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Checksum details for OLS809

UseDelphi DCM3
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points2
More information -

Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
20.09.20232.99FixedMissing CS in DCM3.3++ eeprom installed.
13.09.20232.98NewDCM3.3+ EEPROM added and new DCM3.7
01.06.20232.97NewDetection area extended at DCM3.4
11.04.20232.96NewNew DCM3.7.
02.01.20232.95NewNew size for Delphi DCM3.7.
19.12.20222.94NewNew DCM 3.7 file.
06.10.20222.93FixedNew DCM 3.7 file.
04.10.20222.92NewNew file DCM3.7.
05.05.20212.91FixedProblem at certain file sizes fixed
03.05.20212.90NewDCM3.4 - SH7058 - elements considered.
03.05.20212.89NewDCM3.4 Renesas SH7058
14.01.20212.88NewAdditional detection for file size 0x1F.0000.
09.01.20212.87NewNow also Hex files with length of 1F.0000 at DCM3.3
10.02.20202.86NewNew projectsize.
14.11.20192.85NewNew file DCM3.7 Bobcat
18.09.20192.84NewNew projectsize.
24.07.20192.83NewAt DCM3.2 binary files the Eprom element will be no longer activated but the All Elerments
01.07.20192.82NewNew Doosan file
11.12.20182.81NewTest new CRD3 file
22.10.20182.80NewNew file MB CRD3
16.10.20182.79FixedSecond address area was not respected
09.08.20182.78NewNew DCM3.7 file in Hyundai i20
21.06.20182.77NewDCM3.3: further file size 2A.0000h
20.06.20182.76NewTest DCM3.3
14.05.20182.75NewNew file
24.10.20172.74NewDCM3.7: Fork lift
28.09.20172.73FixedCrash at certain file sizes fixed
29.06.20172.72FixedCrash on CS-Search
22.06.20172.71NewNew file DCM3.7
21.06.20172.70NewNew file Infinity Q50
17.03.20172.69NewAdditional file size at CRD3
14.02.20172.68NewNew Tata Safari file
26.01.20162.67NewNow also file size 300400h at DCM3.5
21.04.20152.66NewNew DCM3.7 file
17.09.20142.65NewAdditional file lengths
09.09.20142.64NewNew DCM3.7 file
02.09.20142.63NewNow also file size of 81000h for DCM3.2
10.08.20142.62NewNew DCM3.7 file
27.05.20142.61NewDCM3.2 binary files which consist of processor and eprom contents are now recgognized better. -All elements- are selected so that the complete files is exported.
13.03.20142.60NewRecognition of Dacia files improved