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How do I find the offset for my Damos/A2L file?

First: This requires the appropriate WinOLS plugin.

And: If you do not find an offset, it is possible that the files do not match. An import is then not possible.

  1. Use the default settings.
    If your source data has an address offset (e.g. 8000.0000), the default settings are usually the best choice.

  2. If this does not work, uncheck the "Element information" checkbox and click on 'Automatic'. You can also try out the offsets that are stored in the combo boxes.

  3. If this does not work either, then look at the "Potential maps". Sort the list by the map size. Choose a map that is as large as possible and of which there is only one (or few) with these dimensions.
    Copy the last 4 digits of the map address. (Example: 17F2CE => F2CE)
    Open the A2L file in a text editor and search for it.
    The result you are looking for could look like this:
    /begin CHARACTERISTIC xyz

    The map size should appear somewhere in the next lines. Now enter as offset at "-": 84f2ce. And for the offset at "+", enter 17F2CE.

It can happen that there is no offset that imports 100% of the maps. For testing purposes, use the "Filter" button on the next page and display only 2d maps. If there are most of them, their offset is probably okay.