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File Versione Data Accesso
WinOLS 5 für Win10/Win11 (x64) 5.30  12.10.2022  Kauf erforderlich
WinOLS 5 (vorherige Version) für Win10/Win11 (x64)  5.29  27.9.2022  Kauf erforderlich
WinOLS 5 Demoversion 5.25 12.8.2022 Frei
WinOLS 4 für Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10/Win11 (32+64 bit) 4.80  12.10.2022  Kauf erforderlich
WinOLS 4 (vorherige Version) für Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10/Win11 (32+64 bit)  4.79  15.7.2022  Kauf erforderlich
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 Frei
Istruzioni d'uso per 15.0  14.01.2013 Frei
Istruzioni BDM100 per camion 1.7 18.01.2011 solo clienti registrati
Nuevo: Kurz-Bedienungsanleitung BSL100/BSL-ADP (deutsch) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 Frei
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 Frei
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 Frei

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Fehler / Änderungen WinOLS 5:

* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
Wichtig!Switching the active element from now on by clicking on the element name.5.3012.10.2022
NuevoDropDown button / MessageBox at PrjProperties removed5.3012.10.2022
NuevoF12>Edit: "Select only visible areas" is now finer adjustable5.3012.10.2022
NuevoF12>Import: AutoNext adjustable5.3012.10.2022
NuevoImportDirectory: Dialog can be skipped via Shift5.3012.10.2022
NuevoIntel/MotorolaHex: For SingleBlock also support element addresses and parent element5.3012.10.2022
NuevoIntel/MotorolaHex: Support fillbyte for SingleBlock as well5.3012.10.2022
NuevoLUA: Flexible property list for GetProjectVersions5.3012.10.2022
NuevoLUA: New properties for versionGetProperties5.3012.10.2022
NuevoMotorolaHex: Use FillByte determination5.3012.10.2022
NuevoPrjOpen: Locked dialog if project opened by someone else5.3012.10.2022
NuevoReseller upload accelerated for large number of projects5.3012.10.2022
NuevoShift-to-Skip better documented in status bar5.3012.10.2022
NuevoStatusbar: Left click on Patches now opens checksum dialog, left click on Sync opens parallel map dialogs5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoInstaller did not show SkipAllQuestion if no WinOLS4 was installed5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoInterpolate: Some modes could not be selected5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoMap properties: Problem with conversion when axis is in other element5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoLayout error in english MessageBoxEx dialog5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoLUA: projectSetAt does not work correctly with MSB DWORD values5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoLUA: projectSetAt has visibly changed view parameters for a short time5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoLUA: projectSetProperty (ePrjProjectStatus, ...) did not work correctly5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoSeveral errors in DataAreaCopy5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoMultiElementPopup: could be listed twice if an element was named like this5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoNewer vehicle types were translated into additional languages5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoPrjProperties: lists with strings from file were wrong after tree was displayed5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoPrjOpen: Color marking of locked/restricted projects did not work anymore5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoPrjOpen: Inplace-Edit sometimes didn't work with versions because of CS-Infos5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoPrjOpen: Version dialog appeared even if file was not readable5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoReference version: Number of bytes of original version was wrong5.3012.10.2022
CorrettoVisualizer: Playing files did not work correctly yet5.3012.10.2022
Wichtig!Visualizer: Now open for third party software, e.g. Vehical (Requires: UCM100 or OLS1011).5.2927.09.2022
Wichtig!Visualizer: csv import (Requires: UCM100 or OLS1011)5.2927.09.2022
Wichtig!Changed: Change active element: From now on per click on element name5.2927.09.2022
NuevoChangeAbsolute: Live Preview5.2927.09.2022
NuevoAdjust the window size for map right side change5.2927.09.2022
NuevoWarn during export that the project contains an (invisible) NOREAD and that a re-import will not be possible.5.2927.09.2022
NuevoMap connect: Optimise window size when (un)connect5.2927.09.2022
NuevoMap connect: Omit axes5.2927.09.2022
NuevoMap connect: Do not show axis if not important5.2927.09.2022
NuevoAccelerate: CSV export, CSV import5.2927.09.2022
NuevoAccelerated: Connect>Transfer map (if axes have to be searched for again)5.2927.09.2022
NuevoAccelerated: PrjOpen5.2927.09.2022
NuevoCopyMapProperties: Copy changed values: Be able to enter a value to paste instead5.2927.09.2022
NuevoDragDrop: Shift-click for SkipImport. Also for Map-Import-Plugins5.2927.09.2022
NuevoRecognition PrjProperties improved5.2927.09.2022
NuevoImportWizSimilar: Unlock the version combo box when opening instead, initialise it and consider it when opening.5.2927.09.2022
NuevoImproved: MotorolaHex-Import5.2927.09.2022
NuevoPrjProperties: Auto-Complete for EcuNrProd (from text search)5.2927.09.2022
NuevoPrjProperties: Auto-Complete for MotorManufacturer5.2927.09.2022
NuevoPrjOpen: For reseller lists, projects with restricted rights are now displayed in turquoise5.2927.09.2022
NuevoPrjOpen: Centre selection when switching tabs5.2927.09.2022
NuevoReseller upload accelerated for large number of files5.2927.09.2022
NuevoCtrl+9: For hexdump: maximise horizontally or vertically5.2927.09.2022
NuevoLayout pop-up when waiting with mouse cursor over maximise button of main window5.2927.09.2022
NuevoImproved: Synchronisation of window width for connected maps5.2927.09.2022
