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How do I solve OLS300 driver problems?

WinOLS contains driver updates to fix problems with the different Windows versions. In some cases, especially when mixing different versions, problems can occur. In this case do the following steps to create a "clean installation":

  1. Plug in the OLS300 module an turn it on.

  2. In Windows open the device manager (the window where are installed devices are shown in a tree structure). Delete the OLS300 entry, if there is one. This entry may be the section "Jungo" or "Human interface devices". If there are problems it may also be called "unknown device".

  3. Remove the OLS300 module.

  4. If you're using Windows 98/ME you should restart your system now.

  5. Install the *current* WinOLS version.

  6. Plug in the OLS300 module an turn it on. An installation dialog may appear. All the drivers needed for the installation were already integrated into your system.