BSL100 - programable ECUs

Here you can see the current list all known ECUs. The ECUs which are programmable with the BSL system have markings under BSL130,131 and 132

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Only entries with 'MED17.2.2 V2' are shown. (Show all)

Car manufacturer:    Connectors:
ECU Processor Eprom Probe BSL New! New! Picture Comment Connectors
Producer Type Type Memory Type 130 131 132 ADP DRV Link    
Bosch MED17.2.2 V2 TC1796 2.0MB    X      X     Info+Image 

Please see the comments:
1) The ECU is password protected and the password cannot be read out.
2) No more info available
3) Pin usage unknown
4) Bootpins unknown
5) No image available