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How do I translate maps with OLS540?

Requirement: This requires the purchase of OLS540.

OLS540 can translate map texts. The texts then exist twice and you can switch over at any time.
The "Project language" dialog is a subdialog of "Project properties". Click the "..." button next to "Language" to manage the translations.

1) Translation from German to English:
  1. Make sure that the language of the maps is currently listed as "German". (Use the "Correct" button if necessary).
  2. Use the "Translate" button to translate the maps.

2) Translation from other language pairs:
This is an option for technically skilled and dedicated users. The required translation tables will be not not provided by EVC, but must come from the user.
Here are the steps for a translation from German (de) to Italian (it). For other languages you only need to adjust file name and content. (Supported languages: de, en, it, fr, es, pt, nl, pl, ru, fi, no, sw)
  1. Download the template .
  2. In WinOLS press Shift+F12. Copy the file to this folder.
  3. Restart WinOLS. The new language pair now appears under "? > About Plugins" and in the translation menu.
  4. The template contains only 2 words. You can open the file with a text editor and add new word pairs yourself. Restart WinOLS afterwards.

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