NuevoImproved: Text recognition in "Edit as text5.2927.09.2022
Corretto?-button in the dialogue "Search similar maps" does not work5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoFor connected map the transfer of the selection did not work with 2dInvers5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoFor connected map the invisible minimise-button was clickable5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoWith resellers the CS status of the versions was no longer displayed5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoElement switching was very slow when hexdump had a lot of columns5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoExport: Coloured CS warning no longer worked in the File Format dialogue. Also in About, PrjProperties, MapDB5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoError in ImportWiz+ImExAlgo interface whereby OLS1012 did not always import everything.5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoFormula wizard with large project and open differences partly slow due to repeated updates5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoImportWiz: Properties: In special case ComboBox list was not updated5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoMap-connect: 2d+2dInv connect did not work5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoMap-connect: single Maps could not be released from the connect5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoMap-connect: window title did not use the available space5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoMap-connect: map connect fadetip was immediately deleted again5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoLUA: projectReplaceBytes did not mark project as changed5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoLUA: projectSave with ForceNewVersion did nothing if project did not contain any changes5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoMass import: swap detection was worse than with manual import5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoAfter saving not all window titles were redrawn (because of the *)5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoPrjOpen: Project selected last time was not restored on opening5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoPrjOpen: Wrong selection when changing tabs5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoPrjOpen: Error with 3 or-conditions in a row in the search line5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoScrollbar overview data was not updated after csv/json/kp import5.2927.09.2022
CorrettoSelectChangedCells always referred only to the screen in hexdump mode5.2927.09.2022
NuevoImproved: Detection of project properties for EDC17CP145.2823.08.2022
CorrettoApplyChanges didn't work when started from ImportWiz5.2823.08.2022
CorrettoProblem with import changes5.2722.08.2022
CorrettoOpenProject: Wrong selection when selecting another tab5.2722.08.2022
NuevoAcceptChanges now allowed with fewer rights restricted5.2619.08.2022
NuevoPrjOpen: List repaint accelerated5.2619.08.2022
NuevoEditMultipleMaps: Allow comma numbers when "rounding"5.2619.08.2022
NuevoIncrease project size: Changed default fill value 5.2619.08.2022
NuevoContext menu: Open folder => Now multiple menu items5.2619.08.2022
NuevoEmpty project window: Shift-click is now Alt+click5.2619.08.2022
CorrettoError in Copy/Move to other client context menu5.2619.08.2022
CorrettoDeeper nested map folders were difficult to open by mouse click5.2619.08.2022
CorrettoImportWizSimilar: offset detection if only DataArea was similar could sometimes fail with certain files5.2619.08.2022
CorrettoShift+DropFile => double ImportWiz because of Shift+ClickNew5.2619.08.2022
NuevoFeature update: Export as CSV: Flag as criterion5.2512.08.2022
NuevoFeature update: EditMultipleMaps: Be able to perform multiple operations at the same time5.2512.08.2022
NuevoFeature update: Project list can be ex-/imported directly to xlsx5.2512.08.2022
NuevoIn case of maps with "Value range as limit" not at automatically optimize the value range5.2512.08.2022
NuevoFor many resellers no realtime search, but now search button5.2512.08.2022
NuevoDialog ClientConfig is now at ImportWizSimilar as button5.2512.08.2022
NuevoHexdump properties: Allow odd address in WORD&Co5.2512.08.2022
NuevoDelete selected map in hexdump => New option in query: Delete folders too5.2512.08.2022

Fehler / Änderungen WinOLS 4:

* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
NuevoInternal improvements4.8012.10.2022
CorrettoItalian version didn't work4.7915.07.2022
NuevoInternal improvements4.7812.07.2022
CorrettoItalian version didn't work4.7704.05.2022
NuevoItalian translation updated4.7602.05.2022
CorrettoFixed: Project comments from plugins were not taken over during mass import4.7602.05.2022
Wichtig!Changed path for UserModels4.7509.03.2022
NuevoBetter response when there is not enough RAM space when saving4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoWhen mixing comments and markers, individual markers could be displayed non-dashed4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoWhen drawing large 2d inverse maps, comments/markers were not always drawn4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoMap search: Bosch hint message box could appear in LUA mode4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoWinOLSScript: Unique command did not cause the error condition to be triggered.4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoImportWizSimilar considered projects as identical because of identical checksums, although they were very different (also WinOLS4)4.7313.12.2021
CorrettoSyncBlocks: Wrong recursion message in case of extensive absolute first adjustment (Also WinOLS4)4.7313.12.2021
NuevoChange path => Adjust active client path too (WinOLS4)4.7203.12.2021
CorrettoProblems when updating OLS807 (only WinOLS4)4.7128.10.2021

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