Option: CFF-Importer/Exporter

This DLL allows the import and export of unencrypted (binary) CFF files. CFF files with XML content are not supported. An export is only possible for files imported with this plugin.

Currently known ECUs:

ECUImportMod + CSBinary exportExport CFF/ Prog
Conti/Temic ACM / MCMYesOLS824Yes, with Offset 0x20000Yes
Bosch MED17YesOLS807Yes, map areaYes, but not for programming
Siemens VGS NAG2YesOLS817Yes, with offset 0x40000Not tested yet
Siemens VGS NAG4YesOLS817Yes, with offset 0x50000Not tested yet

Note: This plugin is in the experimental stage. Many files can be imported, but there are also some where this is not possible. If you have such a file, please send it to EVC. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that all files of this type can be imported in the future.

Part-No. Description
OLS1008 CFF-Importer/Exporter

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