Option: Mitsubishi Xml Importer

The import filter OLS524 (Mitsubishi Xml Importer) imported maps from Mitsubishi Xml files.

The required information is sometimes spread over 2 Xml files. In this case both files must be imported AT THE SAME TIME. For this you have 2 options:
1) Use the WinOLS menu command to start the import module. Choose both files.
2) IN the Windows Explorer mark both files (Ctrl+Click) and drag them together into the project window.

It then automatically starts an import process, which is very similar to OLS521 (DAMOS / A2L - import filter).

Few tuners have the proper contacts to the manufacturers or racing departments who can get their hands on the data file for a certain ECU. For these "advanced tuners" the ecfg/txt import option has been implemented in order for them to be able to use the map information and properties from such a file directly in a WinOLS project.

For this task filters and choices are available to sort out only the required map information from the 2000 - 10000 maps contained in such a file.

We neither have such XML files nor do we have information about how or where to get them.

Part-No. Description
OLS524 WinOLS Mitsubishi Xml Importer

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