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Checksum details for OLS817

Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points2
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
04.06.20243.08NewSiemens TCU revised.
19.04.20243.07FixedElement offset correction for Siemens TCU.
20.03.20243.06NewElement structure installed for some TCUs.
15.02.20243.05FixedChanges to ZF 8HP that resulted in an incorrect offset.
11.01.20243.04NewNew Delphi CPC
18.10.20233.03NewNew Delphi CPC
04.09.20233.02FixedSome ZF 8HP files were not found
23.06.20233.01NewNew Continental CPC.
15.06.20233.00NewName changed from: OLS817_DSGs to: OLS817_TCU1
31.05.20232.90NewNew Bosch TCU.
23.05.20232.89NewNew 8HP file
23.03.20232.88NewMore Bosch TCU.
20.03.20232.87NewMore cs in Continental CPDs.
20.03.20232.86NewNew Continetal DCT size.
17.03.20232.85NewNew Getrag DCT.
15.03.20232.84NewAnother Continental CPC identification.
10.03.20232.83FixedDelphi CPC: Bug fixed and insert patchBlock.
09.03.20232.82NewDelphi CPC added.
02.03.20232.81FixedBugfix Continental CPC.
01.03.20232.80NewNew Continental CPC files.
27.01.20232.79NewNew DQ380 Files added.
14.12.20222.78NewNew Bosch TCU.
10.10.20222.77NewAdded ZF 8HP.
07.07.20222.76NewNew Siemens TCU.
04.07.20222.75NewRevision Getrag DCT.
24.06.20222.74NewNew file size Siemens TCU.
03.06.20222.73NewFord UTCU3: New size
05.05.20222.72NewNew Getrag DCT and Siemens CPC files.
22.04.20222.71NewNew Ford UTCU3 size.
10.02.20222.70NewNew file size Bosch TCU.
07.02.20222.69NewNew file size Bosch TCU.
02.02.20222.68NewNew Bosch TCU file
07.09.20212.67NewNew Bosch TCU file
12.08.20212.66NewAt Hex CPC_NG files retain existing element
10.08.20212.65NewNew CPC file
05.08.20212.64NewBosch TCU now.
06.07.20212.63NewNew Continental CPC identification.
21.05.20212.62FixedCorrected an error that sometimes led to an error in the Siemens TCU during correction.
17.05.20212.61NewNew Getrag DCT identification.
17.05.20212.60NewNew file size for AQ 250.