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UseCaterpillar FLS Import/Export
NotesImport and export Caterpillar FLS files 
Access Only online customers
Checksum points6
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Note: This plugin is currently in experimental state. Many files can be imported, but there are still some which can't. If you have such a file, please send it to EVC. Furthermore we cannot guarantee that all of these files can be imported in future.

Version details
Date Version*Change
09.03.20181.007NewFL2-Re-Export Experimental; Careful with the Suffix, WinOLS 4.02 will suggest it correctly
09.03.20181.007NewFL2-Import Beta
22.02.20181.006FixedExport was bad for some file types
22.12.20171.005FixedPossible storage error
23.11.20171.004FixedFor some files the created elements were too big
16.11.20171.003NewExport imitates the source files newline-format requires import with version 1.003
07.11.20171.002NewImproved export quality
09.10.20171.001NewInformation improved
26.09.20171.000NewFirst release - Beta
18.02.20100NewNot yet ready