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WinOLS für WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.40  6.4.2020  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS (vorherige Version) für WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit)  4.39  20.2.2020  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS versione DEMO 4.39 20.2.2020 libero
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 libero
Istruzioni d'uso per 15.0  14.01.2013 libero
Istruzioni BDM100 per camion 1.7 18.01.2011 solo clienti registrati
Nuevo: Kurz-Bedienungsanleitung BSL100/BSL-ADP (deutsch) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 libero
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 libero
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 libero

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Errori / Modifiche:
* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
Nuevo2d view accelerated4.4006.04.2020
NuevoAlt+click on map list => Center map4.4006.04.2020
NuevoNever hide duplicates when deleting map in the context menu4.4006.04.2020
NuevoBetter colour contrast for height colours + delta colours4.4006.04.2020
NuevoButton next previous map now considers all current map sidebar filters4.4006.04.2020
NuevoTransfer map/Values dialog: Confirm with another dialog hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+T/W)4.4006.04.2020
NuevoConnect: Start accelerated4.4006.04.2020
NuevoConnect: Transfer data: Can limit comparison to axis/map4.4006.04.2020
NuevoConnect: Transfer map texts: Now also comment4.4006.04.2020
NuevoConnect: comparison accelerated4.4006.04.2020
NuevoLua: projectExport => New option eExportActiveElementOnly4.4006.04.2020
NuevoLua: New command: CreateDirectory4.4006.04.2020
NuevoMassImport: Checkbox "Checksums" was not processed correctly4.4006.04.2020
NuevoAfter Connect with Ctrl+Shift+2 hold the focus at the window4.4006.04.2020
NuevoNew text module %File.NumMaps% for number of maps4.4006.04.2020
NuevoPrjProperties: Elements is now on the right4.4006.04.2020
NuevoSave: Even with the warning that you have many versions, you can split the project4.4006.04.2020
NuevoToolbar button: Next/Prev map => Always display map completely visible4.4006.04.2020
NuevoToolbar: *1 and Org can combine4.4006.04.2020
NuevoUpdate: French: supplemented by machine translation4.4006.04.2020
NuevoUpdate: Italian translation4.4006.04.2020
NuevoUpdate: Polish translation4.4006.04.2020
NuevoUpdate: Models and Ecu database4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoCrash on Enter key in map list without valid cursor position4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoWhen saving, the file time could be wrong for 1s, which confused Dropbox4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoF11 for larger selections did not recalculate folder change marker4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoF9 Repeat to set values did not work with inverse map4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoImport of zipped files with very long names did not work4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoImportWiz: Prj properties: Icon button does not work4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoCopy-CS could appear as CS name in the Prj properties4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoMap sidebar: "Off" button has lost position if no search string is active4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoRenaming MapAxis profiles was no longer possible4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoConnect bar: Arrow icons flickered4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoConnect+KFListSync: Scrollbar could become asynchronous4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoConnect+KFListSync: Changes at factor/offset were not synchronized4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoConnect: Auto search could sometimes be very slow4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoConnect offset: Layout problem with vertical bars at high DPI resolution and certain resolutions4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoLua: projectGetAt did not understand string value for DataOrg4.4006.04.2020
Corretton/v did not work correctly with 2 KFs in direct succession, which were completely changed4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoPrjProperty search: English texts in German results4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoPrjOpen: Display of client path in window title did not work for UNC paths4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoPrjOpen: Displaying the project rights did not always work4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoRounding: Applying Select All to Hexdump could lock WinOLS completely4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoSearch dialog > KF search with result as selection > Result was easily lost4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoSearchDialog: map search as selection => Selection disappeared when leaving the search dialog4.4006.04.2020
CorrettoAccept changes > Data areas: Single wrong offsets for files with multiple offset ranges4.4006.04.2020
