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Checksum modules

What is CAdrCnv ?

Modern microcontrollers (and the C167 is already one of that) have a memory management unit, which separates the address space of the processor from the external address bus. So it can distinguish between program and data area, even both are located in the same eprom.

Until now the elements eprom, processor and eeprom were divided in WinOLS and managed in one project, but not the areas in each element. This was done by the checksums individually.

Now we have put both together in the central data structure CAdrCnv. This structure is initialised when the project is created. Then a checksums can modify it, if it is necessary.

It can be viewed in the project properties at "ECU-usage-...". Elements with type "Hardware" are inserted at the project creation. The checksums can modify them or insert new virtual elements.