Software BdmToGo

This software was developed to enable newcomer to readout and program BDM ECUs. The modification of the files will be done by other tuners with WinOLS.

For the transport of the files a scrambled data format is used, so that the tuner has exact control over his intellectual property.

A saving of the ECU contents as open binary file is not possible !!

The user interface is made in the "assistant style", so that a step can be done only after successful completion of the previous step.

  • Readout and program of all elements of an ECU with BDM interface

  • Administration of already readout and programmed files

  • User interface to input car and customer data

  • An own logo can be used

  • User interface in assistant style

  • The used data format "BdmToGo" is several times encrypted and secured

  • BDM driver kernel is identical with WinOLS

  • Free download


Part-No. Description
BDM500 BdmToGo Software

Features in detail: