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Version details
Date Version*Change
04.07.20192.20FixedFalse detection fixed
30.01.20192.19NewRecognition modified
12.12.20182.18NewDetection sharpend
05.09.20172.17FixedDelphi Jaguar excluded
04.06.20142.16NewRecognition improved
16.03.20142.15NewNew file
12.04.20132.14NewNew 3MB file
10.04.20132.13NewNow also PCM122 with KESS files
10.11.20122.12NewPatch at certain files
19.10.20122.11FixedRecognition improved
20.09.20122.10NewNow also Ford Mustang
24.04.20122.09NewExclusion of files, where this checksum doesnt work
24.02.20122.08NewNow also PCM150
25.11.20092.07NewNow also black oak files with 60000h length
20.11.20082.06NewRecognition improved
19.11.20082.05NewNow also Black Oak with filelength 1B0000h
18.11.20082.04NewNow also Ford Focus with Silver Oak ECU
12.03.20082.03NewChecksum interface updated
23.05.20062.02NewBDM readout protection improved
08.12.20052.00NewNew registration
24.06.20050Not yet ready