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WinOLS für WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.21  11.2.2019  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS (vorherige Version) für WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit)  4.20  22.1.2019  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS versione DEMO 4.12 8.8.2018 libero
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 libero
Istruzioni d'uso per 15.0  14.01.2013 libero
Istruzioni BDM100 per camion 1.7 18.01.2011 solo clienti registrati
Nuevo: Kurz-Bedienungsanleitung BSL100/BSL-ADP (deutsch) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 libero
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 libero
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 libero

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Errori / Modifiche:
* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
NuevoOLS227, OLS247, OLS257 are deleted. They are now all included in OLS222.4.2111.02.2019
NuevoAccelerated: Load/Save4.2111.02.2019
NuevoFormula wizard more tolerant with own formulas4.2111.02.2019
NuevoMap Sidebar+Search: Search now also in the map comments4.2111.02.2019
NuevoMap Sidebar: Tooltip for single values: Value is now displayed, too4.2111.02.2019
NuevoComments are displayed with text tag (F12 > Hexdump)4.2111.02.2019
NuevoNew hotkey: Alt+. for connecting 2d line breaks with lines4.2111.02.2019
NuevoPrjOpen: Version sidebar: Show version details4.2111.02.2019
NuevoStandard view mode separately adjustable for 0d/1d/2d (F12 > Hexdump)4.2111.02.2019
NuevoSearch dialog: KF search: New column: Detail (Location)4.2111.02.2019
NuevoUpdated: Models.txt4.2111.02.2019
NuevoUpdated: Polish translation4.2111.02.2019
NuevoImproved: Lock toolbar4.2111.02.2019
NuevoImproved: Swap detection4.2111.02.2019
Correttoa2l+hex importing together sometimes did not correct the order automatically4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoCrash at FadeTip if parent window (e.g. linkable) has already been closed by now4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoReal-time search did not search again when adding decimal places4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoIncorrect length for rectangular comments if not BYTE Data format4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoDisplay error when hex dump window narrow and right side fixed with text4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoImporter could no longer cope with several NRV pairs4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoPot. Open KF in KF list + close again => Did not return to the list4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoPrjProperties: Manufacturer list did not always consider the type filter4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoScrollbar icons were drawn wrong with "unusual" zoom factors (like 110%)4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoActivate marker profile sometimes did not work correctly4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoSearch dialog: layout error when translating WinOLS versions4.2111.02.2019
CorrettoSearch dialog: Ctrl+Tab did not disable new ComboBox4.2111.02.2019
NuevoProjects > Search for double KF in current Prj: x Only if in the same folder4.2022.01.2019
NuevoImport EcuX with json4.2022.01.2019
Nuevoexport EcuX with maps (json)4.2022.01.2019
NuevoLoad/save project progress indicators (F12 > Debug)4.2022.01.2019
NuevoImporter: In case of empty areas give the option with which they are filled4.2022.01.2019
NuevoImporter: Various improvements for NRV and multiple files4.2022.01.2019
NuevoInplaceEdit in ASCII bar: Type in text4.2022.01.2019
NuevoTransfer maps: Right-click and transfer only folders4.2022.01.2019
NuevoKF sidebar: New filter button: Search various fields specifically4.2022.01.2019
NuevoConnect: ConnectBar: Keep it usable even with smaller screen resolutions4.2022.01.2019
NuevoPrjOpen: Edit multiple projects: Also for Userdef6+74.2022.01.2019
NuevoPrjOpen: Sorting for some special cases accelerated4.2022.01.2019
NuevoPrjOpen: Search and Replace: Does not always work with project comments/version texts4.2022.01.2019
NuevoPrjOpen: Dialog "CopyToResellerFolder" => From now on warning if the file already exists4.2022.01.2019
NuevoPrjOpen: Dialog "CopyToResellerFolder" => Shift skips dialog4.2022.01.2019
NuevoProjects that do not belong to you and cannot be opened are automatically moved to a "ForeignFiles" folder.4.2022.01.2019
NuevoRight click on axes: grouping of user support point profiles can now be switched off4.2022.01.2019
NuevoReseller: cache.dir will be uploaded first now4.2022.01.2019
NuevoReseller: error message when file is missing : reseller is currently uploading4.2022.01.2019
