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Checksum details for OLS826

UseTruck Div
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points3
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
28.05.20242.43Checksum entry improved.
26.03.20242.42NewImprove checksum search.
19.03.20242.41NewNew CM2xxx
29.01.20242.40NewNew CM2xxx files.
27.06.20232.39NewCM2xx: Changes in creating elements for .bin files.
13.06.20232.38NewMore CM2xxx and new checksums added on some Wabco VCM3.
05.06.20232.37NewCM2xxx identification improved.
23.05.20232.36NewCummins CM3230B/EDC17CV51 revised, FLS import considered.
27.04.20232.35NewComplete revision to recognize old files and new XCAL imports.
17.03.20232.34NewNew DCU-15 and merged EAS/SCR.
14.03.20232.33FixedVersion mismatches.
03.03.20232.32NewNew CM2xxx.
24.02.20232.31NewNew CM2xxx file size.
09.02.20232.30NewBetter CM2xxx identification.
20.12.20222.29NewNew Cummins CM2xxx identification.
18.11.20222.28NewNew files CM2xxx.
25.10.20222.27NewNew file for large Cummins.
29.06.20222.26NewNew file Cummins CM2xx.
06.05.20222.25NewNew file size for Bosch DCU-15/SRC.
23.03.20222.24NewCummins CM2xxx - new file size: 0x200000
14.01.20222.23NewCumins CM2xxx new file size: 0x800000.
05.01.20222.22NewNew file.
30.11.20212.21NewSmall adjustment.
26.11.20212.20NewChecksum revised
24.11.20212.19NewEarlier Cumins checksums outside of the map area reinstalled.
13.10.20212.18Newnew Wabco VCM data status.
28.09.20212.17NewFurther checksum addresses localized.
07.09.20212.16NewRevised Cummins CM2xxx Plugin
30.08.20212.15NewCummins CM2xx revised: Checksums now also over the map area!
03.08.20212.14FixedWrong detection of Wabco VCM fixed
04.11.20202.13NewNew identification for DCU/EAS
01.07.20202.12NewIdentification EAS/SCR improved
01.07.20192.10NewNew file
23.05.20192.09NewDetection of VCM files improved
26.04.20192.08NewRecognition of Iveco EAS improved
02.10.20182.07NewTest SCR
12.03.20182.06NewNew VCM file
23.02.20182.05NewTest VCM
12.01.20182.04NewAt OBD2 file with length of C000 now the differential checksum will be calculated.
01.12.20172.03NewNow also MAN EAS