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Checksum details for OLS800

UseSiemens MSV70
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points2
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
15.03.20233.01NewSiemens MSV70/MSD70: identification adjusted.
23.04.20213.00NewAdded OLS277 Siemens MS45 BMW.
14.01.20102.06NewNow also Optican files
12.03.20082.05NewChecksum interface updated
25.08.20062.04NewModified to CAdrCnv
23.05.20062.03NewBDM readout protection improved
04.05.20062.02NewNow also MSS70
08.12.20052.00NewNew registration