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File Versione Data Accesso
WinOLS versione DEMO 3.85 4.5.2017 libero
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 3.76 16.10.2013 libero
Istruzioni d'uso per 15.0  14.01.2013 libero
Istruzioni BDM100 per camion 1.7 18.01.2011 solo clienti registrati
Nuevo: Kurz-Bedienungsanleitung BSL100/BSL-ADP (deutsch) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 libero
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 libero
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 libero

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Errori / Modifiche:
* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
CorrettoDialog Reference version could hang3.9209.08.2017
CorrettoDialog Transfer data didnt update the differences dialog3.9209.08.2017
CorrettoDifferences dialog didnt initialize correctly in some cases3.9209.08.2017
NuevoDialog Transfer values: Better help3.9107.08.2017
NuevoEditMultipleMaps: Further problems solved3.9107.08.2017
NuevoDifferences dialog remained empty on first start3.9107.08.2017
NuevoImproved HiLo-Detection (odd/even)3.9003.08.2017
CorrettoAutosave-Request could appear to early3.9003.08.2017
CorrettoWrong highlight colors while connecting in some special cases3.9003.08.2017
CorrettoCreate map by double-clicking the pot map tag => Focus was incorrect3.9003.08.2017
CorrettoSymbol Bar > Window View setting was lost when closing and reopening the project 2x3.9003.08.2017
NuevoHexdump: To copy a map now simply use copy (while nothing is selected)3.8931.07.2017
NuevoRecognize from filename: PS/KW, Turbo-Diesel, Bosch 3.8931.07.2017
NuevoFaster: Selecting reference version 3.8931.07.2017
NuevoNew autosave dialog3.8931.07.2017
NuevoBdm-Detail improvements3.8931.07.2017
NuevoClipboard-Content shown in status bar3.8931.07.2017
NuevoDouble-clicking the empty sidebar now only opens the OpenPrj dialog if it wasnt near the last line3.8931.07.2017
NuevoImportWiz: Similar: ShadowData-Warning can now be skipped3.8931.07.2017
NuevoImportWiz: Similar: ContextMenu: Delete project3.8931.07.2017
NuevoImportWiz: Similar: ContextMenu: Project properties3.8931.07.2017
NuevoImportWiz: Similar: RecentReseller-Button can be turned off (in dialog OpenPrj, right-click the button)3.8931.07.2017
NuevoMap sidebar: Searching for a map address didnt work for offset or very high values3.8931.07.2017
NuevoConnect > Transfer map: Error message instead of disabled menu item3.8931.07.2017
NuevoMass import: More intelligent version matching3.8931.07.2017
NuevoModell year 20183.8931.07.2017
NuevoPaste... in menu menu and context menu3.8931.07.2017
NuevoOpenPrj > Reseller: Project-Tooltip with rights now runs along with the cursor3.8931.07.2017
NuevoOpenPrj: Local projects with limited rights are now shown in cyan3.8931.07.2017
NuevoReseller: Sort files before upload for more structured error logs3.8931.07.2017
NuevoSelectConnect: Use the same titles as in the window title3.8931.07.2017
NuevoSearch-next-map: Now optional: Change hexdump width3.8931.07.2017
NuevoSearch-next-map: Now optional: Select map3.8931.07.2017
NuevoPulldown-Menu: Symbol bars locked => Changing menu items disabled3.8931.07.2017
NuevoImproved: Automatic detection of PS/KW/HP-values3.8931.07.2017
NuevoImproved: Recognition of Marelli properties3.8931.07.2017
NuevoImproved: HiLo-Detection3.8931.07.2017
NuevoImproved: Auto-Fixing project properties during import3.8931.07.2017
NuevoAnother Dimport-txt-Variantion can now be importd3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoFor 1x1 maps the map properties didnt appear any more3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoDuring EcuX the version name was ignored3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoBad cursor position when cursor in bar/text area and then moved far to the left3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoMap with Hexdump+ASCII and FixedRightSide was display wrong in the ASCII area if scrolled too far to the right3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoMap window titles didnt support foreign character sets3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoLUA-Import/Export with Plugins didnt work properly3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoOpen pot. map, close, confirm, ja => Map sidebar wasnt updated3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoPrjProperties: Field Characteristic wasnt openend for supported filling in mode3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoDefault text module created 100 KWKW as Output text3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoSearch for map description didnt work properly3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoZip-Password-Administration sometimes didnt work3.8931.07.2017
