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Checksum details for OLS824

UseTEMIC Truck2
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points3
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
12.04.20242.45NewNew Temic XC2287
12.12.20232.44NewNew TEMIC/Conti MCM/ACM.
18.07.20232.43NewNew Temic/Conti MCM/ACM.
09.05.20232.42NewTest file 30C
23.03.20232.41NewNew ACM3 and MCM files.
21.03.20232.40NewNew: ACM3.
09.02.20232.39NewNew size for TEMIC Truck XC2287. Note: Patch is a test version! Not on old files. A note will appear in the checksum window if the file affected!
30.08.20222.38FixedError, if EEprom was second element
09.06.20222.37NewNew Temic/Conti file.
09.05.20222.36NewNew file size for TEMIC/Conti MCM/ACM.
10.03.20212.34NewNew TEMIC Truck XC2287 identification
29.06.20202.33NewAdd new identification for TEMIC/Conti MCM/ACM.
04.02.20202.32NewIdentification of EEprom file modified
06.11.20192.31NewNew file
06.11.20192.30NewNew file
18.12.20182.29FixedOne ACM files was not recognized anymore
27.11.20182.28NewTemic/Conti ACM/MCM ECUs: Recognition modified
13.08.20182.27NewNew file
02.06.20182.26FixedCrash fixed
01.06.20182.25FixedSum address modified
30.04.20182.24NewRecognition improved
20.11.20172.23FixedEuro6 files were not recognized
07.11.20172.22NewRecognition improved, name changed
27.04.20172.21NewNew file
08.02.20172.20FixedRecognition ACM units modified
19.01.20172.19NewNow also Siemens/Conti ACM control units
18.01.20162.18NewNew file
15.01.20162.17NewNew file
16.12.20152.16NewNew OM936 file
14.12.20152.15NewNow also OM936
25.08.20152.14FixedChecksum was not corrected if it was on address 0
17.06.20152.13FixedAlready modified files were not recognized
11.02.20152.12NewNow also 4MB files
22.01.20152.11NewNew file
30.10.20142.10NewElement handling improved
25.04.20142.09NewNew file 21D
30.09.20132.08NewNew file
29.08.20132.07NewNew file
15.06.20132.06NewNew file Temic XC2287: 24B