New WinOLS 3.84 version published.


We have some CC460 chips for Bosch M5.2/M5.2.2 ECUs on stock again.


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Versione Utilizzazione Revisione Data
OLS5214.043 DAMOS/A2L - Import Filter Axis text data sometimes had an offset 21.04.2017 14:10:34
OLS5231.001 Cummins ecfg Importer Now supports elements 20.04.2017 17:31:33
OLS5231.001 Cummins ecfg Importer Txt files are not required any more 20.04.2017 17:31:03
OLS5214.042 DAMOS/A2L - Import Filter Wrong start address for some maps without axis data 20.04.2017 15:26:30
OLS8182.74 Siemens Tricore Recognition of MSD80 versions 0044 and 0049Q 19.04.2017 12:15:24