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Checksum details for OLS285

UseBosch EDC16
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points3
More information -

Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
07.05.20242.80NewSinge binary file of 28.0000 - 2 elements, Intel-Hex with #1, #2 - Renaming of elements, Bootloader-CS
16.02.20232.79NewChange of internal data.
26.05.20212.78FixedProblem with compiler setting
19.06.20192.77FixedError in EEprom block search fixed
26.03.20192.76NewEEprom block search improved
21.09.20152.75NewNew key for Toyota
07.07.20152.74NewNew key for MB Sprinter
01.09.20142.73NewException of Iveco Daily
22.10.20132.72FixedExclusion of PSG16 files with length of 80000h
17.01.20132.71FixedProblem with compiler setting
20.12.20122.70FixedMitsubishi Canter excluded
21.09.20122.69FixedIveco Daily was not identified
30.08.20122.68NewUAZ Patriot excluded
25.07.20122.67FixedImproved support of EDC16C31 only data area in 1MB file
30.05.20122.66NewNew key for Hyundai
29.05.20122.65NewNew key for Ford
29.03.20122.64FixedPossible crash at defect file fixed
02.02.20122.63FixedErroneous message if no RSA
11.01.20122.62FixedRecognition of already modified files improved: Error message
16.11.20102.61FixedIdentification improved for EDC16/EDC7: Mitsubishi Fuso
26.10.20102.60NewNew key for Smart
19.10.20102.59NewNew Ford key
03.11.20092.58NewEEprom checksum improved
07.10.20092.57NewNew RSA key
14.05.20092.56FixedDLL loading problem
12.05.20092.55NewNow also Dodge serial files
15.04.20092.54NewRecognition of empty areas also at contents 00
09.04.20092.53FixedIf no processor contents present, dont insert an invalid processor element
25.03.20092.52FixedReadout protection now in last logical block
23.01.20092.51NewPossible request for compatibility test checksum now via checkbox
27.11.20082.50NewNew key inserted for Volvo
08.05.20082.49NewNow also vSpire BMW files
02.05.20082.48FixedPatch was displayed
24.04.20082.47NewProblem solved at files, where the area 0-3FFFF is empty
31.03.20082.46FixedProblem fixed, that sometimes one checksum is not corrected
12.03.20082.45NewChecksum interface updated
20.02.20082.44NewNow file length from 1E000h
07.12.20072.43FixedProblem fixed
28.11.20072.42NewNow also Nissan Patrol EDC16C41
15.10.20072.41FixedEDC16UC40 was recognized by mistake