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File Versione Data Accesso
WinOLS 5 für Win10/Win11 (x64) 5.40  16.3.2023  Kauf erforderlich
WinOLS 5 (vorherige Version) für Win10/Win11 (x64)  5.37  27.2.2023  Kauf erforderlich
WinOLS 5 Demoversion 5.35 30.1.2022 Frei
WinOLS 4 für Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10/Win11 (32+64 bit) 4.82  30.1.2023  Kauf erforderlich
WinOLS 4 (vorherige Version) für Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10/Win11 (32+64 bit)  4.81  30.11.2022  Kauf erforderlich
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 Frei
Istruzioni d'uso per 15.0  14.01.2013 Frei
Istruzioni BDM100 per camion 1.7 18.01.2011 solo clienti registrati
Nuevo: Kurz-Bedienungsanleitung BSL100/BSL-ADP (deutsch) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 Frei
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 Frei
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 Frei

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Fehler / Änderungen WinOLS 5:

* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
CorrettoAnother problem with Ssolutions.Online5.4016.03.2023
CorrettoCrash in map properties for maps in 2d mode5.4016.03.2023
NuevoCSV/JSON now also support flags and free-entry axes5.3915.03.2023
NuevoLUA: new function: projectSetOrg()5.3915.03.2023
NuevoMapDB: BasicValues: double click in EditBox to take value from current map5.3915.03.2023
NuevoMap properties: Variable Offset is now called Offset key field. And allows also with multiplication.5.3915.03.2023
NuevoJSON import skipped some fields, which also affected solutions online.5.3915.03.2023
NuevoMapDB: Size rules were not evaluated correctly for 2dInvers.5.3915.03.2023
NuevoHexdumpLikeMapList: Several detail problems5.3915.03.2023
NuevoAutomatic project comment when importing A2L (Off by default. See F12>Import)5.3814.03.2023
NuevoCopyMapProperties: swap axes on insertion5.3814.03.2023
NuevoAbort project filename dialog5.3814.03.2023
NuevoConnect: When clicking in Connect bar cursor position also mark in active window5.3814.03.2023
NuevoConnect: Search +/- buttons now support Ctrl and Shift+Ctrl for larger steps5.3814.03.2023
NuevoMapDB: Group dialog: Show current value dimmed5.3814.03.2023
NuevoMapDB: Group dialog: Copy individual fields from active project5.3814.03.2023
NuevoMapDB: Then-Dialog: Copy single fields from active window5.3814.03.2023
NuevoAbility to import Motorola hex file with ini header + signature5.3814.03.2023
NuevoReseller: Duplicate detection improved5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoWhen importing a smaller version with different blank areas due to different readout method, the offset was not recognized5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoEcuX did not work correctly with map export5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoWith EcuX mass export the suffix was not appended5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoWhen ending the connection by closing a project, the scrollbar of the other project was not updated5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoFormulaAssi: CornerValues did not work with 123-axis5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoIntel/Motorola hex import as elements could make elements too long (if they didn't start at 0)5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoJSON export did not work for higher ASCII characters5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoConnect: Caps fade tip at key B5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoConnect: Highlights in map sidebar were not updated on offset changes5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoMotorola-Hex-Import could omit ranges at the end if the order in the source file was illogical5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoprojectImportChanges did not process filenames without path5.3814.03.2023
CorrettoApplyChanges: % was only enabled in GUI if differences were activated5.3814.03.2023
NuevoImportSimilar as version: No import via DataArea if there are no differences outside the DataArea anyway.5.3727.02.2023
NuevoConnect: Let icon blink on auto-apply5.3727.02.2023
CorrettoReseller: Cache.dir was sometimes not uploaded5.3727.02.2023
CorrettoReseller: With running upload, switch off, apply, switch on, apply => error message that it is already running5.3727.02.2023
CorrettoImportWizSimilar of file as version could pass as data area though that was only minimally better5.3727.02.2023
CorrettoDifferences: Generate 1d maps didn't update list5.3727.02.2023
CorrettoDifferences: Generate 1d fields used partly wrong length5.3727.02.2023
CorrettoDifferences: Empty list when project was closed and opened again5.3727.02.2023
CorrettoDifferences: Text columns were right-justified5.3727.02.2023
Nuevo3d view + mouse wheel click+drag => rotate5.3621.02.2023
NuevoFaster: Statistical map search5.3621.02.2023
NuevoFaster: MapDB: Search text page5.3621.02.2023
NuevoImportWizSimilar: Client as clickable link5.3621.02.2023
NuevoIndividual FadeTip at CapsLock+ChangeRelative5.3621.02.2023
NuevoMap-Sidebar: Tooltip now contains data organization5.3621.02.2023
NuevoConnect: Show a static cursor also in 2d mode5.3621.02.2023
NuevoMapDB: Sort rules alphabetically5.3621.02.2023
NuevoMapDB: Search function for rule list5.3621.02.2023
NuevoRecognize project properties from Autotuner file names5.3621.02.2023
NuevoReferenceVersion: Always calculate number of differences based on data stored on disk5.3621.02.2023
NuevoReseller update: do not upload script bar field5.3621.02.2023
NuevoReseller upload: Duplicates are automatically detected and skipped (affects new projects only)5.3621.02.2023
NuevoRounding: Focus when opening in EditBox5.3621.02.2023
NuevoRounding: Enter values in hex/10s, depending on the current mode of the window5.3621.02.2023
NuevoSolutions: Variations: required-parameter for ComboBox and EditBox5.3621.02.2023
NuevoSolutions: Variations: selected-parameter for ComboBox5.3621.02.2023
NuevoSolutions: Warning if you enter the dialog already with restricted rights, that they will not be unlocked5.3621.02.2023
CorrettoWith Caps AND Shift no fade tip was shown when a dialog was skipped5.3621.02.2023
CorrettoDataOrg Double was not available in map properties when map was in 2d mode5.3621.02.2023
CorrettoWrong hexdump cursor position when searching for map text in search dialog if view mode of map and hexdump was different5.3621.02.2023
CorrettoProgress display for large/complex selections could be canceled badly5.3621.02.2023
CorrettoImportSimilar could list 100% projects twice5.3621.02.2023
CorrettoNon-continuous comments did not use previous color when created5.3621.02.2023
CorrettoSimilarPrj: column %DataArea could contain too low value5.3621.02.2023
CorrettoCopy column and paste into axis brings strange selection as result5.3621.02.2023
CorrettoItalian translation did not work5.3527.01.2023
CorrettoMapDB: Preview was not displayed correctly when map was created from pot map5.3527.01.2023
CorrettoMapDB: Evaluation did not consider map offset5.3527.01.2023
Wichtig!Solutions: Icon is now in the normal menu5.3426.01.2023
NuevoMap sidebar: Some filter icons now support shift+click for quick activation5.3426.01.2023
Nuevokp-Import: Detail improvements5.3426.01.2023
NuevoLUA: Checksum options can also be queried via ID5.3426.01.2023
NuevoPolish translation updated5.3426.01.2023
NuevoPrjProperties: Checksums moved to sub dialog5.3426.01.2023
NuevoSolutions: Error info improved5.3426.01.2023
NuevoWinOLSScript: check_property now also supports entries like %Client.VIN%5.3426.01.2023
NuevoSimilarProjects: 3 columns to choose from (setting at column selection)5.3426.01.2023
NuevoApply changes: New: map search even before matching5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoCopyMapProperties did not respect 2d invers for axes5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoCrash when importing a specific MotorolaHex/IntelHex file with "size from file5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoCancel button does not work when opening the script list5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoMessageBox at OLS807 is displayed despite LUA5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoMap search did not update overview dialog5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoMap search has not updated scrollbar5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoMapProperties: Strange address for axis if not the right element was selected for the map5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoConnect with Ctrl+Shift+2 did not update map changed status5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoMapDB: Wrong DB order by sorting5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoMapDB: Wrong suffix filter in file dialog5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoPrjOpen: Column sorting was lost when using SimilarProjects5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoSearch in map did not work correctly directly after CSV import5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoDifferences tooltip sometimes showed no comparison value to connected project5.3426.01.2023
CorrettoVarious hexdump selection context menu functions did not work after map was moved5.3426.01.2023
Wichtig!The Solutions Online are here. Resellers can now offer ready-made solutions that are tailor-made for the project. Just press F7 (For customers of OLSx.lu and MagicMotorSport)5.3303.01.2023
NuevoDialog window list: Minimize in context menu5.3303.01.2023
NuevoDialog Window List: Ctrl+A5.3303.01.2023
NuevoEditMultipleMaps: Add % for all maps5.3303.01.2023
NuevoExport CSV/JSON: Be able to work with CPU addresses5.3303.01.2023
NuevoExport CSV/JSON: Save selection permanently5.3303.01.2023
NuevoExport CSV/JSON: Also be able to export/import the value range5.3303.01.2023

