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What does the error message 'Integrity check failed for ...' mean?

There are 3 possible causes:
  1. There is a virus on your PC which has changed the file (in the folder 'C:\Program Files (x86)\EVC\WinOLS' respectively 'C:\Program Files\EVC\WinOLS'). That's why it doesn't work any more. You can test your file with a website like Virustotal.com. Typically for this is that WinOLS works after a reinstallation for some time until the error message suddenly reappears. It doesn't matter if WinOLS is started normally or as administrator in this case.
    Solution: Remove the virus from your computer.
  2. The file exists twice under the same filename, but with different content. Typically for this is that WinOLS works if you start it with "Run as Administrator".
    Solution: Use the Explorer to visit 'C:\Program Files (x86)\EVC' respectively 'C:\Program Files\EVC' and delete the entire folder 'WinOLS' with the keys 'Shift+Del'. After that reinstall WinOLS.
  3. The mentioned file is missing on your PC although it should exist. You can check it with the Explorer. If it is missing, then it was probably deleted by your anti-virus software as "false-positive". (We have never had a virus in our programs. It was ALWAYS an error in the AV software).