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File Versione Data Accesso
WinOLS versione DEMO 4.04 9.4.2018 libero
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 3.76 16.10.2013 libero
Istruzioni d'uso per 15.0  14.01.2013 libero
Istruzioni BDM100 per camion 1.7 18.01.2011 solo clienti registrati
Nuevo: Kurz-Bedienungsanleitung BSL100/BSL-ADP (deutsch) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 libero
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 libero
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 libero

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Errori / Modifiche:
* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
NuevoMap list: 2x Ctrl+A => Select all maps & folders4.0917.05.2018
NuevoDisplay map names in hexdumps also for normal maps (F12 > Hexdump > Border with names)4.0917.05.2018
NuevoConnecting: 2 hex dumps from the same project can be linked together4.0917.05.2018
NuevoCorrections of Polish translation4.0917.05.2018
NuevoMenu item for XDF import (plugin required)4.0917.05.2018
NuevoPrjProperties: Enlargeable by PrjComment (button next to speech bubble icon)4.0917.05.2018
CorrettoNo search results in maps if internal data is not up-to-date4.0917.05.2018
CorrettoLeak when *only* working in 2d mode and pot. maps on the screen4.0917.05.2018
CorrettoPossible crash if you delete many maps with the "Del" hotkey4.0917.05.2018
CorrettoEnter the version description directly when saving: Could be only limited long4.0917.05.2018
CorrettoIf you delete many maps, the overview information was not updated4.0917.05.2018
CorrettoAccept changes did not always find changes outside of maps for different project sizes4.0917.05.2018
NuevoAboutPlugins window: Remember size4.0814.05.2018
NuevoEditMultipleMaps: New: Insert4.0814.05.2018
NuevoEditMultipleMaps: New: Offset4.0814.05.2018
NuevoSelect complete file and right click => Accelerated4.0814.05.2018
NuevoParallel groups: show as 1/4 (also in window title)4.0814.05.2018
CorrettoKP import with values => Changes were not displayed in KF list4.0814.05.2018
CorrettoKP-Import: Offset did not work correctly4.0814.05.2018
CorrettoVersion Properties: Window resize error4.0814.05.2018
CorrettoCopying of (several) last cells of the Y-axis did not work if they overlapped with the X-axis by the Bosch2 data header4.0814.05.2018
CorrettoVersion properties and Bsl password were lost when saving to new version4.0814.05.2018
NuevoPrjProperties: Temic transmission list extended4.0707.05.2018
NuevoContext menu: Units increased from 40 to 50 slots4.0707.05.2018
NuevoHexdump context menu: Return to end of original menu item4.0707.05.2018
NuevoProjectOpen > Version selection: Display new fields only if data exists4.0707.05.2018
NuevoDelete selected folders: New: "All Yes"4.0707.05.2018
NuevoSend as Mail: Additional project fields can be switched off (and are off by default)4.0707.05.2018
NuevoMinimize with curly sidebar => sidebar became small4.0707.05.2018
NuevoRare crash on IntelHex import4.0707.05.2018
NuevoAllClients did not permanently save DB scans4.0707.05.2018
NuevoBsl export may have happened without password4.0707.05.2018
NuevoBsl Prog => version password was not processed correctly4.0707.05.2018
NuevoProject properties detection: Improved for DSG gearbox; gearbox and series set 4.0707.05.2018
NuevoImport BslToGo with old importer did not save password in version4.0707.05.2018
NuevoCopying to axes with delta did not work correctly 4.0707.05.2018
NuevoMax. length of version name was limited4.0707.05.2018
NuevoRename versions in the project-open-dialog rename disturbed folder structure4.0707.05.2018
NuevoVersion selection > Edit > Bsl-Link did not work4.0707.05.2018
NuevoImport version: Name field was no longer preselected4.0707.05.2018
NuevoDialog Versionname: The names of other open versions than ComboBox4.0620.04.2018
NuevoMap Properties => Change data type to/from float => Automatically adjust decimal point (Like toolbar icon)4.0620.04.2018
NuevoPolish translation updated4.0620.04.2018
NuevoOpenPrj: Status is not displayed below4.0620.04.2018
