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WinOLS für WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.34  11.10.2019  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS (vorherige Version) für WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit)  4.32  16.9.2019  solo clienti registrati
WinOLS versione DEMO 4.33 10.10.2019 libero
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 libero
Istruzioni d'uso per 15.0  14.01.2013 libero
Istruzioni BDM100 per camion 1.7 18.01.2011 solo clienti registrati
Nuevo: Kurz-Bedienungsanleitung BSL100/BSL-ADP (deutsch) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 libero
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 libero
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 libero

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Errori / Modifiche:
* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
CorrettoExport didn't work for some customers4.3411.10.2019
Wichtig!Faster: Projects with many maps4.3310.10.2019
NuevoWinOLS as NT service: Can be used without interactive mode of Windows (see help file)4.3310.10.2019
NuevoExport/SendAsMail: Save Zip checkbox state separately4.3310.10.2019
NuevoExport: Also removing patches temporarily is now possible4.3310.10.2019
NuevoConnect: New checkbox: Copy => Transfers every mouse selection immediately4.3310.10.2019
NuevoPrjOpen: Better help text if no files are displayed4.3310.10.2019
NuevoNew function: Selection > Selection from Live Search4.3310.10.2019
NuevoConnect: New hotkey "B": Transfer selected cells/maps without dialog4.3310.10.2019
NuevoProject Comment: Change the width of the dialog even without preview4.3310.10.2019
NuevoSaving forbidden due to many versions => Option "Continue with new project".4.3310.10.2019
NuevoTransferChangesAutomatically: Mark problem maps with red flag instead of "()" in the name4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoCrash when Radix was 0 due to file error4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoOn non-primary displays, popup list could be hidden from the taskbar4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoWith an axis could be shifted by 1 cell.4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoWhen exporting with the same file name as when importing, the suffix was also adopted, even if the file format was changed.4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoDouble click on large 3d-map in map list and then immediately singleclick in Hexdump had opened project list4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoReal-time search could reset cursor to address 04.3310.10.2019
CorrettoExport via email with zip didn't work anymore4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoIncorrect results with AutoDiscoverLinkedFiles together with InputFilePathReuse during export4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoColor shading in 3d colors did not work with incorrectly configured color scheme4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoMap-Sidebar: FieldsFilter could not be closed after a ComboPopup was used4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoConnect shading was no longer removed when the connect was ended.4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoNew RecentProjects entries did not work in English4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoPrjOpen: Mark open projects red didn't work anymore4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoVery large paste in hexdump leads to hanger if the target project has many maps4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoSelection across visible search results with live search enabled could change display of normal search results4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoSelection shift+click in map sidebar could couple maps4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoSeveral problems with special cases of inserting or deleting signatures4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoVisualizer: Graphs were not updated at map change4.3310.10.2019
Correttozipped export had path written with in zip file4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoVisualizer: Red highlight disappeared again and again when neither recording nor playing were active4.3310.10.2019
CorrettoVisualizer: Red highlight did not disappear when Visualizer was closed4.3310.10.2019
NuevoEditMultipleMaps now also for selection in hex dump4.3216.09.2019
NuevoExport: zip/7z: Remember checkboxes4.3216.09.2019
NuevoF12 > Report: New Option: Client4.3216.09.2019
NuevoF12 > Paths: Linked-File-Autodiscover: You can include subfolders4.3216.09.2019
NuevoConnect dialog: New option: Older project window with grey veil4.3216.09.2019
NuevoProject menu: More file entries4.3216.09.2019
NuevoModelle.txt updated4.3216.09.2019
NuevoShift+click on the title of the *active* window => open link dialog4.3216.09.2019
CorrettoCrash on mass import with some very short filenames4.3216.09.2019
CorrettoCrash when not connected to the Internet4.3216.09.2019
CorrettoImportWizard: Project online search did not work4.3216.09.2019
CorrettoMapTransfer could bring single warnings when started from map sidebar4.3216.09.2019
CorrettoProject online searches could be very slow4.3216.09.2019
