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Checksum details for OLS810

UseDelphi Truck
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points2
More information -

Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
02.05.20232.39NewNew Delphi Truck
02.05.20232.38NewNew Delphi Truck
06.03.20232.37NewNew Delphi Truck size.
06.02.20232.36NewNew Delphi Truck
02.02.20232.35NewNew Delphi Truck files.
19.10.20212.34NewNew Metatron identification.
04.05.20212.33NewNew size for Delphii Truck.
14.04.20212.32NewNew file size added and checksum corrected, which note a different block size. Delphi Truck
12.04.20212.31FixedError at file size 20000h
08.02.20212.30NewNew UD Quon file
29.05.20202.29NewNew PACCAR file
23.03.20202.28FixedCrash fixed
27.02.20202.27NewNew PACCAR file
12.02.20202.26NewPaccar: new file size of 0xBF000
01.08.20192.25NewPaccar: new file size of 0xFF000
12.07.20182.24NewNew file Nissan UD GW400
04.08.20172.23FixedError at recognition fixed
31.07.20172.22FixedPossible crash fixed
12.07.20172.21NewNew Hyundai HD500 file
06.02.20172.20FixedErroneous recognition
17.01.20172.19NewNew Hyundai file
11.11.20152.18NewNew file
15.04.20152.17NewOther file formats for ETC3
20.02.20152.16FixedPossible crash at CMD files
26.01.20152.15NewNow also 3MB files
11.06.20142.14NewNow also Nissan 470
28.07.20112.13NewMetatron MF3: Now also BDM files
26.05.20112.12NewNow also Metatron MF3
12.07.20102.11NewRecognition modified
23.06.20102.10NewNew file
05.10.20092.09NewNew file
23.03.20092.08NewNew file of Hyundai Trago
04.03.20092.07NewNow also Hyundai Trago
04.07.20082.06NewNew file
12.03.20082.05NewChecksum interface updated
29.02.20082.04NewRecognition modified for new files
28.02.20082.03NewRecognition modified for new files
26.02.20082.02NewRecognition changed + now also Byteshooter files
12.02.20072.01FixedSlows down the WinOLS startup