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File Versione Data Accesso
WinOLS versione DEMO 3.85 4.5.2017 libero
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 3.76 16.10.2013 libero
Istruzioni d'uso per 15.0  14.01.2013 libero
Istruzioni BDM100 per camion 1.7 18.01.2011 solo clienti registrati
Nuevo: Kurz-Bedienungsanleitung BSL100/BSL-ADP (deutsch) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 libero
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 libero
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 libero

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Errori / Modifiche:
* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
Nuevo*** Parallel maps: Revised, many details improved4.0215.03.2018
Nuevo*** Parallel maps: New hotkey Ctrl+Alt+P4.0215.03.2018
Nuevo*** Parallel maps: Video: 4.0215.03.2018
Nuevo*** Map list: Right click in the very first column => Miscellaneous flags to choose from4.0215.03.2018
NuevoBytesearch: Context menu for list4.0215.03.2018
NuevoCursor over scrollbar => highlighted thumb (grabbing point) in red4.0215.03.2018
NuevoDrag+Drop of ini/ifo/txt files directly into project properties now possible4.0215.03.2018
NuevoEdit multiple maps: Change view window4.0215.03.2018
NuevoEdit multiple maps: Flags4.0215.03.2018
NuevoPrjProperties: menu-item Report problem (click on grouping text)4.0215.03.2018
NuevoVersionOpen: New options button (New: Don't expand folder by default)4.0215.03.2018
NuevoOpenPrj: Button "Project Properties" red, if active4.0215.03.2018
NuevoStore axis description profiles online (Only manually; F12 > Internet)4.0215.03.2018
NuevoImproved: Import as element automatically preselected if useful4.0215.03.2018
NuevoImproved: Recognition of properties from the filename: TDI, cubic capacity4.0215.03.2018
NuevoImproved: Recognition of project properties4.0215.03.2018
NuevoImproved: A2L search4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoCrash during import as elements when the map search is running in the background4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoCrash with parallel maps when pot. map was found as result4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoCrash when importing a new element into a project which already has 2+ elements4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoDisplayImHexdump did not work for RAM values if AllElements was active4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoAt AllResellers you don't see what you have already bought.4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoWrong context menu when clicking in the top map line, if 1 is scrolled up4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoMap sidebar: If you had activated all 3 columns, the last column became narrower when saving.4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoMap sidebar: list ended down too early if not docked4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoMap sidebar: Positioning collapse button if not docked4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoCopied lists could only be inserted in *external* applications4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoRAM addresses are displayed incorrectly if there is only 1 hardware element4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoTransferSelectedMap sometimes didn't work with map within another map4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoUseless confirmation during real-time search4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoChangeRelative did not work for map with reciprocal4.0215.03.2018
Nuevo*** Import via Drag Drop: Mouse cursor tip to indicate whether new project or new Verion4.0122.02.2018
Nuevo*** OpenPrj: Icon left bottom left to limit search to column4.0122.02.2018
Nuevo*** Map list: Change project position using Drag Drop 4.0122.02.2018
Nuevo*** Map list: New filter button: Content4.0122.02.2018
NuevoProject>DoublePrjSearch: New button: Move4.0122.02.2018
NuevoProject properties: Extended suggestion DB4.0122.02.2018
NuevoFactorOffsetAssi: now also for 3 basic values (reciprocal formula)4.0122.02.2018
NuevoFactorOffsetAssi: Live update formula in the property dialog4.0122.02.2018
NuevoFactorOffsetAssi: Free formula evaluation4.0122.02.2018
NuevoFactorOffsetAssi: New Reciprocal Option4.0122.02.2018
NuevoImportSimilar: Automatically optimize column width of % column4.0122.02.2018
NuevoMap list: Hide empty folders if filter is active (can be disabled in the menu next to the search buttons)4.0122.02.2018
Nuevokp-Import/Export: Copy folder hierarchy4.0122.02.2018
NuevoMassImport: Recognition of version name improved4.0122.02.2018
NuevoMassImport: Project properties have flashed up again and again4.0122.02.2018
NuevoMassImport: faster4.0122.02.2018
NuevoEdit several projects simultaneously via PrjProperties => progress bar4.0122.02.2018