NuevoDialog EditPatchTag block: You can now click into the hexdump despite the open dialog4.3920.02.2020
NuevoSearch duplicate projects: Projects with more CF / more completed project properties Prioritize4.3920.02.2020
NuevoF12>Paths: Autodetect button4.3920.02.2020
NuevoImportWiz: Truncate CMD could truncate so much that data area was not recognized as similar4.3920.02.2020
NuevoDisplay inactive map window frames in slightly different colours4.3920.02.2020
NuevoMark map: Submenu at correct position for toggling4.3920.02.2020
NuevoMap list: Dialog "Move folder": Now copying is also possible4.3920.02.2020
NuevoConnect: Transfer data: "Transfer unchanged data absolutely": New option only larger/smaller4.3920.02.2020
NuevoConnect: Transfer map texts: Hold Ctrl to transfer type+sign as well4.3920.02.2020
NuevoNew in the Hexdump context menu: Set map to original. (Ctrl+F11)4.3920.02.2020
NuevoPrjProperties: New menu item when clicking on the red bar: "Save to modelsUser".4.3920.02.2020
NuevoPrjOpen: Open FileSystemFolder now refers to the client of the selected project, if applicable4.3920.02.2020
NuevoPrjOpen: Popup menu next to P-Button with new filters4.3920.02.2020
NuevoSelectVersion: context menu: Move to Subfolder4.3920.02.2020
NuevoMake strength of Ctrl+"+" configurable => F12>Edit4.3920.02.2020
NuevoSearch function: multiple selection is list4.3920.02.2020
NuevoOpen Version: Drag+Drop: WinOLS does not remember which folders are open/closed, but creates everything new4.3920.02.2020
NuevoOpen Version: Right click on Version: Context menu4.3920.02.2020
Nuevoxcal/IntelHex export improved4.3920.02.2020
NuevoSimilar projects: Recognize the same prj property values even if they are entered in different fields4.3920.02.2020
Corretto@MergeReseller was possible as path if you saved a password during "All Resellers4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoCrash when opening 20 projects at once4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoSet axis to 0. Change by Edit +8000 => Wrong axis values4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoButton "Reference version" while coupled, gave strange results4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoDuplicate project search: selection was lost when changing the columns4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoExport as bin: During export "Import as new element" appears4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoInterpolate in axis with multiple changes of settings gave wrong results4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoMap list: Inplace-Edit: Often "inplace" flickers up briefly. Sometimes it also remains4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoConnect bar: Wrong tooltip for reference version button4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoConnect: Reduction of buttons due to limited space did not work with scaled display4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoConnect: Pause does not restore the last configuration of the connect dialog4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoPrjProperties: Sub-popups do not work if vehicle type was empty4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoPrjOpenSimilar: ComboBox had overlapped button4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoProblems when searching in axis with SkipBytes4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoNumber of columns could exceed the limits due to 2d drag in selection4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoSync CursorInHexdump to SearchDialog worked only for first cell of search result4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoToolbar button HiLo/LoHi did not work in Y-axis of 2d-Invers-map4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoVisualizer: 2d-Invers-map: If you assign both axes, the colors in the graph are different4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoVisualizer: 2d-Invers-map: If only the X-axis is assigned, the Y-axis is colored as text4.3920.02.2020
CorrettoVisualizer: You could not delete assignments for the axes4.3920.02.2020
Nuevolua: projectFindMap now supports several results4.3817.01.2020
NuevoPrjProperties: User-defined list for transmission and emission standard4.3817.01.2020
NuevoPrjProperties>Use: New: CPC4.3817.01.2020
CorrettoReseller purchase: Invalid password could be saved4.3817.01.2020
CorrettoCrash on selected msp Transfer if selected backwards4.3817.01.2020
CorrettoAutomatically duplicate into new project did not work when triggered by an import4.3817.01.2020
CorrettoWindows could be outside the visible workspace when restarting WinOLS4.3817.01.2020
CorrettoPrjOpen: Duplicating projects did not work in the english version again4.3817.01.2020
NuevoFaster: DoubleProjectsSearch4.3714.01.2020
NuevoFaster: Right-click on large selection created by Drag+Drop4.3714.01.2020
NuevoF12>Debug: New button: Clear list 'previous projects4.3714.01.2020
NuevoNew hotkey: Ctrl+Shift+F4: Close all KF windows4.3714.01.2020
CorrettoWhen exporting bin files to restore the import suffix, the archive file suffix could be appended4.3714.01.2020
CorrettoSending binary files by mail did not work with some files / settings4.3714.01.2020

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