Checksum details for OLS524 - Customer : not registered

UseMitsubishi Xml Importer
NotesImports maps from Mitsubishi XML files 
Access Only online customers
Checksum points4
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Version details
Date Version*Change
23.06.20171.008FixedFactor/Offset werent always correctly imported.
16.06.20171.007FixedChoosing 2 XML files manually didnt work
14.06.20171.006Folders, Factor+Offset and improved import quality
13.06.20171.005FixedSeveral import errors fixed
12.06.20171.004FixedRegistration problems on some systems
15.05.20171.003FixedImport of fractionend map data didnt work.
15.05.20171.002FixedProblems with multiple rom tags in one file
12.05.20171.001FixedProblems with the registration
05.04.20171.000NewFirst official release
05.04.20170.901FixedSmaller text corrections
04.04.20170.900Newfirst release
03.04.20170NewNot yet ready