Checksum details for OLS818 - Customer : not registered

UseSiemens Tricore
NotesSupports EMS2xxx, EMS3xxx, PCR2, SID208-807, SIM2K-xxx, SIMOS8-18 
Access Only online customers
Checksum points3
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Version details
Date Version*Change
24.09.20213.04NewNew ID EMS2208
26.07.20213.03NewNew SID209 file
10.05.20213.02NewNew file size for special handling for SIMOS8.6 and SIM2K-260.
12.04.20213.01NewSpecial handling for SIMOS8.6 and SIM2K-260
02.03.20213.00NewNew SID212 ID
27.10.20202.99NewNew SID209 ID added.
19.10.20202.98NewSID603 IDs added.
08.05.20202.97FixedSID212 recognition fixed
07.04.20202.96NewMore SID209 IDs added
06.04.20202.95NewCustomer specific handling of SID209 files
23.03.20202.94NewDetection SIMOS16.21 implemented
14.08.20192.93NewRecognition of add CS improved in MSD87
30.07.20192.92FixedWrong block detection in PCR2.1
11.07.20192.91NewTest SID212
26.04.20192.90NewNow also SIM2K-253
17.04.20192.89NewADD64 calculation now also at SIMOS10.1
18.07.20182.88NewNew: EMS2214
08.07.20182.87NewNew file Ford EMS24xxx
07.06.20182.86FixedNo more message for not found checksum block, if it does not exist in the file
26.04.20182.85NewNow also EMS2302
05.04.20182.84NewNow also SIM2K-260
28.03.20182.83NewNow also SDI8, text comp fix at PCR2.1
26.10.20172.82NewRecognition SDI10 improved
26.10.20172.81NewSIM271: Recognize codings
12.10.20172.80NewNow also SIMOS18 SCG
29.08.20172.79NewNow also SIMOS18.41
12.07.20172.78NewNew SID807 file
26.06.20172.77NewRecognition improved SIMOS12.2
08.05.20172.76NewAddress recognition improved
25.04.20172.75NewNew file
19.04.20172.74NewRecognition of MSD80 versions 0044 and 0049Q
28.03.20172.73NewNew SID209 file
23.03.20172.72NewNow also SDI7
16.03.20172.71FixedError at MSD80 fixed
14.03.20172.70NewRecognition of SDI3 - SDI10 improved
03.03.20172.69FixedError at EMS3125 fixed
23.02.20172.68NewImproved block recognition at complete PCR2.1 files
09.02.20172.67NewAdditive checksum now also at SIMOS8.4
09.12.20162.66NewNow also SIMOS16
23.11.20162.65NewNow also SID310