Checksum details for OLS1006 - Customer : not registered

NotesImports odx, odx-f, frf, sgo, sgm, pdx files 
Access Only online customers
Checksum points4
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Note: This plugin is currently in experimental state. Many files can be imported, but there are still a lot (e.g. DL501) which can't. If you have such a file, please send it to EVC. Furthermore we cannot guarantee that all of these files can be imported in future.

Version details
Date Version*Change
12.06.20181.042NewSupport for AL750
05.06.20181.041NewInternal improvements
23.04.20181.040NewSupport now also for AL651
18.04.20181.039NewSupport for AL551 files
19.03.20181.038FixedFurther address correction Simos 7.1
19.03.20181.037FixedImproved detect + further address correction Simos 7.1
19.03.20181.036FixedFurther address correction Simos 7.1
16.03.20181.035FixedFurther address correction Simos 7.1
16.03.20181.034FixedCorrected element addresses for Simos 7.1
20.02.20181.033NewSupport for Simos 7.1
16.02.20181.032NewSupport für Simos 16.1
08.02.20181.031FixedAnother detail problem
08.02.20181.030FixedSmaller error corrections
16.01.20181.029NewSupport for Simos SCG
08.01.20181.027FixedSometimes wrong filelength
05.01.20181.026NewSupport for DCM6
20.11.20171.025NewAnother encryption variant supported
09.11.20171.024NewSupport for SID309
08.11.20171.023FixedSome PDX files could not be imported
22.09.20171.022NewSupport for Simos 12.2
29.08.20171.021NewFRF: Two new variations are now supported
12.06.20171.020FixedWrong addresses for some PPD files
09.06.20171.019NewNew sub-types supported
07.06.20171.018NewImproved element type detection
19.04.20171.017FixedLast byte of a block could be one in one case
23.03.20171.016NewImport of PDX and SDIx expanded
14.03.20171.015FixedSome PDX files couldnt get imported
14.03.20171.014NewSupport for PDX files
27.02.20171.013NewAdditional method for address identification
27.02.20171.013NewNew subtype supported
23.02.20171.012NewSupport for PCR 2.1 files and improvements for subtype 11
21.02.20171.011NewImproved address handling for MEDC17
21.02.20171.011FixedWrong element addresses for Simos 12
17.02.20171.010FixedFillbytes 00, FF were sometimes wrong
17.02.20171.010NewFurther file format variants can be imported
21.11.20161.009NewNew support subtype A0
12.10.20161.008NewAddress-/Element-administration redone
23.09.20161.007NewImproved address detection for sgo-files and DQ500
22.09.20161.006NewAdditional internal type can now be imported