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File Versione Data Accesso
WinOLS 5 für Win10 (64 bit) 5.14  10.9.2021  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS 5 (vorherige Version) für Win10 (64 bit)  5.13  18.8.2021  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS für WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.69  10.9.2021  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS (vorherige Version) für WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit)  4.68  18.8.2021  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS versione DEMO 4.64 31.5.2021 libero
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 libero
Istruzioni d'uso per 15.0  14.01.2013 libero
Istruzioni BDM100 per camion 1.7 18.01.2011 solo clienti registrati
Nuevo: Kurz-Bedienungsanleitung BSL100/BSL-ADP (deutsch) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 libero
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 libero
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 libero

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Errori / Modifiche:
* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
Wichtig!LUA: projectImportFromOls had partially prepared a new version, which could lead to problems when saving. So the behavior has changed a bit due to the fix. Please check your lua scripts if necessary. (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoEntry in sidebar context menu for flags (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoFadeTip on successful application of WinOLS scripts via drag+drop (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoSign hexdump: Show as-new-version-save dialog before signature installation (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoInstaller: Various improvements (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoNew function Map-Contextmenu: Create selection... (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoInsertMap: When inserting contents, distinguish between axes and map (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoConnect: Option "Bring also the connected window into the foreground" now separately for hexdump and maps (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoClient can be selected during import by ini file ("Client") (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoPrjProperties X/Y: button ... Fill axis: Save values; Skip dialog with Shift (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoPrjOpen: List to clipboard: Save as Json with Shift (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoPrjOpen: Show tooltip also locally if bought or restricted (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoGenerate script: Wrong number of ranges if expand checkbox was activated (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoCtrl+Shift+G => Go to Clipboard (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoUpdate toolbar display already during click+drag when creating a selection (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoVisualizer: Improved prioritization of values (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoApply changes: Show folder as column (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoApply changes: Search function (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoMap axis search used wrong sizes for 2d inverse4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoCrash when undo deletes current open map (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoCrash when importing 2+ ols files at the same time (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoF12>Clients: Change view path did not work properly (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoFunction "Toolbar Reset" did not work correctly (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoIn ReadOnly project K works without selection (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoMap transfer did not consider directory structure correctly if there was the same subdirectory several times in different places (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoEmpty map language was inconsistently displayed as "" or n/a (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoPrjOpen: Draw error after open and after resize (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoPrjOpen: For new icons no background color was adjustable (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoReseller list: SQL import could be retriggered due to timezone problem (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoScriptsCreate: Last change was not offered in the list (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
CorrettoWhen importing 3+ ols files at the same time, not all are imported (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
Correttokp-Import: Wrong statistics and import problems if only single values (WinOLS5 only)4.6910.09.2021
NuevoMap marker: Hotkey Ctrl+Q (+Shift) (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
NuevoMap Marker: Lock icon for write protection (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
NuevoKP-Import: Many improvements; Bitmap can be clicked now (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
NuevoChecksumsOnline: Dialog modernized (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
NuevoCopyMapProperties: Comment can be copied (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
NuevoNew option: F12>View>ToolbarIconsCloserTogether (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
NuevoNew option: F12>View>Don't save map window sizes (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
NuevoMap-Sidebar: Size-Filter improved: Enter numbers (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
NuevoSearch: Edit functions in context menu (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
NuevoDifferences: Context menu for list with Select/Edit (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoApplyChanges: Offset error4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoApplyChanges: Error with same subfolder names4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoApplyChanges: Select all data areas sometimes takes a long time (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoApplyChanges: Wrap in Partlink overlaps list (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoOption: Select clients separately directly in import wizard4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoAutomatic import of new customer list entries could not be switched off (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoChecksumEasy was partly too narrow for checksum info texts (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoChecksumOnline: Automatically start always restarted (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoWrong tab order for F12>View (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoError at kp-Import&Export if the same folder was used multiple times (at different places) (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoMap-search gave partly different results with Denso at Org/Ver (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoProblem with scripts with tolerance and negative values (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoReseller view was updated too often (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoScript generation: Problem with SkipBytes (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoScript list has sort column header but no sorting (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoSortItems was applied to resellers (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoSorting in customer list did not work (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
Correttokp-Import: In some problem cases the preview was drawn wrong (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
Correttokp-Import: Position of numbers in bitmap could be wrong with high element addresses (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoSql: ImportSimilar did not find all similar's if 100% were found before (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoSearch: Ctrl+A did not work correctly (WinOLS5 only)4.6819.08.2021
CorrettoPrjOpen: Better handling of OutOfMemory (WinOLS4 only)4.6819.08.2021
NuevoApply changes: Offset determination improved4.6730.07.2021
Nuevo2x8 Export: Key export can be activated individually (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoAccelerated: Script generation for complex projects (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoChecksumOnline revised (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoCopyMapProperties: Text assignments are now included in Factor/Offset (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoExport without checksums: Reset sync blocks of plugins to original (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoImportSimilar: Shadow data hint no longer as text/link, but disable dialog / fade tip. (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoImportWiz: Support enter key as default for all pages (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoImportWiz: Coded warning improved (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoMapDB: Can configure folders (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoMass export: Also export ini files (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoNew project types: Forestry/Forestry Engine, Stationary Engine/Stationary Engine (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoSelectVersion: Autodiscover accelerated (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoScript generation: Also pot. map can be used (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoScript generation: Better range generation (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoImproved: F12>Clients => Search folder automatically (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoImproved: Phoenix map search (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NuevoOption: Less space between toolbar icons (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoImportWizFile: Focus was not on file list by default (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoWith ImportSimilar it was not possible to save the password when buying online (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoF12>Clients => Error at Browse for empty line (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoF12>Set client did not work correctly (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoF12>Clients: Error in context menu for empty line (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoImport of large files could be lame (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoOpen map by double click could lead to selection in map (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoNo progress indicators when opening the ProjectOpen dialog (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoKey-Encryption was wrong when exporting as 2x84.6730.07.2021
CorrettoConnect: Orange button did not work for search by name/id if elements were used (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoClients without backslash at the end caused path problems (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoPlus sign did not work with English keyboard (with Shift) (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoPrjProperties flicker when opening (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoSearch dialog open, open in sidebar by double click => address range is not updated (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
CorrettoSwitch between WinOLS4&5 has reset toolbar4.6730.07.2021
Correttokp-Import: folder structure was partly not taken over correctly4.6730.07.2021
Correttokp-Import: Undo worked only partially (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
Wichtig!Workaround against crashes caused by embedded Adobe Acrobat at version/project comment (WinOLS5 only).4.6625.06.2021

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