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Certified WinOLS Training

You want to know more about tuning with WinOLS ?

Get trained by one of our Certified Trainers.

At EVC, we created the Certified Trainer Program to ensure that WinOLS training is of guaranteed quality and that the trainer has in-depth knowledge.

All trainers below in the list have participated in an intensive training with subsequent examination beyond their normal work with WinOLS. This examination covered both the knowledge of WinOLS and the suitability and approach as a teacher. This is the only way we can ensure that WinOLS training courses are conducted with the quality we require.

By contacting our Certified Trainers, you are guaranteed a uniform price. Our official price list for the courses is strictly respected by all our WinOLS teachers.

Country Thailand
Name Ryutech Company Limited
Website https://www.ryutech.co.th
E-Mail ryutechtuning@gmail.com
Phone +66838246156
Experience We specializes in engine tuning with experiences in both chiptuning and racing (motorsport). Supporting professional tuners in Thailand and South East Asia for cars, bikes, and trucks application. At Ryutech, Thailand, we have training facilities with in-house steady state dynamometer.

Training available in Thai and English.
Training possible online True
Training possible on siteTrue
Max. Participants on site 3

16.05.2022 09:00:00 3 Days Correct use of WinOLS - Petrol tuning principles (THAI Language)
27.06.2022 09:00:00 3 Days Correct use of WinOLS - Diesel tuning principles (THAI Language)
07.09.2022 09:00:00 3 Days Correct use of WinOLS - Petrol tuning principles (THAI Language)