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Checksum details for OLS248

UseSiemens Renault / Volvo
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points1
More information -

Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
24.11.20233.07NewNew Siemens Kia.
08.02.20233.06FixedFixed a bug that prompted incorrect swapping for other files.
06.11.20213.05NewNew file
27.05.20213.04NewList expanded to include another Dacia / Renault.
27.07.20203.03NewAdded Kia Cerato.
27.12.20193.02NewNew file Tagaz C100 Vega
02.05.20193.01FixedFile was not recognized
22.02.20193.00NewRevised completely
02.11.20182.60FixedPossible crash at defect file fixed
28.10.20162.59FixedPossible crash fixed
26.10.20162.58NewNow also Cadillac SRX
24.10.20162.57NewNew SIRIUS34 file
29.01.20152.56NewNew Chery QQ file
01.07.20142.55FixedWrong recognition from last update fixed
24.06.20142.54NewNow also Dacia Duster 1.6L EMS3130 with file length of 80000h or 90000h
17.01.20132.53FixedProblem with compiler setting
14.01.20132.52NewNew file Samsung SM5
04.01.20132.51NewNow also Lifan Breez
09.11.20122.50NewNow also short file at Daewoo Matiz
04.10.20122.49NewNew file: Renault Sandero read with KESS
18.09.20122.48NewRecognition modified for Chevrolet Lacetti
01.08.20122.47NewNow also Daewoo
31.05.20122.46NewNow also Peugeot 206 with SIM2K34VR
07.05.20122.45NewNow also Changan files
07.12.20112.44NewNow also Huatai
27.09.20112.43NewNow also filelength 7A000h at SIM32
25.07.20112.42NewNew Rongwei file
27.05.20112.41NewNew file Hyundai 2.0L
12.05.20112.40NewNew file: Samand
03.05.20112.39NewNew Chevrolet Cruze file
27.04.20112.38NewWrong identification fixed
24.02.20112.37FixedError at OBD2 files fixed
01.02.20112.36NewChevrolet Cruze now also file length 1EFE0h
16.11.20102.34FixedRecognition fixed MG
05.08.20102.33NewNow also Chevrolet Aveo with Sirius D52
13.07.20102.32FixedDifferentiation from Mini improved
12.07.20102.31NewNow also Dacia with length of 5FF0
18.06.20102.30NewCorrection Sirius34 for CMD
20.05.20102.29NewNew file Chevrolet Lacetti
22.03.20102.28FixedPlacement of the readout protection modified at SIM32