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Version Date Access
Installation program BslToGo for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 1.34  17.03.2023  free
Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 06.04.2016 free
Useful addition: ini4WinOLS     free

For information about this product please consult its product page.

Errors / Changed Items:

* Changed Items Version Date
NewInternal improvements1.3417.03.2023
NewInternal improvements1.3325.04.2022
NewDriver updated1.3215.02.2019
FixedCrash on BSL access1.3122.03.2016
NewDriver update1.3021.03.2016
NewNew password option: SDI6 (Porsche)1.2929.10.2015
NewInstaller improved1.2830.09.2015
NewModell year up to 2016 added1.2830.09.2015
New5-day-backup can now be skipped1.2706.08.2015
FixedRare problem when loading BslToGo files1.2706.08.2015
NewSupport for TC1782/841.2626.05.2015
NewNow also external eprom for 17931.2521.04.2015
NewBSL dialogs can copy website infos offline 1.2401.04.2015
NewError texts improved1.2401.04.2015
NewSupport for TC17931.2401.04.2015
NewNeue Treiber1.2325.02.2015
NewImproved error messages1.2325.02.2015
NewPassword files can be exported1.2325.02.2015
NewBSL-ADP support1.2325.02.2015
FixedSID807 didnt work any more1.2228.01.2015
NewReading only eeprom possible1.2126.11.2014
NewReading password enhanced + improved1.2126.11.2014
NewAutomatic firmware update1.2126.11.2014
NewImport password files by drag+drop1.2009.10.2014
FixedFixed problem when reading1.1902.09.2014
FixedFixed error1.1821.08.2014
NewUpdated file format1.1705.07.2014
FixedTC1797 wasn't recognized1.1604.06.2014
NewAdditional external Eproms at TC1796 and TC17971.1521.05.2014
NewImproved reading of passwords1.1521.05.2014
FixedWrong suffix backup fixes1.1413.03.2014
NewDrivers updated1.1209.09.2013
NewNew property fields1.1113.05.2013
NewNew supported modules1.1113.05.2013
NewNew file format1.1113.05.2013
NewNew file format: BslType is stored1.1008.11.2012
NewNew, now with Siemens PCR2.11.0918.10.2012
NewBSL100 firmware update, modules wont work with older WinOLS versions afterwards1.0714.05.2012
NewImprovements for reading the password for BMW/Mini1.0714.05.2012
NewBetter logging / error messages1.0620.12.2011

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