Fehler / Änderungen WinOLS 4:

* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
Wichtig!This is the last update for WinOLS4.4.8230.01.2023
Wichtig!There will be no more new features / bugfixes / plugin updates released.4.8230.01.2023
Wichtig!Please upgrade to WinOLS5. It is faster, better and has great new features.4.8230.01.2023
NuevoFor XML import without OLS524, first check if this is a Mitsubishi file before suggesting the plugin.4.8230.01.2023
CorrettoImportWiz: Fillbyte change could affect up to the first bytes of the data blocks4.8230.01.2023
CorrettoCrash in special case with checksums4.8230.01.2023
CorrettoBinary export could restore .hex suffix4.8130.11.2022
CorrettoImportSimilar+Reseller: 100% identical data range projects were just displayed all 100% identical4.8130.11.2022
NuevoInternal improvements4.8012.10.2022
CorrettoItalian version didn't work4.7915.07.2022
NuevoInternal improvements4.7812.07.2022
CorrettoItalian version didn't work4.7704.05.2022
NuevoItalian translation updated4.7602.05.2022
CorrettoFixed: Project comments from plugins were not taken over during mass import4.7602.05.2022
Wichtig!Changed path for UserModels4.7509.03.2022
NuevoBetter response when there is not enough RAM space when saving4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoWhen mixing comments and markers, individual markers could be displayed non-dashed4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoWhen drawing large 2d inverse maps, comments/markers were not always drawn4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoMap search: Bosch hint message box could appear in LUA mode4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoWinOLSScript: Unique command did not cause the error condition to be triggered.4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoImportWizSimilar considered projects as identical because of identical checksums, although they were very different (also WinOLS4)4.7313.12.2021
CorrettoSyncBlocks: Wrong recursion message in case of extensive absolute first adjustment (Also WinOLS4)4.7313.12.2021
NuevoChange path => Adjust active client path too (WinOLS4)4.7203.12.2021
CorrettoProblems when updating OLS807 (only WinOLS4)4.7128.10.2021

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