Checksum details for OLS249 - Customer : not registered

UseBosch ME7 Asia -> OLS250 V3.0
Access n/a
Checksum points1
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Version details
Date Version*Change
22.06.20172.20NewRecognition Roewe improved
30.11.20152.19NewNew file JAC ME7.8.8
12.11.20142.18NewNew file Chery Tiggo
12.08.20142.17NewNow also Bosch M4.6 in Nissan Micra
29.11.20132.16NewNew ME7.8.8 file
22.10.20132.15NewRecognition modified for ME7.9.71
30.09.20132.14NewRecognition modified for some new files
29.08.20132.13NewME7 China files are allowed to be a little longer
26.03.20132.12NewNew file
17.01.20132.11FixedProblem with compiler setting
15.11.20122.10NewImproved support of M7.8.0
29.08.20122.09FixedRecognition improved for Chery
07.03.20122.08NewNew file
06.03.20122.07NewNow also M7.8.8
10.10.20112.06NewNow also Nissan X-Trail
12.07.20112.05NewNow also Great Wall M2
30.05.20112.04NewTest Mitsubishi Colt-Plus Z30
02.06.20102.03NewNew file ME7.9.7
06.10.20082.02NewNow also Cherry with ME7.9.7
12.03.20082.01NewChecksum interface updated
08.12.20052.00NewNew registration
31.03.20051.7NewNew file in 28F800