On the reseller marktplatz you'll find 1066358 WinOLS projects with tuning versions and map collections. You can purchase them from resellers, download and use them directly in WinOLS (Client-menu).
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FordMondeo1.6 SCTi EcoBoost 118kW 160HP160.0PS 117.7KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
John Deere8520Tractor295.0PS 217.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
John DeereTractorTractor176.8PS 130.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
ScaniaP series380 HPI 280kW 380PS380.2PS 279.6KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
HyundaiSanta Fe2.0 CRDi 83kW 113HP112.8PS 83.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
ScaniaR series500 PDE 368kW 500HP500.3PS 368.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
MitsubishiLancer1.8 MIVEC 103kW 140HP140.0PS 103.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
ScaniaR series440 XPI 324kW 440HP440.0PS 323.6KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
Peugeot5082.0 HDi 120kW 163HP163.0PS 119.9KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
ValtraT161Tractor159.1PS 117.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
ValtraT161 117kW 159PS159.1PS 117.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
MitsubishiOutlander2.4 118kW 160HP160.4PS 118.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
John Deere6 series6170R171.3PS 126.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
SsangYongKyron2.0 Xdi 104kW 141HP141.4PS 104.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
DAFXFXF105.460 340kW462.3PS 340.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1 + speed limit 93 HPh
OpelAstra III1.9 CDTI 150HP 110kW150PS 110.3KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile stage 1 mappack English
DodgeCaliber2.0i156.0PS 114.7KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1 + VCT
MitsubishiColt1.5 Turbo 110kW 150HP149.6PS 110.0KWV-tech Tuningtuningfile stage 2 205hp
Ferrari360 ModenaV-tech Tuningtuningfile st1
RenaultMegane IIIRS2502.0 T250.0PS 183.9KWSiemensRD9A197000000RD9A197000000V-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1 L2 off second lambda off
VWCaddy1.6 TDI CR102.0PS 75.0KWSiemens03L906023PESM2F0L9500000V-tech Tuning tuningfile DPF off FAP off LimitedMappack 14 maps
Peugeot4072.0 HDI170.0PS 125.0KWDCM3.51_090729 T6A6LB01_DELIV_6_D2X7_AM6_PostDMS1_090729_PSADelphi DCM3.5V-tech Tuningsuper mappack
MercedesS350 225kW 305hP305.9PS 225.0KWBosch0 261 S06 497518396V-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
ScaniaR series560 PDE 412kW 560HP560.2PS 412.0KWvisteonPPCCMFCC300PPCCMF30060400PPCCMFPE300V-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
ScaniaR series400 PDE399.7PS 294.0KW20121006SPG054TUUPPCCMF30060400V-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
NissanNavara2.5 dCi 128kW 174HP174.0PS 128.0KWDenso23710 EC02AV-tech Tuningtuningfile st1 DPF off
LincolnNavigator5.4 V8 224kW 305HP304.6PS 224.0KW3L7ACBMTAL1B7.HEXV-tech Tuning
HyundaiGenesis2.0T 159kW213Hp216.2PS 159.0KWSiemens39120-2C050691F1EMS20000V-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
RenaultTwingo1.6 98kW 133PS133.2PS 98.0KWSiemensKA8521F2000000RD3F200010171392AAV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
MitsubishiPajero3.0 V6 131kW 178HP178.1PS 131.0KWDenso8761000FMQSQRRPPNLIG332103FDAV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
John DeereHarvesterHarvester Machine277.4PS 204.0KWPhoenixSW51024BV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
John DeereHarverster MachineCombine Harvester371.2PS 273.0KWPhoenixSW60072LV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
FordTransit6.Generation2.4 D140.0PS 103.0KWSiemensContinentalFRQ61B2000000CAFRQB20FRQB200010260409AAFRQ61B2000000V-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
SubaruImpreza2.0 D 110kW 150HP149.6PS 110.0KWDensoHWK903ZN4DK903ZN4DT231JZ4A211BV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
HondaCR-V2.4 i-VTEC 166 Hp168.6PS 124.0KWHonda70121010556407020105567FGGFFM50142020V-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
OpelAstra1.4 Turbo ecoFLEX 103kW 140HP140.0PS 103.0KW01013466776667776V-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
MercedesG400 CDI 184kW 250HP250.2PS 184.0KWB7I5M3T1Y99770000ED0037V-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
CheryEastar B112.0 92kw125.1PS 92.0KWJM93768MMPNQQRSXYXVSSSSV-tech Tuningtuningfile st 1
VolvoS602.4 D5205.0PS 150.8KWEDC17_CP2230771579 AD30771579 ADEDC17V-tech Tuningsuper mappack
VWPolo1.2TDI80.0PS 58.8KWDCM3.703P906021B Delphi DCM3.7V-tech Tuningsuper mappack