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File Versione Data Accesso
WinOLS 5 für Win10/Win11 (x64) 5.19  17.12.2021  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS 5 (vorherige Version) für Win10/Win11 (x64)  5.16  28.10.2021  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS 5 Demoversion 5.16 3.11.2021 libero
WinOLS 4 für WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10/Win11 (32+64 bit) 4.74  17.12.2021  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS 4 (vorherige Version) für WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10/Win11 (32+64 bit)  4.71  28.10.2021  solo clienti registrati
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 libero
Istruzioni d'uso per 15.0  14.01.2013 libero
Istruzioni BDM100 per camion 1.7 18.01.2011 solo clienti registrati
Nuevo: Kurz-Bedienungsanleitung BSL100/BSL-ADP (deutsch) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 libero
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 libero
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 libero

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Fehler / Änderungen WinOLS 5:

* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
NuevobFlash export: support zipping5.1917.12.2021
NuevoSelectVer: select comparison version freely5.1917.12.2021
NuevoSelectVer: "As original" => queries, also names5.1917.12.2021
NuevoNew option "Don't open maps after creating" also for tag double-click5.1917.12.2021
NuevoFor AxisSearch and ScriptGenerate ignore the reference version5.1917.12.2021
NuevoAxis search: New option: x length byte before axis values5.1917.12.2021
NuevoAxis search: New option: Also be able to enter some exact values in the center.5.1917.12.2021
CorrettoAxis search: wrong values if SkipByte was activated5.1917.12.2021
CorrettoPrjProperties recognition partly did not work anymore5.1917.12.2021
CorrettoNewGenius import did not work anymore5.1917.12.2021
CorrettoMap-Sidebar: Select reference file did not update number of map with delta in folder5.1917.12.2021
CorrettoIntelHex-Import did not save the line length in second mode5.1917.12.2021
CorrettoFor CMD export the name query was missing at export, so that the export failed5.1917.12.2021
NuevoMap search: Be able to search for parallel group ("#3")5.1813.12.2021
NuevoIntelHex import revised5.1813.12.2021
CorrettoSyncBlocks: Wrong recursion message in case of extensive absolute first adjustment (Also WinOLS4)5.1813.12.2021
CorrettoImportWizSimilar considered projects as identical because of identical checksums, although they were very different (also WinOLS4)5.1813.12.2021
CorrettoRare crash on program startup if filter button was clicked directly by accident5.1813.12.2021
CorrettoMap properties: Error when using popup lists5.1813.12.2021
CorrettoImportWiz: Redraw error when resizing5.1813.12.2021
NuevoChange path => Adjust active client path too (WinOLS4)5.1703.12.2021
NuevoImproved: IntelHex import without elements5.1703.12.2021
Nuevocsv/json export also for mass export5.1703.12.2021
NuevoRemove rows/columns also for margin rows/columns5.1703.12.2021
NuevoDifferences dialog: New commands in context menu5.1703.12.2021
NuevoImport: Support for .cab files5.1703.12.2021
NuevoReseller: Progress bar for SQL import5.1703.12.2021
NuevoMassImport: Default ignore list for suffixes5.1703.12.2021
NuevoMassImport: Preview for file names5.1703.12.2021
NuevoSign hexdump: Search function for maps5.1703.12.2021
NuevoF12>Edit: New option: Do not open map after create5.1703.12.2021
NuevoDecimal separator can be configured (F12>Language)5.1703.12.2021
NuevoWhen exporting, be able to export csv+json directly as well5.1703.12.2021
NuevoWhen changing 2d-X scaling via toolbar keep text cursor position constant5.1703.12.2021
NuevoModels.txt updated5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoApply CSV: Better behavior if map occurs multiple times in different folders and they have been renamed as well5.1703.12.2021
Correttobdc import (larger) does not work properly, differences are not visible5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoHandling double suffix in export name suggestion did not work properly.5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoRemove column/row calculated negative values incorrectly5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoSimilarPrj: After Options+Ok the rating text could change5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoTransfer selected map in % applied change multiple times if there was the same map multiple times5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoClose PrjOpen dialog could take a long time with resellers5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoPossible crash at ImportKp/ImportKennfelder at OK (Index function had returned Id)5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoMassImport brought MessageBox at zip with >2 files5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoConnect: Duplicates could occur when transferring map in the selection5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoImportWizSimilar: Reseller view: text at the top does not show the reseller name5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoImportWizSimilar: Reseller view: A checkbox remains visible and causes redraw errors5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoEntering numbers in float in % mode brought wrong results5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoHelp window did not place windows correctly on multiple monitors5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoEmpty error report boxes could appear5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoEnter key did not work in the wizard in some cases5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoData range display did not work correctly in English element dialog5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoData ranges were not created on saving in some projects5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoPropertyExpansion fields were ignored when rejecting a suggested entry.5.1703.12.2021
CorrettoCrash when using winolsscript because of wrong address calculation5.1703.12.2021
NuevoMap search: New: Denso4d maps5.1628.10.2021
NuevoImport changes: Be able to select icon when highlighting problem map.5.1628.10.2021
NuevoPrjProperties: Stg manufacturer: Keihin, Shindengen5.1628.10.2021
NuevoPrjProperties: Stg-Type: Dashboard5.1628.10.2021
NuevoF12>Reseller: be able to exclude certain reseller project types for VirtualOrg5.1628.10.2021
NuevoF12>Edit: Deactivate CapsLock=Skip5.1628.10.2021
NuevoLUA: Fixed: projectFindBytes with ?? did not work correctly anymore5.1628.10.2021
NuevoEditMultipleMaps: Revised dialog5.1628.10.2021
NuevoEditMultipleMaps: Number format5.1628.10.2021
NuevoFile format dialog: Be able to copy range from selection5.1628.10.2021
NuevoCopyMapProperties: Endian5.1628.10.2021
CorrettoNumber in name of 3d-characteristics was 1 too high5.1628.10.2021
CorrettoSearchDialog: Search for 1x1 maps in hex mode: Values were displayed incorrectly5.1628.10.2021
CorrettoPrjList: Allow better typing in the search line for extensive data5.1628.10.2021
CorrettoF12>Clients>AutoSearch did not work correctly with >6 entries5.1628.10.2021
CorrettoEcusUser.txt was simply appended and not sorted in5.1628.10.2021
CorrettoCursorSyncOff was not processed correctly5.1628.10.2021
CorrettoCopyMapProperties did not create folders5.1628.10.2021
CorrettoCrash when saving an axis to grid profiles5.1628.10.2021
CorrettoCrash when importing kp5.1628.10.2021
CorrettoText in X-axis was partly too far to the right4.7128.10.2021

Fehler / Änderungen WinOLS 4:

* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
CorrettoImportWizSimilar considered projects as identical because of identical checksums, although they were very different (also WinOLS4)4.7313.12.2021
CorrettoSyncBlocks: Wrong recursion message in case of extensive absolute first adjustment (Also WinOLS4)4.7313.12.2021
NuevoChange path => Adjust active client path too (WinOLS4)4.7203.12.2021
CorrettoProblems when updating OLS807 (only WinOLS4)4.7128.10.2021

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