New WinOLS version 4.35 published.

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To reduce the number of checksum DLLs we have put together these checksums:


OLS223, OLS225, OLS232G, OLS241, OLS245, OLS249, OLS250, OLS260 --> OLS250


OLS262, OLS802 --> OLS262






2 new videos in the service area: WinOLS scripts and measured values

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Checksum news

OLS1001 1.030

Vadis VBF Import/Export: Some files could not be imported

OLS830 2.17

Bosch MDG1: Test EEprom checksum

OLS805 2.25

TRW Volvo Truck: Now RSA warning at EMS2.3

OLS1013 1

Encrypted hex + vds Import/Export: First release

OLS526 1.010

TunerPro Xdf-Import + Export (Beta): Now with XDF export Beta! In WinOLS start it via Projekt Export & Import.

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