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Checksum details for OLS1006

NotesImports odx, odx-f, frf, sgo, sgm, pdx, .sox files 
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points4
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Note: We cannot guarantee 100% format coverage. While many files can be imported, there are also quite a few (e.g. DL501) where this does not work. If you have such a file, please send it to EVC. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that all files of this type can be imported in the future.

Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
17.04.20241.077NewImport improved
04.04.20241.076FixedODX-F import improved
14.11.20221.075NewImproved element addresses for Simos 23.41 SF6 and Simos 23.42 SF8
06.10.20221.074NewBetter element support for Siemens PDK
22.08.20221.073NewExtended import for some Simos
11.07.20221.072NewAnother file variant can now be imported
15.02.20221.071NewBetter addresses for AL552 / AL952
11.02.20221.070FixedProblems with pdx-import
11.02.20221.070NewSupport for AL552 / AL952
26.01.20221.069NewSupport for Simos15 SF7
17.11.20211.068FixedStability improved
12.11.20211.067NewSupport for ASG1 files
26.08.20211.066FixedWrong element addresses for some files
05.08.20211.065NewSeveral detail improvements
18.02.20211.064FixedInternal fix
15.02.20211.063FixedPossible crash when importing some files
25.01.20211.062NewImport improved
02.12.20201.061NewSDIx import improved
24.07.20201.060FixedWrong project size for a special kind of files
11.05.20201.059FixedHardware element sizes could be too large in special case
15.04.20201.058NewNow import of .sox files is supported
02.04.20201.057FixedImport improved
25.03.20201.056NewImproved SGO import function
09.03.20201.055NewMore files supported and many detail improvements
19.02.20201.054NewImport improved
19.12.20191.053NewImport improved
17.12.20191.052FixedAddress correction
18.09.20191.051NewSupport for Simos 12.9 files
13.11.20181.050NewMDG1 map area only
06.11.20181.049NewSupport for Siemens PDK
04.10.20181.048FixedFor MED17 a section was missing
01.10.20181.047FixedText error corrected
01.10.20181.046NewElement import is now more maps-targeted.
01.10.20181.046NewNew ECUs: Simos18, Simos20.20, Simos16.1, Simos16.21
24.09.20181.045NewSupport for MED 17.1.10 and more Simos types
22.08.20181.044NewElement-Handling improved
15.08.20181.043NewMore DQ/AL variations can now be imported
12.06.20181.042NewSupport for AL750
05.06.20181.041NewInternal improvements
23.04.20181.040NewSupport now also for AL651