Checksum details for OLS1006 - Customer : not registered

NotesImports SGO/FRF/ODX files 
Access Only online customers
Checksum points2
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Version details
Date Version*Change
23.02.20171.012NewSupport for PCR 2.1 files and improvements for subtype 11
21.02.20171.011NewImproved address handling for MEDC17
21.02.20171.011FixedWrong element addresses for Simos 12
17.02.20171.010FixedFillbytes 00, FF were sometimes wrong
17.02.20171.010NewFurther file format variants can be imported
21.11.20161.009NewNew support subtype A0
12.10.20161.008NewAddress-/Element-administration redone
23.09.20161.007NewImproved address detection for sgo-files and DQ500
22.09.20161.006NewAdditional internal type can now be imported
05.09.20161.005FixedCrash on some files
01.09.20161.004NewAdditional internal sub-formats supported
01.09.20161.004NewBeta: Import of SGO files
11.08.20161.003FixedError during element calculation
02.08.20161.002NewNew internal filetype supported
13.07.20161.001NewTest FRF-Import
23.05.20161.000NewNew plugin!