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Checksum details for OLS823

Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points2
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
31.05.20242.51NewNew Delphi MT05.2.
30.01.20242.50NewAdded checksum for MT05.2.
19.09.20232.49NewNew Keihin Bikes Triumph.
05.05.20232.48NewNew file
04.05.20232.47NewAt M3D, M4C, M4D now a data element is inserted
11.04.20232.46FixedChanged patchblock address for M3D.
28.11.20222.45NewAdded KTM M4C.
04.11.20222.44NewKeihin Bikes: Honda 450 and KTM 450.
23.06.20222.43NewSiemens M3D/M4D/M4C: New File.
03.06.20222.42NewSiemens M3D/M4D/M4C: new size.
30.05.20222.41FixedSiemens M3D/M4D/M4C: Fixed an error on CVN correction.
25.05.20222.40NewPatch for M3D/M4D installed and new Denso Bikes added.
20.05.20222.39NewDenso Bikes: Yamaha Tmax.
19.05.20222.38NewM4C installed.
18.05.20222.37NewSiemens M3D/M4D: New checksum installed.
11.05.20222.36NewSiemens M3D/M4D: Changes in correction.
04.05.20222.35NewSiemens M3D/M4D: Changes in the checksum correction.
30.03.20222.34NewNew: Bosch MSE6 Bikes.
13.12.20212.33NewNew Siemens MD3/MD4
14.08.20212.32NewNew MT05 file
25.11.20202.30NewNew Suzuki GSX file
23.11.20202.29NewChecksums for Siemens M3C about complete file.
18.08.20202.28NewNew Keihin Triumph file
07.05.20202.27NewFurther Harley Davidson files supported
29.04.20202.26NewNew Denso file
18.02.20202.25NewAdditional file length at M3C
02.02.20202.24FixedWrong identification fixed
22.11.20192.23NewNow also Triumph files with length of 140000h
20.10.20192.22NewAdditional file size of 48200h at Siemens/VDO M3C
29.04.20192.21NewNew Yamaha file
16.04.20192.20NewNew KTM file
01.04.20192.19NewNow also file size of 40040h at M3C files
26.02.20192.18NewTest M4D
23.08.20182.17NewNew file Kawasaki Z1000
09.03.20182.16NewNew Suzuki file
27.09.20172.15NewNow also Siemens/Continental M3C
23.02.20172.14NewNew file Harley Davidson with length of C0040h
27.07.20162.13NewNow also Yamaha with 100000h long files
08.06.20162.12NewNow also Husqvarna with length 120000h