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Version details
Date Version*Change
07.09.20183.16NewNew Transtron file
06.08.20183.15NewNew Kubota file
26.07.20183.14NewNew file
21.06.20183.13NewNew Volvo VBF file
14.04.20183.12NewNew file
09.04.20183.11FixedMissing recognition Mitsubishi Pajero fixed
04.04.20183.10FixedErroneous recognition fixed
19.01.20183.09NewNew file
12.12.20173.08NewNew Kubota file
27.10.20173.07NewNow also Kubota with length 200000h
18.08.20173.06FixedProblem with VBF file fixed
13.07.20173.05NewNew Transtron file
30.01.20173.04FixedError fixed at Transtron files
18.01.20173.03NewNew Mitsubishi Fuso file
16.12.20163.02NewNew file
28.09.20163.01NewNew file
21.09.20163.00NewNew Volvo file
03.08.20162.99NewNew Hino file
26.07.20162.98NewNew Hyundai file
11.07.20162.97NewNew Transtron file
10.06.20162.96FixedWrong detection at Opel file fixed
19.04.20162.95NewNew Hyundai file
17.12.20152.94NewNew file
09.11.20152.93NewNew file
21.09.20152.92NewNow also file size 20000h at Mazda CX-7
06.08.20152.91NewNow also file length of 180000h at Transtron
05.08.20152.90FixedvSpire files were not recognized
29.07.20152.89NewNew Isuzu file
15.05.20152.88FixedPossible Crash fixed
07.05.20152.87FixedRecognition improved
23.04.20152.86FixedRecognition Isuzu Giga improved
15.04.20152.85NewMazda: Now also file length 1F7D00h - 1F8000h
10.02.20152.84NewNew Mazda CX-5 file
10.02.20152.83NewNew Volvo file
09.02.20152.82NewNew Volvo file
27.11.20142.81NewNew Mazda file
24.10.20142.80NewNew Transtron file
18.10.20142.79NewNew file
17.10.20142.78NewNow also file size 1FFD00h
11.06.20142.77NewSearching of checksum blocks and offsets improved at VBF projects