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Checksum details for OLS238

Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points2
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
18.08.20233.04NewNow also Delco with file size of 8000h
23.03.20213.03NewPlugIn revised.
08.09.20203.02NewSPI string removed
04.10.20193.01FixedProblem on some computers.
04.12.20183.00NewNow also Y30DT
02.11.20182.99FixedPossible crash at defect file fixed
24.10.20182.98NewNew file Delco Y16XE
18.09.20182.97NewNow also file length of 8000h at Simtec71
24.07.20182.96FixedExclusion Chevrolet Trailblazer improved
12.10.20172.95FixedErroneous recognition of Delco-USA files
08.02.20172.94NewUpdate of the GMPT checksum
06.06.20162.93NewNew file
20.05.20162.92NewNew file Opel Delco with MagPro
26.01.20162.91NewNew SIMTEC81 file
06.11.20152.90NewNew Simtec70 file
05.09.20152.89NewNew Z18XE file
05.08.20152.88NewNew Calibra file
28.01.20152.87NewNew GMPT file
06.01.20152.86NewShort files 18000h were not found any more.
11.12.20142.85NewNew file/offset Delco3
16.09.20142.84NewNew file SIMTEC71.5
01.08.20142.83NewNow also file size E0000h at ME7.6.4
18.06.20142.82NewNow also SIMTEC78.0 with length of 1EFF0h.
07.06.20142.81FixedAt ME7.6.2 and ME7.9.9 one CS at the end of the file was not corrected
19.12.20132.80NewNow also Simtec71 with length of 46000h
12.09.20132.79FixedProblem fixed at Opel Siemens
23.08.20132.78NewNew: OBD2 file X18XE
15.01.20132.76FixedProblem with Compiler setting
14.01.20132.75NewNew file Simtec81
12.12.20122.74NewNew Z18XE files
09.10.20122.73FixedZ10XEP were not recognized
23.08.20122.72NewRecognition modified for Delco3
02.08.20122.71NewIdentification improved at ME7.6.x with linear address space port area not cut out
31.07.20122.70NewNew file SIMTEC71.6
20.07.20122.69FixedLocation of patch tag block modified at ME7.6.4
28.12.20112.68NewNew file ME7.9.9
07.06.20112.67FixedProblem at ME3.1.1 fixed
25.05.20112.65NewDelco5 moved to OLS821
25.05.20112.66NewNew Y22XE file