New WinOLS version 3.93 published.


We have some CC460 chips for Bosch M5.2/M5.2.2 ECUs on stock again.


Checksum News


Versione Utilizzazione Revisione Data
OLS10061.022 ODX-Importer Support for Simos 12.2 22.09.2017 12:19:00
OLS5214.050 DAMOS/A2L - Import Filter Error log Desktop now optional 20.09.2017 16:24:28
OLS10011.019 Vadis VBF Import/Export Uses the old memory layout for some Denso files 12.09.2017 14:36:38
OLS10011.018 Vadis VBF Import/Export Memory-Layout improved for Denso files 08.09.2017 11:09:00
OLS10011.017 Vadis VBF Import/Export Another format variation can be imported 07.09.2017 09:25:23