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How can I import data from older projects?

If you have a new project that is similar to an old one, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. WinOLS has many Features to import the data. This applies both to structure information like maps and to concrete changes.
WinOLS offers the following Features:
Import changes
This is the most simply possibility to import data from another, opened project into the current project. Choose the menu item "Project" / "Ex- and Import" / "Import changes" (Hotkey Ctrl+Alt+I). In the automatic mode WinOLS will automatically recognize the maps the search them in the current project. The manual mode prepares two windows with Reference and Connection.

Reference version + Connect windows
These modes allow you to manually import data. This makes it very powerful, but also more difficult to use, than the assistant described above. You can activate these modes manually with the menu items of the "View" menu or let WinOLS configure them for you as described above. Afterwards you'll have both projects next to another. If you scroll one project, the other will be scrolled, too. To make comparison easier, the other window will always be the "reference version", meaning that its data will be used as original version for the current window (only temporary, don't worry). With a right click on a selection or a map in the hexdump you can transfer the data (Menu item "Transfer values" or "Transfer maps")

Import maps
If you're sure that all maps are still at the same address, you can use this menu item to import map information from another project. This will only transfer structure information (address, size, ...). The data within the maps will not be important.

Map packs
Similar to the point above, map packs can transfer map data. But you must begin by exporting maps from the old project into a map pack file to import them afterwards into the new project. This has several advantages. These files are much smaller than project files because they contain only structure information, no map values. This makes it easier to transfer them. Furthermore you can enter an offset when importing them.

This option was build into WinOLS for power users. With scripts ("Project" / "Ex- and Import" / "Scripts" or Hotkey F8) you can export structure and / or values of maps in special script files. These files automatically recognize if they can be applied and at which position the map, that should be modified, is located. Changes can be done absolute, relative or percentual. Use scripts if you have to do the same similar changes for many files.