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Version details
Date Version*Change
09.08.20182.78NewNew DCM3.7 file in Hyundai i20
21.06.20182.77NewDCM3.3: further file size 2A.0000h
20.06.20182.76NewTest DCM3.3
14.05.20182.75NewNew file
24.10.20172.74NewDCM3.7: Fork lift
28.09.20172.73FixedCrash at certain file sizes fixed
29.06.20172.72FixedCrash on CS-Search
22.06.20172.71NewNew file DCM3.7
21.06.20172.70NewNew file Infinity Q50
17.03.20172.69NewAdditional file size at CRD3
14.02.20172.68NewNew Tata Safari file
26.01.20162.67NewNow also file size 300400h at DCM3.5
21.04.20152.66NewNew DCM3.7 file
17.09.20142.65NewAdditional file lengths
09.09.20142.64NewNew DCM3.7 file
02.09.20142.63NewNow also file size of 81000h for DCM3.2
10.08.20142.62NewNew DCM3.7 file
27.05.20142.61NewDCM3.2 binary files which consist of processor and eprom contents are now recgognized better. -All elements- are selected so that the complete files is exported.
13.03.20142.60NewRecognition of Dacia files improved
26.11.20132.59NewRecognition at 60000h files modified
23.10.20132.58NewRecognition at 60000h files modified
05.08.20132.57NewNow also Dacia Logan with length of 60000h
04.04.20132.56NewNow also DCM3.7 with length of 2A0000h
03.04.20132.55NewNow also Chevrolet Cruze 2MB files
26.03.20132.54NewDCM3.7: Now also Hyundai Porter with file length of 1D0000h
20.03.20132.52NewDCM3.7: Now also 3MB file
20.03.20132.53NewDCM3.7: Opel with file length 80000h, Ssangyong Korando with new file
18.02.20132.51NewNew file Renault Fluence
15.01.20132.50FixedFile was not recognized
13.01.20132.49NewNew file
21.12.20122.48FixedElement name will not be modified any more at DCM3.5
08.11.20122.47NewNew file Peugeot 508
07.11.20122.46NewRecognition DCM3.7 modified
05.11.20122.45NewNow also file length of 400000h at DCM3.5 because of VBF files
29.10.20122.44NewNow also Ssangyong Korando
05.10.20122.43NewMercedes CRD2: Now also TrasData files
10.07.20122.42NewNow also MB CRD3
04.07.20122.41NewNow also DCM3.7 Kia, Hyundai with Dimsport NEW TRASDATA or Piasini SerialSuite. Unfortunately Skaoda is not possible.
11.04.20122.40NewIdentification modified at DCM3.5
22.03.20122.39FixedDCM3.4: Checksum on address 0 was not corrected