NuevoFurther emission standards to choose from4.0620.04.2018
CorrettoCrash with PrjOpen at % in file name4.0620.04.2018
CorrettoError with ImportSimilar => map address had shifted4.0620.04.2018
CorrettoImport bin+ini => ResellerCredits was not imported4.0620.04.2018
CorrettoPairing: Search function ignores decimal places for float4.0620.04.2018
CorrettoVersion properties directly from the dialog Version Selection dialog brought empty dialog4.0620.04.2018
CorrettoError with minimum similarity (import) is automatically corrected4.0620.04.2018
CorrettoNewcomer version: Remove row/column was not available4.0620.04.2018
Wichtig!File format changed4.0516.04.2018
NuevoPrjOpen: New fields now selectable as columns4.0516.04.2018
NuevoVersionProperties: New data fields4.0516.04.2018
NuevoBxxToGo properties now per version4.0516.04.2018
CorrettoCrash when generating parallel maps from and starting the dialog via the map sidebar context menu4.0516.04.2018
CorrettoHexdump was no longer updated live when map properties changed4.0516.04.2018
NuevoPrjProperties: 10 Switchable user properties in ECU range4.0409.04.2018
NuevoInterpolate function in context menu4.0409.04.2018
NuevoNew hotkey Ctrl+Win+Alt+C to copy axes4.0409.04.2018
CorrettoDemo: Projects were always read-only4.0409.04.2018
CorrettoPossible crash in the project properties4.0409.04.2018
Corretto"AllResellers" was only available if clients had been set up.4.0409.04.2018
CorrettoWith 'Transfer selected map' the query could come several times despite "All" button4.0409.04.2018
CorrettoDuring sync, the path for the unit file (for the map properties) was synchronized even when paths were deactivated4.0409.04.2018
CorrettoParallelMap: Creating new map from data areas did not work correctly if the current map was a pot. map4.0409.04.2018
CorrettoTranslation of submenu titles was missing4.0409.04.2018
Wichtig!*** ols File format updated; WinOLS 4.03 required4.0305.04.2018
Wichtig!*** Project properties revised4.0305.04.2018
NuevoNow faster: Large projects stuff4.0305.04.2018
NuevoMap list: Next to flags, now smileys now available4.0305.04.2018
NuevoPolish translation updated4.0305.04.2018
NuevoOpenPrj: x auto update4.0305.04.2018
NuevoImproved: PrjProperties detection4.0305.04.2018
CorrettoF3/ShiftF3 did not work anymore4.0305.04.2018
CorrettoFinished+Master projects were not always read-only4.0305.04.2018
CorrettoAfter "Import maps" the folders were possibly no longer alphabetical4.0305.04.2018
CorrettoVery slow at 3d view of invalid values4.0305.04.2018
CorrettoDifferences: When patching in text mode the start address was sometimes ignored4.0305.04.2018
CorrettoSimilar projects: Only Bosch# didn't work anymore4.0305.04.2018
Nuevo*** Parallel maps: Revised, many details improved4.0215.03.2018
Nuevo*** Parallel maps: New hotkey Ctrl+Alt+P4.0215.03.2018
Nuevo*** Parallel maps: Video: 4.0215.03.2018
Nuevo*** Map list: Right click in the very first column => Miscellaneous flags to choose from4.0215.03.2018
NuevoBytesearch: Context menu for list4.0215.03.2018
NuevoCursor over scrollbar => highlighted thumb (grabbing point) in red4.0215.03.2018
NuevoDrag+Drop of ini/ifo/txt files directly into project properties now possible4.0215.03.2018
NuevoEdit multiple maps: Change view window4.0215.03.2018
NuevoEdit multiple maps: Flags4.0215.03.2018
NuevoPrjProperties: menu-item Report problem (click on grouping text)4.0215.03.2018
NuevoVersionOpen: New options button (New: Don't expand folder by default)4.0215.03.2018
NuevoOpenPrj: Button "Project Properties" red, if active4.0215.03.2018
NuevoStore axis description profiles online (Only manually; F12 > Internet)4.0215.03.2018
NuevoImproved: Import as element automatically preselected if useful4.0215.03.2018
NuevoImproved: Recognition of properties from the filename: TDI, cubic capacity4.0215.03.2018
NuevoImproved: Recognition of project properties4.0215.03.2018
NuevoImproved: A2L search4.0215.03.2018
CorrettoCrash during import as elements when the map search is running in the background4.0215.03.2018

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