Option: Machine translation

WinOLS projects can contain many maps. However, these are often labeled in German, which is not understood by everyone. This WinOLS plugin allows you to translate the maps automatically to English.

To start it use this menu item:
Project > Ex- & Import > Translate map texts

Note: This is a machine translation. It's neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We cannot accept any guarantees for it.

Tip: You can also add your own language pairs. Simply open the WinOLS configuration path (Shift+F12 in WinOLS) and create a file like:

(Supported languages: de, en, it, fr, es, pt, nl, pl, ru, fi, no, sw)

The format is:
german string;poland string

Please note:

  • ; is the separator
  • No additional spaces
  • One translation per line
  • Please restart WinOLS when you changed the file. If you did it right, it should be visible in "? > About plugins".

Part-No. Description
OLS540 WinOLS option machine translation

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