncOff was not processed correctly (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
FixedEcusUser.txt was simply appended and not sorted in (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
FixedF12>Clients>AutoSearch did not work correctly with >6 entries (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
FixedPrjList: Allow better typing in the search line for extensive data (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
FixedSearchDialog: Search for 1x1 maps in hex mode: Values were displayed incorrectly (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
FixedNumber in name of 3d-characteristics was 1 too high (WinOLS5 only)4.7128.10.2021
FixedText in X-axis was partly too far to the right4.7128.10.2021
FixedProblems when updating OLS807 (only WinOLS4)4.7128.10.2021
NewOffer .zip/.7z on mass export (WinOLS5 only).4.7029.09.2021
NewAccelerated: AllMaps TransferInConnectPrj (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
NewF12>2d>Make EditByClick&Drag also effective for normal Ctrl+Click (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
NewF12>MapSearch>x Search for maps in version data (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
NewFadetexts again with fadeout (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
NewLUA: projectFindBytes on for eHiLo et al (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
NewPrjProperties: click on green box: subdialog to see ALL UserDef fields with name, number and content. (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
NewMake save-before-signature disableable (in signature dialog) (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
NewSearch by selection: Tooltips instead of MessageBoxes (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
NewUpdateProjects: Be able to remove icon (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
NewMore flags for maps that look like numbers 0-9 (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedAdd2ModelsUser did not work in the PrjProperties of the ImportWiz (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedWhen transferring maps the folder was considered incorrectly (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedIn the selection comment dialog the resize gripper was drawn overlapping with color field (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedImEx plugins partly did not work correctly with zipped files (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedConnect, selecting 2 folders in map list and transferring does not work correctly (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedAfter creating a non-linear comment once, it was not possible to set the border color for new comments (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedPrjOpen: Reseller list was empty every 2nd time if "download only every 20h" was disabled (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedRepaint error in DataProtection dialog (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedReseller list could be displayed empty after update (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedTooltip for reseller view flickers (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedUndo for Transfer Selected map does not work correctly (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedUndo problems for Transfer map (WinOLS5 only)4.7029.09.2021
FixedNo results for "All clients" (WinOLS4 only)4.7029.09.2021
Important!LUA: projectImportFromOls had partially prepared a new version, which could lead to problems when saving. So the behavior has changed a bit due to the fix. Please check your lua scripts if necessary. (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewEntry in sidebar context menu for flags (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewFadeTip on successful application of WinOLS scripts via drag+drop (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewSign hexdump: Show as-new-version-save dialog before signature installation (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewInstaller: Various improvements (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewNew function Map-Contextmenu: Create selection... (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewInsertMap: When inserting contents, distinguish between axes and map (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewConnect: Option "Bring also the connected window into the foreground" now separately for hexdump and maps (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewClient can be selected during import by ini file ("Client") (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewPrjProperties X/Y: button ... Fill axis: Save values; Skip dialog with Shift (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewPrjOpen: List to clipboard: Save as Json with Shift (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewPrjOpen: Show tooltip also locally if bought or restricted (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewGenerate script: Wrong number of ranges if expand checkbox was activated (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewCtrl+Shift+G => Go to Clipboard (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewUpdate toolbar display already during click+drag when creating a selection (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewVisualizer: Improved prioritization of values (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewApply changes: Show folder as column (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NewApply changes: Search function (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
FixedMap axis search used wrong sizes for 2d inverse4.6910.09.2021

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