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On the reseller marktplatz you'll find 7559123 WinOLS projects with tuning versions and map collections. You can purchase them from resellers, download and use them directly in WinOLS (Client-menu).
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ProducerSeriesBuildModelCharacteristicOutputEcu ManufacturerEcu BuildECU-Nr. ECUECU-Nr. ProdSoftwareSoftwareVersionNameProjectType
Audi    English Ols 0261207324  Bosch ME7.5 0261207324 8N0906018AK 360281  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi   1.8T English Ols 0261206917  Bosch ME7.5 0261206917 4B0906018CA   Ics Tuning  Super Mappack  
Audi    English Ols 0261206611  Bosch ME7.5 0261206611 8N0906018L  360276  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi    English Ols 0261207417  Bosch ME7.5 0261207417 8N0906018AM 360844  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3   English _ Ols 06A906032AT  Bosch ME7.5 0261206146 06A906032AT 352755  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3  150 PS 1.8 T ME7.5 English _ Ols_06A906032AS 150.0PS / 110.3KW Bosch ME7.5 0261206435 06A906032AS 352757  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3   English _ Ols_06A906032AT  Bosch ME7.5 0261206146 06A906032AT 352755  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3   English_Ols_06A906032BA  Bosch ME7.5 0261206149 06A906032BA 352754  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3 8P 1.9 TDI PD STage1 Egr Off Launch   Bosch EDC16 0281011383 03G906016J  369261  Ics Tuning  Tuningfile 
Audi A3  1.8T English_Ols_06A906032BJ 180.0PS / 132.4KW Bosch ME7.5 0261206892 06A906032BJ 360288  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3 8L 1.8T English_Ols_06A906032DJ  Bosch ME7.5 0261206864 06A906032DJ 360293  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3 8L 1.8T English_Ols_06A906032FB  Bosch ME7.5 0261207209 06A906032FB 360242  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3  150 PS 1.8T ME7.5 English _ Ols_06A906032AC 150.0PS / 110.3KW Bosch ME7.5 0261206580 06A906032AC 352756  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack  
Audi A3  1.8T English Ols 06A906032FE  Bosch ME7.5 0261207205 06A906032FE 360237  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3 8L 1.8T English Ols 06A906032FG  Bosch ME7.5 0261207206 06A906032FG 360241  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3  1.8T   Bosch ME7.5 0261207436 06A906032HJ 366426  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3 8L 1.8T English Ols 0261207441  Bosch ME7.5 0261207441 06A906032HP 360647  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3 8L 1.8T English Ols 0261207442  Bosch ME7.5 0261207442 06A906032HQ 366418  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3   English_ Ols_06A906032DK  Bosch ME7.5 0261206863 06A906032DK 354597  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3 8P 1.9 TDI PD STage1 Egr Off Launch   Bosch EDC16 0281011383 03G906016J  369261  Ics Tuning  Tuningfile 
Audi A3  180 PS 1.8T ME7.5 English Ols 0261206197 180.0PS / 132.4KW Bosch ME7.5 0261206197 06A906032S  352760  Ics Tuning   
Audi A3 2007 2.0 Tfsi Stage 1 0261S02517 242.0PS / 178.0KW Bosch M9.1 0261S02517 8P0907115T  387458  Ics Tuning  Tuningfile 
Audi A3  2,0FSI English Ols 0261S02014 150.0PS / 110.3KW Bosch MED9.5.10 0261S02014 06F906056S  358187  Ics Tuning  Super Mappak 
Audi A3 8L 1.8T English Ols 0261207443  Bosch ME7.5 0261207443 06A906032HR 360649  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack 
Audi A3 8L 1.8T English Ols 0261207773 150.0PS / 110.3KW Bosch ME7.5 0261207773 06A906032LM 363059  Ics Tuning  Super Mappack