NuevoPrjProperties: Gearbox selection revised4.0122.02.2018
NuevoOpenPrj: New hotkeys for all resellers/all clients (Ctrl+Win+R / Ctrl+Win+A)4.0122.02.2018
NuevoOpenPrj: Project comment can now also be queried for reseller files in the file properties4.0122.02.2018
NuevoOpenPrj: Ctrl+C/V/X to copy/cut/paste projects4.0122.02.2018
NuevoHexdump search: Function to be able to copy search range a) from selection, b) to be able to reset (triangle button behind edit box)4.0122.02.2018
NuevoHexdump-Search: Tolerance not only absolute, but can also be entered as a percentage (triangle button behind Edit-Box)4.0122.02.2018
NuevoImproved: Error info if ols-file is locked from other PC4.0122.02.2018
NuevoImproved: Swap detection4.0122.02.2018
NuevoChangeRelative: %-view: Third mode to be able to change the %-value in percent4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoAbout-Dialog displayed wrong version number during update4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoCS-Recursion did not lead to abort but to an endless loop4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoInsertion in sampling points with factor/offset does not work4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoInserting selections in grid points does not work4.0122.02.2018
Correttofor 1x1 KF axes could be suggested4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoThe border was too narrow in tabbed mode4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoImportWiz > Similar: Crash when clicking on Detail button4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoPaste KF at cursor position didn't work if the KF list had the focus4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoKf with neg. values; % view, then +/- => false values4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoKF transfer didn't work correctly if 2KF with different factor/offset/names but identical addresses were on the source page.4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoKF list: With Drag+Drop, the cursor hint was not always readable4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoConnect: Select reference version from other (open) versions of the link project, was not processed correctly.4.0122.02.2018
Correttonext/last difference has ignored the last byte of the project4.0122.02.2018
Correttoolsx-Export did not work sometimes4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoPrjProperties Button.... Move/copy to UserPath did not work4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoOpenPrj > Import directory => dialog was not modal4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoOpenPrj: Multiple projects > Properties => Project status could not be edited4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoReseller shutdown warning: Second button did not work4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoReseller thread could display MsgBox on files from other customers4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoSelectVersion: Crash/Filelock with drag+drop of the version4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoDrag and drop selection to 1x1, create KF => KF was one dim4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoCtrl+A did not work correctly in 2d mode with inverse maps4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoCtrl+A did not work in 2d mode if KF was partly out of visible range4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoUndo after kp import didn't work4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoInvalid elements could crash plugins4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoBitmap scaling under Windows 7 with display zoom too high4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoIf negative numbers are displayed as 0 because of rounding settings, -0 could be displayed.4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoLocked-file warning for F12>reports4.0122.02.2018
CorrettoOpenPrj > Version: Problems with clicking on versions if there are many versions/idle boxes in the project4.0122.02.2018
NuevoAutomatic A2L search (F12 > Paths; Then Ctrl+D)4.0029.01.2018
NuevoAnti-Alias for Lines (F12 > View)4.0029.01.2018
NuevoAdjust line thickness (F12 > View)4.0029.01.2018
NuevoData range detection for similarity search4.0029.01.2018
NuevoText mode with colors for values (Color button in toolbar)4.0029.01.2018
NuevoWindows 10 subwindow style4.0029.01.2018
Nuevo2d: Horizontal auxiliary line (Hexdump properties in 2d mode)4.0029.01.2018
NuevoAccelerated: 3d with color shading4.0029.01.2018
NuevoDialog reference version: Now with search function4.0029.01.2018
NuevoCheckbox for Auto-Update-Check now at F12>Internet (old: update-dialog)4.0029.01.2018
NuevoLUA: With projectFindBytes support for nibble search4.0029.01.2018

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