Checksum details for OLS818 - Customer : not registered

UseSiemens Tricore
NotesSupports EMS2xxx, EMS3xxx, PCR2, SID208-807, SIM2K-xxx, SIMOS8-18 
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Checksum points3
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Version details
Date Version*Change
16.03.20172.71FixedError at MSD80 fixed
14.03.20172.70NewRecognition of SDI3 - SDI10 improved
03.03.20172.69FixedError at EMS3125 fixed
23.02.20172.68NewImproved block recognition at complete PCR2.1 files
09.02.20172.67NewAdditive checksum now also at SIMOS8.4
09.12.20162.66NewNow also SIMOS16
23.11.20162.65NewNow also SID310
07.11.20162.64NewNew EMS2211 file
07.11.20162.63NewNew EMS24xx file
01.10.20162.62NewNew EMS2511 file
05.08.20162.61FixedAdditive checksum was not found at SIMOS8.31
15.07.20162.60NewNew SID209 file
21.03.20162.59FixedError in result detection fixed
17.03.20162.58FixedProblem at SID208 Peugeot Boxer fixed
18.02.20162.56NewNow also EMS3155
10.02.20162.55NewNew EMS24xx file
09.02.20162.54NewNew SID209 file
01.02.20162.53NewNew file SID309
10.12.20152.52NewImproved support of VBF files with empty elements
22.11.20152.51NewProblem at MSD85 fixed
17.11.20152.50FixedError at SID208 fixed
31.10.20152.49FixedPossible problem at VBF project fixed
29.10.20152.48NewBlock recognition reorganized. Works also on MSD8x and SDIx.
01.08.20152.47NewNew EMS3110 file
10.07.20152.46NewEMS2204 was not found, search function modified, element generation modified, now the maps are in the element DATA
07.07.20152.45NewNow also EMS3125
06.07.20152.44FixedRecognition SID305/6 improved
18.05.20152.43FixedPossible crash fixed
06.05.20152.42NewNew SID208 file
17.04.20152.41NewNew file
09.04.20152.40FixedRecognition SIMOS12 improved
08.04.20152.39FixedSID305/6 were not recognized any more
29.03.20152.38FixedRecognition SIMOS8.5 improved
23.03.20152.37FixedWrong recognition
20.03.20152.36NewNew file
04.03.20152.35NewNow also SID307
16.01.20152.34NewRecognition SID208 / SID807 improved
12.01.20152.33NewNow also SIM2K-245
25.12.20142.31NewNow also EMS3120