CorrettoDelete Sessions had only changed the button caption4.3216.09.2019
CorrettoWinOLS was slow to save if there were many new maps since last saving4.3216.09.2019
Wichtig!Visualizer now with diagram4.3105.09.2019
Wichtig!Visualize measured values directly in the map as 3d points (KF properties > 3d; Demo screenshot in helpfile)4.3105.09.2019
NuevoKF Properties: Live preview of changes can now be disabled (F12>Edit)4.3105.09.2019
NuevoOption to reset the session list4.3105.09.2019
NuevoSearch function: For map search, display the size and, if applicable, the value.4.3105.09.2019
CorrettoWith "Transfer selected maps" many MessageBoxes could come due to invalid markers.4.3105.09.2019
CorrettoCrash shortly after program start during update search4.3105.09.2019
CorrettoFor map with Y axis with byte and high factor, text cursor was positioned incorrectly.4.3105.09.2019
CorrettoBit mode: display Org/Ver value in status bar was wrong4.3105.09.2019
CorrettoBit mode: Inplace edit did not work4.3105.09.2019
CorrettoBit mode: Differences list did not work4.3105.09.2019
CorrettoMap connect dialog also listed 1x1 map, which could take a very long time4.3105.09.2019
CorrettoImportSimilar: Import maps has changed over numbered axes from Rom4.3105.09.2019
CorrettoClick+Drag on double line in text map caused wrong selection when "Select visible areas only" was activated4.3105.09.2019
Correttokp-Import: %-Preview was wrong4.3105.09.2019
CorrettoPossible crash when selecting empty axis property entry in the popup window4.3105.09.2019
NuevoWhen changing the active project, show the new one better in the sidebar4.3027.08.2019
NuevoAccelerated: Display of projects with an extremely large number of maps4.3027.08.2019
NuevoAccelerated: Transfer map4.3027.08.2019
NuevoBit mode also for hexdumps and 2d4.3027.08.2019
NuevoYou can always save purchased reseller projects in a special client folder (F12 > Clients).4.3027.08.2019
NuevoCustomer list: Suggest free K#4.3027.08.2019
NuevoCustomer list: Option: Automatically accept new entries4.3027.08.2019
NuevoCustomer list: Filling from current mandates4.3027.08.2019
NuevoImproved: PrjProperties Search4.3027.08.2019
NuevoUpdateProject: Being able to test project integrity4.3027.08.2019
Corretto2 memory leaks4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoCrash during axis search in properties of closed map4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoCrash at double click in Id field at properties of map in 2d or 3d view mode4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoAxes marked may not have worked correctly if "Mark visible area only" was activated.4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoAxis search: results were not in table if many decimal places available4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoAxis search: Column width not automatically optimal4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoAlt+T has toggled view mode4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoCopyMapProperties: insertion of axis values for 2dInverts with different factor/offset for the axes brought wrong values4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoDownload large reseller projects was very slow4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoExport could bring name suggestion consisting of suffix only4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoFilesize limit for reseller upload increased4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoImport maps from another project: Transfer values brings wrong values4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoImport maps from other project: similarity calculation is wrong4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoMap-Sidebar: popup dialog Filter by field did not work anymore if individual search per project was activated4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoConnect: Pause button worked exactly the wrong way around4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoSometimes was at pot. map ("F") search the map for it partly outside the screen4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoSubsequent PrjProperties search didn't fill in some fields4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoPrjProperties search: had PS/KW not always formatted to 1 decimal place4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoPrjEigenschaften-Suche: Error detection as MG vehicle4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoPrjProperties search: Selecting two entries at the same time does not work during import4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoProject>Open has it not focused in sidebar4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoProject list is sometimes updated again and again4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoRemove signature didn't work anymore if you didn't have an original underneath it4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoDirectoryImport did not trigger the copy action for ols files.4.3027.08.2019
CorrettoVisualizer does not display data source unit in window if axis had no unit4.3027.08.2019
Wichtig!NEW: maps can now also be connected4.2922.07.2019

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