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We also offer super map packs for VAG and many 2.0 TDI CR tuning files Stage 1, Stage 2, DPF OFF, DTC OFF, Pop and Bang, Sportdisplay. VAG EDC17, MED17, MDG1, and MD1, Simos18, DCM6.2 we update our data every day.Tuningfiles-Germany is a young association of partners from different areas of expertise. Our founder and managing director has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years and has a team of application engineers who carry out their job with a lot of passion and attention to detail. This is the only way we can present this quality to our partners in the long term.Our chief engineer has over 16 years of experience and we supply tuning companies, dealers and partners with everything they need for chip tuning. Hardware, software and of course the necessary support! Also ask about our franchise models where you can receive up to 50 new customer inquiries per day, depending on the model.

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