Correttools-files were openend 2x during import for useless HiLo-Dection3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoReseller: Copy older project to upload-folder => Cache.dir wasnt uploaded3.8931.07.2017
Correttorar: Folders were listed a empty files3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoMaybe fixed: Crash when opening config dialog3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoConnectBar: Change reference version => Difference list wasnt updated3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoChanging 8/16/32 Bit changed first visble address3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoMassenimport: Error in version matching3.8931.07.2017
CorrettoError message during AcceptChanges3.8826.06.2017
NuevoCopyMapAdvanced: Automatisches anwenden bei neuen 1x1 Kennfeldern jetzt optional3.8723.06.2017
NuevoF11 doesnt turn off Org button anymore3.8723.06.2017
NuevoSupport for password-protected zip files3.8723.06.2017
NuevoSolutions: Offer checksum calculation first3.8723.06.2017
NuevoUpdateProjects: New option: Delete all maps3.8723.06.2017
NuevoImproved: Mass export: Previewtext3.8723.06.2017
Nuevolua: New function: projectCountDifferentBytes()3.8723.06.2017
NuevoAcceptChanges: Several details improved3.8723.06.2017
CorrettoDifferences: Select the current lines could be wrong for connected projects3.8723.06.2017
CorrettoCrash on mass export as hex3.8723.06.2017
CorrettoWrong display map the map headline3.8723.06.2017
CorrettoImporting an identical file => Importer reported 1% differences3.8723.06.2017
CorrettoImportWiz direktly with Accept changes didnt work properly3.8723.06.2017
CorrettoMassenexport used .ols suffix for binary files when no name template was provided3.8723.06.2017
CorrettoMouse when worked rougher3.8723.06.2017
CorrettoMath signs in factor/offset wizard were partly obscured3.8723.06.2017
CorrettoRedraw-problems for horizontal scrolling in text mode3.8723.06.2017
NuevoNew: Hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Alt+2 to connect with compare with original values3.8607.06.2017
NuevoConnectBar buttons +/- are strong when Shift/Shift+Ctrl is pressed3.8607.06.2017
NuevoLUA: new parameter for projectGetProperty3.8607.06.2017
NuevoLUA: binaryand, binaryxor3.8607.06.2017
NuevoMassimport of zipped ols files is now supported3.8607.06.2017
NuevoEditing: Not only individual cells, but ranges can now be delselected3.8607.06.2017
NuevoPrjProperties: Delphi detection improved3.8607.06.2017
NuevoRAR-Component updated3.8607.06.2017
NuevoImproved: Detection for IntelHexBin PHF files3.8607.06.2017
NuevoOverview data now updated after Damos/Ecfg import3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoCrash during mass export3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoHighDPI: in 2d mode the lower bar was scrolled wrong3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoWhen inserting %-values factor/offset of the arget map were ingored3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoExport-Dialog: Adress range was initialized wrong upon repeated export with elements3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoExport problems when import folder should be used by default3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoWrong offset calculation upon kp import3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoGraphic bugs in 2d with N and HighDPI3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoConnect window was moved when changing bit width3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoMouseWheel-Scrolling didnt work well with some touchpads3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoPrjProperties: Error with dropdowns with vertically stacked displays3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoProblem when connecting with changing the endian while a differnt endian was not allowed3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoProblem with axis detection before map3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoProblem with connect map and display scaling3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoScrolling text mode was very slow with large map consisting only of zeros3.8607.06.2017
CorrettoCtrl+Alt+Shift P (Toggle pot. map display) didnt work any more3.8607.06.2017

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