NuevoSearch dialog > Maps: Unit as criterion4.2022.01.2019
NuevoVersion selection: New: Sort by date4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoCrash when activating window toolbar "View""4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoThe creation time was missing for the original version.4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoUser-defined text in axis could no longer be edited4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoCopyMapProperties+Apply with change of KF size => selection did not work properly after that4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoCS-Online did not work with a file with many elements4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoCSV/JSON: PreOffset (for offset addition before reciprocal) was missing4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoFadeTip when saving projects with restricted rights4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoError with CopyMapAdvanced Content as % and Factor/Offset4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoError detection at Siemens pot. KF4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoLink: ConnectBar: Transfer selection does not work if folders are selected4.2022.01.2019
Correttohex+a2l together by Drag+Drop into WinOLS could bring the wrong order4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoImport of EcuX with version did not work anymore4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoCanceling the link dialog caused a defective link bar4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoPrjOpen: Selecting and then sorting everything took extremely long for many projects.4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoPrjOpen: Change properties is not reflected on open projects4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoSearch+Replace in versions sometimes didn't work4.2022.01.2019
CorrettoCrash when closing the configuration dialog4.1907.12.2018
Corretto2d: Active map's name could be hidden by a potential map4.1907.12.2018
NuevoCSV Export: Support LineSkipBytes4.1806.12.2018
NuevoFrench translation4.1806.12.2018
NuevoImportSimilar: prefer non-Data-Area projects with the same similarity4.1806.12.2018
NuevoInterpolating: Save axis flag4.1806.12.2018
NuevoConfiguration > Paths: Highlight Resellers and Standard Mandates4.1806.12.2018
NuevoConnect: Options button4.1806.12.2018
NuevoNew text in selection list: MagicMotorSports Flex4.1806.12.2018
NuevoNew option: # can limit to 8/16 bit (F12 > Edit)4.1806.12.2018
NuevoOBD-Visualizer: Also show something when off axis (Text+3d)4.1806.12.2018
NuevoOBD-Visualizer: Use name/unit from log file4.1806.12.2018
NuevoOBD-Visualizer: Bold print probable data sources in the list4.1806.12.2018
NuevoPrjOpen: Display the rights for the reseller purchase confirmation4.1806.12.2018
NuevoPrjOpen: You can also search for rights (TriState) in the PrjProperties search.4.1806.12.2018
NuevoSignHexdump: Displaying Ids instead of Names4.1806.12.2018
NuevoImproved: Automatic A2L detection4.1806.12.2018
NuevoImproved: Import of multiple overlapping files into the same project4.1806.12.2018
NuevoVersion Properties: With user-defined suggestlist you can now use the usual %templates%.4.1806.12.2018
NuevoVersion Properties: Help files updated, also new screenshots4.1806.12.2018
CorrettoVarious detail problems with the Importer4.1806.12.2018
CorrettoInterpolating: Linear with axes did not work correctly4.1806.12.2018
CorrettoChange map name directly in map list didn't trigger folder filter4.1806.12.2018
CorrettoOBD-Visualizer did not work on non-current Windows 7 computers4.1806.12.2018
CorrettoFolderImporter has created a version of ini/ifo/txt4.1806.12.2018
CorrettoFolder filter did not affect potential map4.1806.12.2018
CorrettoPrjOpen: Malfunction of the sidebar buttons4.1806.12.2018
CorrettoPrjOpen: Changing the LockStatus while the dialog was open did not update the list4.1806.12.2018
CorrettoPrjOpen: After editing several project properties at once, the Cancel button no longer worked.4.1806.12.2018
Correttos19 file with comments could not be imported4.1806.12.2018
NuevoConnectBar: Hotkey "Pause" for "Pause reference version".4.1706.11.2018
NuevoImproved: Swap detection4.1706.11.2018
NuevoTechnical groundworks for OLS1009 (BMW Original files)4.1706.11.2018
CorrettoConnect via Shift+Click on other Hexdump sometimes didn't work4.1706.11.2018
CorrettoLUA: projectFindBytes sometimes did not find 4-byte sequences4.1706.11.2018
CorrettoMass import: didn't process ini files when detection-out-folder was active+triggered4.1706.11.2018
CorrettoMass import: import stopped at zip-file with several files4.1706.11.2018

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