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Checksum details for OLS259

Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points2
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
30.09.20222.75NewMarelli IAW4/5: New file.
25.03.20222.74NewMarelli IAW4/5: New file.
23.03.20222.73NewMarelli IAW4/5: New file.
08.02.20212.72NewNow also length of 10000h at MM6LP
12.01.20212.71NewNow also file length BFFC at MM48P
19.06.20202.70NewNew MM6LP file
17.07.20192.69NewNew IAW7EV file
20.03.20192.68FixedPossible crash fixed
12.03.20192.67NewTest MBC
31.10.20182.66NewNow also IAW M3G
07.09.20182.65NewNew file
30.04.20182.64FixedError fixed at IAW4SF HW105
03.04.20172.63FixedWrong recognition fixed at MM6LP
13.03.20172.62NewNew Lamborghini file
07.01.20162.61NewNow also IAW 16C4
21.07.20152.60NewNow also MM6LP with length of 70000h
07.07.20152.59NewNew file MV Agusta Brutale
19.03.20152.58NewNew file Iveco Daily
19.03.20152.57NewNew file
27.02.20152.56NewNew file Lamborghini Gallardo
01.10.20132.55FixedWrong area at IAW7SM
27.07.20132.54NewNow also Marelli TCU
21.03.20132.53NewNew 4GV files
17.01.20132.52FixedProblem with compiler setting
14.01.20132.51NewAlternative file length at IAW5SF
13.12.20122.50NewNew MM7GV file
07.12.20122.49NewNew IAW6 file
24.10.20122.48NewNow also MM7GV
14.06.20122.47NewNow also 5SF HW220 Tata.
16.05.20122.46FixedError fixed at MM1AP
14.05.20122.45NewNow also IAW4GV
25.04.20122.44FixedError at 4HV
16.04.20122.43NewNew file 5SFHW410 and 5DM
04.04.20122.42NewNew 4HV file
23.02.20122.41NewNow also IAW5SF HW207
10.02.20122.40FixedErroneous recognition of IAW8 fixed
05.01.20122.39NewNow also 4CF
13.12.20112.38NewNow also IAW 4CM
02.09.20112.37NewMore file lengths at IAW5AM
01.09.20112.36NewNow also IAW5AM and IAW5SM