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Version details
Date Version*Change
11.01.20184.054FixedSome 1d maps with float axes were not imported
01.12.20174.053FixedProblems when importing with certain manual offsets
10.10.20174.052FixedEntering offset manually didnt work any more
09.10.20174.051NewOffset administration now via ComboBox
20.09.20174.050NewError log Desktop now optional
05.09.20174.049FixedSome special maps could not be imported
31.08.20174.048FixedText axis data didnt work for some maps of the type 2d swapped
30.08.20174.047FixedMap start address was slightly off in some cases
30.08.20174.047FixedAxis comments were not imported
28.08.20174.046FixedSome maps could not be imported because of their axis data
07.07.20174.045FixedPossible crash when sorting by size
25.04.20174.044FixedSeveral new A2L attributes are now understood
21.04.20174.043FixedAxis text data sometimes had an offset
20.04.20174.042Wrong start address for some maps without axis data
06.04.20174.041FixedSlightly wrong axis offset for some maps
29.03.20174.040FixedFormulas could be imported wrong
27.03.20174.039FixedWrong offset for some files
27.03.20174.039FixedWrong factor/offset for some maps
22.03.20174.038Fixed1d map with content/axis-mixing was imported wrong
21.03.20174.037FixedSome RAM-values were not imported
07.03.20174.036FixedSome axes were imported incorrectly
06.03.20174.035FixedSorting could be wrong
13.02.20174.034FixedMaps with different bit widths in the axes couldnt be imported
09.02.20174.033NewImproved automatic offset recognition
09.02.20174.033FixedSome maps couldnt be imported since the previous update
07.02.20174.032Fixed1d map with a mixture of map / axis data wasnt always imported correctly
07.02.20174.031FixedProblems with files without newlines
07.02.20174.031FixedAxis data with index,value wasnt recognized, depending on endian
24.01.20174.030FixedFactor/Offset werent imported correctly in some cases
06.01.20174.029FixedFor RAM variables, the names were not imported properly.
06.01.20174.028FixedFor RAM variables, the names were not imported properly.
22.12.20164.027NewReactivated error logfile on the desktop
25.11.20164.026NewOffset search faster and better
21.10.20164.025FixedOffset in axis address for some maps
02.09.20164.024FixedMap selections via mouse/keyboard we not processed correctly
08.08.20164.023FixedFor some files map + axis address was slightly moved
06.06.20164.022FixedCrash on special data fixed
02.06.20164.021FixedCrash on very long map texts
30.05.20164.020FixedWrong offset for maps with mixed bit width
12.05.20164.019NewNew import option: Store descriptions as map comment