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New WinOLS Version 4.69 / 5.14 published.



New: WinOLS® is now a "Registered Trademark".



Another important step has been taken: The common code base of WinOLS4 and WinOLS5 has now been separated so that both can go different ways in the future. For this reason, updates will no longer be published at the same time in the future.

In WinOLS4, no more new features will be added, only errors that occur will be corrected. As a result, the stability will of course get better and better.

WinOLS5, on the other hand, is being developed dynamically as always and adapted to the changing engine control units.

Checksum DLLs are being further developed in parallel so that no differences can occur here.

The compatibility of the project files, especially for the reseller system, is retained for as long as possible.

Checksum news


OLS812 2.48

Hitachi: Now also files with 40000h length


OLS830 2.25

Bosch MDG1: New Ford file


OLS526 1.026

TunerPro Xdf-Import + Export (Beta): Axes were swapped incorrectly for some maps


OLS1003 1.003

NewGenius Connector: Now also works with WinOLS5 / 64Bit


OLS826 2.16

Truck Div: Revised Cummins CM2xxx Plugin

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