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Checksum details for OLS803

Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points2
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
12.07.20244.31NewNew Denso32
26.06.20244.30NewIsuzu Transtron: Checksum ranges increased.
11.06.20244.29NewNew Filesize.
11.06.20244.28NewNew Denso file.
13.04.20244.27NewNew file
23.01.20244.26New.hex import identification.
17.10.20234.25NewNew Denso Mazda.
17.08.20234.24FixedFixed a bug that caused a recursion.
16.08.20234.23NewNew Denso.
21.07.20234.22NewNew file Denso32.
20.07.20234.21NewNew Denso and another checksum for DC1U.
29.06.20234.20FixedBug fix.
22.05.20234.19NewNew Isuzu Transtron.
20.12.20224.18NewNew Transtron.
30.11.20224.17NewNew Denso files.
07.12.20214.16NewNew special case in Denso table.
28.06.20214.15NewNew Denso file size 0x800000.
23.06.20204.14FixedFixed a bug which the plugin would crash with a certain file size.
05.06.20204.13FixedFixed a bug that caused the program to crash with certain files.
14.11.20194.12NewNew entry in the search table.
21.10.20194.11FixedAdditional test built in to catch errors.
09.10.20194.10NewRevised search function
26.09.20194.09NewNew entrys in the search table
26.09.20194.08NewNew entry in the search table
24.09.20194.07NewNew entry in the search table
20.09.20194.06NewNew entry in the search table
09.09.20194.05NewIncorrect address deleted.
19.08.20194.04FixedTime for searching too long
05.07.20194.03NewReject at certain files faster
13.06.20194.02FixedError at calculation fixed
13.06.20194.01FixedTranstron was not found
11.06.20194.00NewRevised completely
26.04.20193.22NewNew file
13.02.20193.21NewTest Hyundai Starex
06.02.20193.20NewNew ACU file
16.11.20183.19NewNew Hino file
18.10.20183.18NewRecognition modified Mazda 6
10.10.20183.17FixedWrong recognition fixed
07.09.20183.16NewNew Transtron file
06.08.20183.15NewNew Kubota file