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Option: Cummins ecfg Importer

The import filter OLS523 (Cummins ecfg Importer) imported maps from Cummins files.

For technical reasons, 1-2 files are required:

  1. The ecfg file
  2. Optional: A txt file with information about which map ID can be assigned to which address.

If OLS523 is installed, it is sufficient to select the ecfg file and drag them into the WinOLS project together. It then automatically starts an import process, which is very similar to OLS521 (DAMOS / A2L - import filter).

The format of the optional txt files is simple. Each line contains the id and the address, in each case as a hex. All common separators like ;, - spaces or tabs are accepted. Additional texts per line are allowed and ignored.

Few tuners have the proper contacts to the manufacturers or racing departments who can get their hands on the data file for a certain ECU. For these "advanced tuners" the ecfg/txt import option has been implemented in order for them to be able to use the map information and properties from such a file directly in a WinOLS project.

For this task filters and choices are available to sort out only the required map information from the 2000 - 10000 maps contained in such a file.

We neither have such ecfg/txt files nor do we have information about how or where to get them.

Provided functions:
  • Import ECFG-Files

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OLS523 WinOLS Option Cummins ecfg Importer € 785,40
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