New WinOLS version 3.95 published. (Together with the new, free plugin OLS550, which improves the similar-project search.)


Avaliable again !


We have some CC460 chips for Bosch M5.2/M5.2.2 ECUs on stock again.


Checksum News


Versione Utilizzazione Revisione Data
OLS5241.010 Mitsubishi Xml Importer Text axis wrong on mirrored maps 17.11.2017 13:07:13
OLS5241.010 Mitsubishi Xml Importer Optional logfile on the desktop. To activate, start plugin via the project-menu 17.11.2017 13:04:55
OLS8072.80 Bosch MED17 As an alternative to the compatibility test checksum, there is now a New: Fix Compatibility Test Checksum. This improves the behavior especially with OBD2 programming. 16.11.2017 17:48:07
OLS10021.003 Caterpillar FLS Import/Export Export imitates the source files newline-format requires import with version 1.003 16.11.2017 10:45:05
OLS8072.79 Bosch MED17 New Ford file 15.11.2017 17:13:31