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Checksum details for OLS830

UseBosch MDG1
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points3
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
16.04.20242.45NewAddress processing revised.
18.03.20242.44FixedBug fix in EEPROM checksum.
27.02.20242.43NewInternal optimizations, new element installation, new version of the hash patch.
30.01.20242.42FixedAdjustments for hash checksum for hex imports.
26.01.20242.41NewCorrected incorrect end address in patch and added an RSA warning.
15.01.20242.40FixedBug in EEPROM fixed which crashed the PlugIn.
29.11.20232.39FixedBug fix for MD1CE101/MD1CS069 patch.
22.11.20232.38NewMore EEPROM version.
11.09.20232.37FixedPatch correction address changed.
18.08.20232.36NewLarger files added to the identification.
24.01.20232.35FixedBlock detection improved
19.01.20232.34NewExtended block search, so that blocks are also found which contain several hardware elements, incorrect checksums are not inserted for variant blocks ID 70
04.11.20222.33NewImplement MD1CE101 and MD1CS069 checksum.
21.10.20222.32FixedProblems on some computers
14.10.20222.31FixedFixed the bug of WinOLS4 version.
07.10.20222.30NewAdded EEPROM for MD1CS001. Beta
01.08.20222.29NewCVN fix with checkbox to switch on and off.
19.07.20222.28FixedEEprom checksum bug corrected.
13.04.20222.27NewChanges on Ford checksum and in the EEPROM area.
24.02.20222.26NewNew MG1CSxxx Ford checksum.
09.09.20212.25NewNew Ford file
08.06.20212.24FixedRemoved wrong checksums and made some improvements.
17.11.20202.23NewMaximum file size now 16MB, Ford checksum updated
02.06.20202.22FixedProblem with empty processor element fixed
04.02.20202.21FixedNotification with reference to checksum postponed outside the map area.
28.01.20202.20NewImprovement of the checksum search.
20.01.20202.19NewImproved detection and calculation of the EEPROM checksum.
06.12.20192.17NewTest EEprom checksum
29.08.20192.14FixedError fixed
27.08.20192.13NewMore checksum blocks found
31.05.20192.12FixedEmpty areas were not handled correctly
13.11.20182.11NewAdditional Ford Checksum
09.11.20182.10NewRecognition improved
07.11.20182.09FixedBlock 80 was not found
04.10.20182.08FixedMissing algorithm added
27.07.20182.07FixedBlock detection improved
25.07.20182.06NewDetection of partial BMW files improved
10.07.20182.05NewOffset detection improved
23.05.20182.04FixedOffset detection improved